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#NotOkay is the fourth episode of the first season of Degrassi: Next Class.

Main Plot[]

Maya experiences sexist micro-aggression at a gig and decides to fight back.

Sub Plot[]

Shay realizes she needs to introduce Tiny to her parents when he invites her to a movie.

Third Plot[]

When Tristan's jealousy takes over, he pursues a new romance with a grade ten student named Vijay who idolizes him.

Regular Cast (Ordered Alphabetically)

Guest Starring

Supporting Cast

  • Maya: "Grace, who cares if he thinks we're a rubber band."
    Jonah: "Oh yeah, can we please be rubber band?"

  • "Wanna Get Off" by Olivia Scriven
  • "Modern Anthem" by Hue
  • "Give It To Me" by Attica Riots
  • "Black or White" by Olivia Scriven
  • "Shoot My Mouth Off" by Bread & Butter
  • "Mariachi Tipico" by Juan-Carlos-Rodriguez and Iker Gastaminza
  • "Elephant" by Hannah Georgas
  • "El Mariachi" by Marc Durst
  • "Youth" by Human Human
  • "Not Okay" by Olivia Scriven

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