Mrs. Jeremiah was the mother of Joey Jeremiah, a student who attended Degrassi Junior High from September 1986 to June 1989 and Degrassi High from September 1989 to June 1993. She was also the wife of Mr. Jeremiah, the grandmother of Angela Jeremiah and the step-grandmother of Craig Manning. She loved her son very much but she and her husband spoiled him when he was a teenager.

Character History

Degrassi Junior High Season 1

In The Cover-Up, Joey arrived home from school and was surprised to find that his mother was there. She explained that she had a job cancelled and decided to clean up around the house. Joey joked, "It's a dirty job but someone had to do it." She notices that he has a cut above his eye, which he received earlier that day when he fell off his skateboard outside of Degrassi Junior High School. Joey claimed that he was just sitting there studying quietly when a book jumped up and hit him in the eye. When Mrs. Jeremiah asked him whether the nurse had had a look at it, Joey replied that it was no big deal as it was just a surface wound. She smirked when he said that the nurse had told him not to study.

Joey was very annoyed to discover that his mother had cleaned his room. She told him that she had been asking him to do it himself for months and had gotten fed up. Joey said that he was going to clean his room the next day but Mrs. Jeremiah pointed out that he always said that. He claimed that it was an invasion of his privacy and complained to his father, who repeated Joey's joke about it being a dirty job. Joey then noticed that his mother was using fabric from his jean jacket to fix his pants. Mrs. Jeremiah said that it was a wreck while her husband advised Joey to wear the new jean jacket that they bought him the previous week. Joey replied that he could not wear a new one as he would look like a broomhead. After he accused his mother of ruining everything and threw the jacket at her, she apologized. However, Joey retorted, "You know what this is? Child abuse!" His parents were more than a little exasperated by his behavior.


After learning that Rick Munro was being beaten by his father Mr. Munro, Joey asked the school secretary Doris Bell what he should do if he ever found out that someone was being abused by his dad. Due to the cut on his forehead, Doris thought that he was talking about himself and called Children's Aid. That afternoon, a social worker named Mr. Marino was sent to the Jeremiah house to interview his parents. They assured him that they had never laid a hand on Joey or any of their other children. When he and Rick arrived, Joey explained to Mr. Marino that he had received the cut when he fell at school. He said that his parents yelled at him sometimes but they had never hit him. Noticing the bruise on Rick's cheek, Mr. Marino realized that Joey had been talking about him.

In Parents' Night, Joey forged his mother's signature on his report card as he had forgotten to show it to his parents. He told his best friend Derek "Wheels" Wheeler that he wished that he had his parents John and Helen Wheeler as his own had "zero sense of humor."

When Joey handed the report into Mr. Raditch in homeroom, the teacher asked him what his parents had said when they had seen his marks. Joey answered that they had said nothing as they were not concerned about school. Mr. Raditch said that he would have to try and get them concerned when they came to Parents' Night. Joey lamented to Wheels and Archie "Snake" Simpson that he had forgotten all about Parents' Night and that his parents would kill him when they found out his low marks. Snake joked that they would probably just break his arm or something. Joey said, "This isn't fair. I was just trying to make everyone's life easier." However, Snake pointed out that his parents did not have to come as Parents' Night was announced on the report card, which they had never seen. Snake suggested that "his parents" write a note to Raditch explaining that they could not come. Joey thought that it was a great idea but Wheels believed that it was crazy.

The next day, Joey showed Snake and Wheels the note that he had forged. It read, "Dear Dr. Raditch, we regret to inform you that we are unable to attend Parent-Teacher Night due to having a highly communicable disease." A depressed Wheels then told his two best friends that he had met his biological father Mike Nelson. This caused Joey to wish that he was adopted as his parents were "so boring."

The following morning, Raditch told Joey that he had found the note so sad that he had called Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah to sympathize. They were very curious about it and promised that they would attend Parents' Night. Joey was disappointed that his scheme had failed but Raditch assured him that he and his parents were only trying to help him.

