Nadia Yamir was a character on Degrassi: The Next Generation. She is disabled and is confined to a wheelchair. Her best friend was Kendra Mason. She appeared in seasons two and three as a recurring character. She didn't interact with many of the characters, and didn't have any story lines to her own. She appeared to be involved in a lot of extracurricular activities. In season 2, she was part of the Yearbook Club and also helped protest against GM Foods. In season 3, she was part of the Chess Club. She disappeared before season 4 along with Kendra. She was portrayed by Mony Yassir.

Character History

Season 2

Nadia is first seen in Karma Chameleon next to Kendra Mason while they are both waiting in line to sign up for Photo Day.


Nadia and Kendra when they're surprised at Toby's new behavior.

In Weird Science, Nadia's science fair project was about wolves, and she won first prize for the grade 7 class at the Junior Science Fair.

In Mirror in the Bathroom, she is seen talking to Kendra before Toby Isaacs interrupts their conversation, telling Nadia to take a picture of him for the yearbook. She takes the picture, but looks repulsed by Toby's arrogant attitude. She later attends Toby's wrestling match with Kendra, and looks shocked when Toby faints.
Nadia Degrassi 214

In Don't Believe the Hype, Nadia is sitting next to Kendra while she talks about her family.

In Careless Whisper, Kendra asks Nadia what Toby was doing outside the class by the window. Nadia replies saying she thinks it's cute, and Kendra added that he was "kind of obsessed".

In Dressed In Black,


Nadia watching a game of chess between Kendra and Liberty.

In Fight for Your Right, Nadia is with Emma Nelson and Ashley Kerwin talking to Mr. Raditch about GM Foods. When Emma gives Raditch tomatoes to try he says their just tomatoes, and Nadia corrects him by saying they're genetically modified tomatoes, like the ones Sheila uses in the cafeteria.

Season 3

In Gangsta, Gangsta, she is a part of the Chess Club, also known as the "Rooks and Knights Society", with Toby, Kendra, and Liberty.




  • "Maybe one day, people will realize that the wolf is actually our friend. Thank you." (First line) -Weird Science
  • (To Toby): "Then why is he sitting over there?" (Last line) -Gangsta, Gangsta