#NoFilter is the second episode of the first season of Degrassi: Next Class.

Main Plot

Zoë learns that Grace has a serious illness

Sub Plot

Miles gets in trouble for venting about his mother's new man, which leads him to express his anger towards restrictions in free speech.

Third Plot

Frankie confides in a boy she meets online, but later on, it turns out that her friends were cat-fishing her.

  • Zoë (To Grace): "I was just trying to prove that you've got stuff to live for!"
  • Miles: "Roses are red; violets are blue. This assignment sucks; Tristan also sucks."
  • Miles: "It’s just a bunch of crap. You don’t wanna know how we feel, because when people ask you to “express your feelings”, they don’t mean your actual feelings. They mean the feelings that they want you to have, because people can’t deal with dark or scary, or weird. They want you to smile and say: “Yeah, I’m fine, everything’s great”, because then they can just go on with their boring lives, and never think about you again."

  • "Stand In Line" by Banff
  • "Amadeus" by JoJo Worthington