Degrassi Junior High Season 2

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In Fight!, Dwayne Myers threatened to beat Joey up after school the next day when he overheard him describing him as dumb in the boys' toilets at Degrassi. At home that evening, Mrs. Jeremiah asked her son if he was alright as he was uncharacteristically quiet. Joey claimed that he was practicing not talking as he thought that he talked too much sometimes. Mrs. Jeremiah then accidentally hit her finger with the mallet that she was using to pound a chicken breast. When Joey asked her if she was okay, she answered that she was fine but that she hated pain. Joey could not help but agree.

The next day, Mrs. Jeremiah tended to his wounds after he had beaten up by Dwayne. She said that it was terrible and she could not believe that someone would do that to him. Joey claimed that he was fine. She told him that they would go to the principal Mr. Lawrence's office the next morning. When Joey refused to do so, she said that she would phone him. However, Joey pleaded with her not to and said that he had "sort of deserved" the beating.

In Trust Me, Joey's parents confiscated his keyboard when they learned that he, Snake and Wheels had taken Mr. Simpson's car for a joyride. This led to the temporary disbandment of The Zit Remedy.

In Pass Tense, Joey managed to sneak his keyboard out of his house without his parents noticing so that the Zit Remedy could perform at the graduation dance. Later that day, Mr. Raditch told Joey that he had barely scraped by in all of his Grade 8 exams and that his marks were such that he would only be able to enter a low academic program in high school. Raditch spoke to Joey's parents and they all agreed that with his abilities, he should go to an academic high school and eventually university. Consequently, Joey had to repeat Grade 8 in the 1988-89 academic year.

Degrassi Junior High Season 3

In Can't Live With 'Em (1), Joey's parents had relented and allowed him to play with the Zit Remedy again. They had even bought him expensive recording equipment and allowed the band to practice in their basement until late at night. As Wheels was extremely late home, his parents were worried and phoned Mrs. Jeremiah. They were angry that he had disobeyed them as they had specifically told him not to hang out with Joey anymore.

The next day, Joey insisted that Wheels come around to his house after school so that they could finish record their demo tape. He swore on his mother's grave that it would only take an hour. When Snake pointed out Mrs. Jeremiah was not dead, Joey replied, "It's an expression, okay bozo?" That night after they had finished recording the demo, Joey said, "The thing about parents is you can't take them too seriously." Snake retorted that this was easy for him to say as he was spoiled. When Joey denied it, Wheels claimed that his parents let him do everything such as practice in their basement while Snake indicated his equipment. A defensive Joey then said that his parents were not perfect as they occasionally yelled at him and told him not to do stuff.

When the three boys began to discuss problems with their parents, Joey said that he hated it when they tried to make him feel guilty. He then claimed that he was going to move out the day that he turned sixteen. He was looking forward to living on his own and not being hassled or told to eat his vegetables. After Snake pointed out that he would have no one to do his laundry, Joey replied, "You bozo! My mom can still do that. I'll go home on Sundays."

In Season's Greetings, Mrs. Jeremiah told Joey that he could invite Wheels and his grandparents over for Christmas dinner as it was the first Christmas since the death of his parents. Wheels was initially reluctant but Joey convinced him to come as his mother was making an Italian meal.


In Taking Off (1), Wheels called the Jeremiah household and Mrs. Jeremiah answered the phone. Joey was annoyed that Wheels had called him so early as he had been to a Gourmet Scum concert the previous night and was therefore exhausted. Wheels was planning to run away to Port Hope to live with his biological father and needed to borrow money from Joey.

While Joey was gone, Shane McKay's mother phoned as Shane did not come home after the concert. Mrs. Jeremiah assured that she would have Joey give her a call the moment that he came in and told her to try not to worry. Joey arrived home while she was still on the phone and his mother asked him whether he had seen Shane at the concert. After he said that he had, she gave him the phone so he could talk to Mrs. McKay himself but was unable to help as he had no idea where Shane had gone afterwards. After he hung up the phone, Mrs. Jeremiah told Joey that Shane's mother had called the police and that she would do the same if Joey did not come home. She said that there were so many sick people in the world and that it scared her sometimes, which made Joey worry about Wheels' situation.


In Making Whoopee, Joey made sure that his mother got his new girlfriend Caitlin Ryan as a tour guide at the Degrassi Open House later that day and asked her not to bring her into Mr. Raditch's classroom. When Caitlin pointed out that Mrs. Jeremiah would want to see his homeroom, Joey suggested that she tell his mother that they did not have them anymore or it had moved.

