Craig's CD

A picture of Craig's album Of Two Minds in It's Tricky

Of Two Minds was the solo album recorded by Craig Manning after he was released from rehab for his cocaine addiction in It's Tricky. Its title was a reference to the fact that he was bipolar. The album included eleven songs: "My Window", "Bruised, Not Broken", "She is the Ash", "Not Your Problem", "Red-Headed for Trouble", "A Dedicated Father", "Thong Girl, Wrong Girl", "Boiler Room", "Kissing in the Stairwell", "One Year Gone" and "Lament for Little Sister". The album cover featured two photographs of Craig, one on the front and one on the back. Ashley believed that he was "so awkward posing."

Most of the song title referred to people or events from his life. Four of them were about people whom he had kissed: "She is the Ash" (Ashley Kerwin), "Red-Headed for Trouble" (Ellie Nash), "Thong Girl, Wrong Girl" (Manny Santos) and "Kissing in the Stairwell" (Marco Del Rossi). "A Dedicated Father" may have been written about either his father Albert Manning or his stepfather Joey Jeremiah, depending on whether the title was meant ironically. It also could be about the abortion of his child with Manny. "Bruised, Not Broken" concerned his father's abusive behaviour. "Boiler Room" referred to the fact that he lived in Degrassi Community School's boiler room for several days while off his bipolar meds in Goin' Down the Road (2). "Lament for Little Sister" was written about his younger half-sister Angela Jeremiah.

Jimmy Brooks was delighted that Craig gave him a shout out in the acknowledgements of his album. However, he became annoyed when he found out that Craig had used Ashley's song "My Window" without crediting her. The experience led Ashley to re-enter the music scene by competing in Degrassi's Talent Contest. She told Jimmy that she had no interest in getting revenge on Craig. In fact, she found it inspiring that Craig had focused on his music and made it happen. When Ellie saw the album, she was slightly annoyed that he had written a song about her while Ashley predicted that Manny was "gonna die" when she found out about "Thong Girl, Wrong Girl".

In Bust a Move (2), Craig said that the album would not have been possible without Ashley, whom he said had always been his friend and inspiration. He invited her up on stage and they performed "My Window" together.