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Nathan was a character on Degrassi: The Next Generation. He once hooked up with Riley Stavros in the woods, and usually expresses interest in him every time they meet. He was portrayed by Jordan Gavaris.

Character History[]

Season 8[]


Nathan is first introduced through an online conversation with Riley Stavros in Bad Medicine. He invites Riley to go for a run in the woods. Riley goes to meet him, but when he sees Nathan, turns and runs away. Later in the episode, Riley comes back to the woods and they meet again. Nathan mentions that they went to camp together and Riley toilet-papered his cabin. Riley replies that it's good to see him again. Riley almost leaves, but Nathan reassures him that he was nervous his first time with a guy too. It is suggested that Riley got oral sex from him.


Nathan and Riley hook up.

Nathan is not heard from again in the season, except from a text sent to Riley later in the episode.

Season 9[]

In Shoot to Thrill, Nathan reappears again when he runs into Fiona Coyne and Riley on their date. When Riley leaves to order a hot dog after he tries Fiona's lunch (which was eel), Nathan questions Fiona about what Riley has said about him and if he's been seeing anyone. Fiona, confused, does not have time to answer before Riley comes back and recognizes Nathan. Riley pretends to not know who he is and hurries out the door, tugging Fiona along.