At the Open House, Joey introduced his mother to Caitlin. He was embarrassed when Mrs. Jeremiah said, "So this is the young lady you can't stop talking about." He was even more embarrassed when she said, "She's just as pretty as you said she was" in front of Caitlin.

In Pa-arty!, Joey's parents grounded him after he, Snake and Wheels were caught drinking by the police and taken down to the station. Snake and Wheels felt sorry for him as it was the first time that his parents had ever grounded him.

In Bye-Bye, Junior High, Joey had made a deal with his parents that he could not go to the dance if he got anything below a B in his end of year report card. Mrs. Jeremiah said that they were serious and he could not talk his way out of it. He told his mother to trust him but she pointed out that she had heard that before. Joey then asked, "Mom, you were a chick once, right?" An amused Mrs. Jeremiah wondered why he was asking and he told her that he really liked Caitlin and did not want to mess things up again. He asked her whether she would like it if he brought flowers at the dance if she were Caitlin or whether she would think that it was "sucky." Mrs. Jeremiah replied that she would think that it was very romantic, adding that it was a lovely idea and that she was certain that Caitlin would be delighted. Joey then thanked his mother before asking if he could borrow some money.

The next day, Joey received his report card from Mr. Raditch. He got two As, four Bs and a C in French. He was heartbroken by his result in French. Mr. Raditch said that he was very proud of him as his highest mark the previous year was a C. However, this was little comfort to Joey as Caitlin told him that she never wanted to see him again as he always let her down.

That afternoon, a depressed Joey returned home and showed the report card to his mother. She was extremely proud that he had gotten two As as he had never gotten one before. Joey did not think that it did him any good as he also got a C and would therefore be forced to miss the dance. However, Mrs. Jeremiah said that he might get to the dance after all and that they would talk to his father. When Joey asked about their deal, his mother said that they did not do it to punish him but to motivate him to try his best. She said that she thought that she could convince her husband to let Joey go to the dance. Joey was delighted and hugged his mother before going to call Caitlin. As he rushed over to the phone, Mrs. Jeremiah said, "I'm so proud of you! Two As."

Degrassi High Season 1

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In Testing One, Two, Three..., Mrs. Jeremiah was called into Degrassi High for a meeting with Mr. Walfish and a psychologist named Dr. Bruce. When Snake saw her, he teased Joey by saying that the meeting sounded more serious than he was letting on. However, Joey claimed that it was no big deal as they called parents in for everything at the school. After Snake and Wheels left to go and see a film, Joey reminded his mother that he had told her to wait in the office where she would not be seen. Mrs. Jeremiah explained that she had just arrived before she gave her son a hug, much to his embarrassment. She laughed and said, "Joey, I am your mother. Don't be embarrassed." Joey then asked her what she thought Mr. Walfish and Dr. Bruce would say. Mrs. Jeremiah was certain that it was nothing that a little hard work would not fix. When Joey pointed out that he was already working hard, she suggested that he may have to work a little harder.

At the meeting, Dr. Bruce told them that Joey was having trouble with some of his classes as he had dysgraphia, which affected his ability to write. Mrs. Jeremiah comforted him when he said that it meant that he was stupid while Dr. Bruce reassured him that his tests indicated that he was a very bright young man who happened to have a learning disability. However, Joey was still very upset. Dr. Bruce recommended that Joey attend a Special Ed class for one period a day. When Mrs. Jeremiah wondered why no one had noticed it before, Dr. Bruce explained that Joey had developed ways to compensate but that it was more difficult in high school as there was less structure in the lessons. Mrs. Jeremiah then asked whether there was anything that she and her husband could do to help such as getting Joey a tutor.

Degrassi High Season 2

In A Tangled Web, Wheels was kicked out of his house by his grandmother and he asked Joey whether he could stay at his house for several days. Joey did not think that his parents would approve as it was a small house. When Wheels pleaded with him as he had nowhere else to go, Joey promised that he would talk to his mother but he was not happy about it.

