Nicholas, better known as Nick, appears in the first season of Degrassi High, as one of Dwayne Myers' sidekicks. He joins Dwayne and his other buddy Tabi in carrying out "hazing" in the first episode of Degrassi High. Throughout the first season of Degrassi High, he and Tabi became closer and closer. However, since he went to the end of the year dance with Allison Hunter, they were at the time not yet an official couple. By the time of the second season they were an official couple and he and Tabi along with Dwayne were now all together in the same class each day with Joey, the class being Mrs. Perry's Special Education class. At first this helped him pick on Joey more than usual since he was now in one of his same classes everyday, but Dwayne stopped teasing and picking on Joey Jeremiah
Degrassi original nick

Nick with his signature ponytail.

at a point in time he though Joey was blackmailing him for something. He didn't know that Joey was the only person at school who knew about Dwayne's horrible life threatening secret.

In One Last Dance, when there was a rumor going around school that someone in the school had AIDS and when Dwayne was fed up of the rude and negative remarks about how people with the virus should be treated, he revealed to him and Tabi that he was the one who had HIV and would have AIDs eventually. Nick at first thought he was joking but when he realized he was being told the truth he didn't take it very well at all. Later, when Dwayne finally showed up to the dance and Tabi decided to dance with him, he didn't want to stay there with them because he was too scared he would catch the virus and he walked out on them left them at the dance. Nick was portrayed by George Chaker.