Olivia Scriven is a Canadian actress who portrayed Maya Matlin on Degrassi and Degrassi: Next Class. She was born in Wakefield, Quebec, but raised in London, Ontario. She recently graduated from Pearson School for the Arts, and now attends H.B. Beal Secondary School. She also starred in the HBO Canada miniseries The Yard as Patti. The next movie she's set to be in is Mistletoe Over Manhattan, a Hallmark movie of the week. That movie also stars Damon Runyan, who portrayed Coach Carson on Degrassi. She is close friends with Shannon Kook-ChunDylan Everett, and Eric Osborne, and best friends with Lyle Lettau and Alex Steele.


  • She is one of two main cast members in the franchise to have been born in Quebec and later move to Ontario. The other is Amanda Stepto.
  • Olivia is a Pisces.
  • Like Maya, Olivia wears glasses in real life.
    • However, unlike Maya, Olivia wears contacts most of the time.
  • She has two brothers named Xavier and Quinn.
  • She can play the guitar and cello.
  • Olivia is also a singer.
  • She enjoys soccer, skiing, and baseball.
  • She wants a pet pig.
  • Her favourite Degrassi characters are Katie and Imogen.
  • Her favourite shows are Pretty Little Liars and Degrassi.
  • Her favourite book is "The Secret Daughter".
  • Her music icons are Coldplay.
  • She was the only regular actor/actress involved in Degrassi who was required to have a parent/guardian on set, but that was no longer needed when she turned 16.
  • She makes a lot of videos on Vine with co-star Lyle and her brothers.
  • She's left-handed.
  • She is only 3 days younger than co-star, Eric Osborne.
  • Olivia has stated that Eric is a good kisser.
  • Her favorite Beatle will always be the late George Harrison.
  • She said if she could portray any character from the past seasons, she would loved to portrayed Campbell Saunders for his strong role.
  • Her favorite colors are yellow and black.
  • She said her best friend on set is probably Ricardo Hoyos, like her character Maya Matlin is best friends with his character Zig Novak.
  • She is allergic to peanuts.
  • She is currently living with her co-star, Lyle Lettau.
  • She ships Matlingsworth.
  • Olivia prefers Eric with facial hair.
  • She never watched Degrassi before coming on the show.
  • Before getting picked for the role of Maya, she got called back to audition for the role of Tori.
  • Her favorite show is Shameless US.
  • She doesn't like her character, Maya.
  • She has a belly button piercing.
  • She is in a music duo with her co-star, Lyle Lettau called Cute Whore.
  • Her music stage name is Babe Laurent.
  • She is a smoker.