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In Home Sweet Home, Joey and Wheels said goodbye to Mrs. Jeremiah as they made their way to school. However, before he left, Wheels stole some money from her purse. When Joey returned home that afternoon, she said that she needed to talk him about something important. She asked how much longer Wheels would be staying with them. Joey answered that he did not know. His mother retorted that he had been staying with them for a month and that it was draining, both emotionally and financially. She said that she had spoken to Wheels' grandmother and that she wanted to talk to him. Joey pointed out that he could not stand his grandmother. Mrs. Jeremiah replied that she was not exactly wild about him either.

She then told Joey that money had been disappearing from her purse. He claimed that Wheels did not steal but his mother said that it had started shortly after he had arrived. Joey promised that he would talk to Wheels the next day. Mrs. Jeremiah firmly told him that Wheels had to leave soon no matter what happened. The next morning, Joey asked Wheels if he had been stealing from his mother but he denied it. He said that he loved living at the Jeremiah household and that it was the first time that he had been happy since his parents were killed. However, Joey was still not convinced. After school, he asked Wheels how he always had money to play video games. He then told Wheels that his parents wanted him out of the house. After spending the night on Snake's front porch in the pouring rain, Wheels apologised to Joey and admitted that he had stolen the money but he intended to pay Mrs. Jeremiah back every cent.

In Showtime (2), Wheels gave Joey an envelope containing all of the money that he had stolen from Mrs. Jeremiah. They then became friends again.

School's Out!

In School's Out!, Joey arrived home after a date with Caitlin. Mrs. Jeremiah asked him how he had enjoyed the film. Joey, upset that he and Caitlin were unable to see much of each other due to her heavy work schedule, told her that it was boring. After the phone rang, his mother answered it and told him that it was Tessa Campanelli, with whom he had recently begun an affair.


Several weeks later in August 1992, Joey told Tessa that they could not spend his 19th birthday together as his parents were taking him out to dinner. However, this was a lie as he was actually going out with Caitlin. At 7:30 the next morning, Mrs. Jeremiah called Joey for work. He was very reluctant to get up as he was depressed at the thought of having to work on his birthday. She then told Joey that she and his dad were very proud of him as he was turning into a fine young man and said that, as a birthday present, they would take care of his car payments in future.

The following morning, Joey was extremely happy as he and Caitlin had had sex for the first time the night before. He kissed his mother good morning and told her that he never felt better. When she commented that he was in an awfully good mood, he said that he had every reason to be as it was a beautiful day, it was summer and there was no school. However, his mood rapidly changed when Mrs. Jeremiah informed him that Tessa had called while he was out the previous night. She could tell that he was worried about something but Joey tried to deny it. Mrs. Jeremiah then answered the phone and wished Tessa, who was on the other end, good morning. Although Joey signaled to his mother to tell Tessa that he was not home, she refused to do so and handed him the phone so that he would have to speak to her.

Degrassi: The Next Generation

Although Mrs. Jeremiah never appeared in Degrassi: The Next Generation, she was mentioned in several episodes.

In When Doves Cry (1), Joey joked that dating Miss November 1973 would be like dating his mother.

In Drive, Joey called his mother to ask her to pick up his daughter Angela Jeremiah from school as his girlfriend Bianca had arranged a surprise spa weekend for them. He told her that he would be back on Sunday to collect Angie.

In White Wedding (1), Angie was sent to Mrs. Jeremiah's house as Joey was throwing a bachelor party for Archie. She was very excited about staying with her grandmother.

In Rock and Roll High School, Joey hurt his back while trying to do a handstand and planned to ask his mother to take care of Angie until he was better. However, Caitlin volunteered to look after both of them.



  • Joey: "Mom, this is Caitlin."
    Caitlin: "Hi."
    Mrs. Jeremiah: "Hello! So this is the young lady you can't stop talking about."
    Caitlin: "Um..."
    Joey: "Don't you think it's time to start the tour, Caitlin?"
    Caitlin: "This way."
    Mrs. Jeremiah: "She's just as pretty as you said she was."
    Joey: "Mom!" - Making Whoopee


  • Mrs. Jeremiah is the only parent to appear in all three seasons of Degrassi Junior High and both seasons of Degrassi High. The only other adult character to do so was Mr. Raditch.
  • Although her husband mentioned in The Cover-Up that they had four children other than Joey, they were never seen or mentioned again.
  • Her first name was never revealed.