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Omar Torres is the father of Drew Torres, the stepfather of Adam Torres, and the husband of Audra Torres. He is portrayed by Edward Jaunz.

Character History[]

Season 10[]

In My Body Is A Cage (2), he is seen eating dinner with his family at Little Miss Steaks when Adam arrives, dressed as Gracie. At the end of the episode, Omar is seen carrying Adam's former clothes toward a campfire, and watches them burn along with Audra, Drew, Clare, and Eli.

Season 12[]

In Degrassi: Las Vegas, he attends Drew and Bianca's engagement party. He seems to support the couple, and toasts to their engagement.

Season 13[]


In Honey, Omar is in Adam's hospital room with Drew and Audra. When his wife begins to worry over where the doctor is, he comforts her. While Adam is in surgery, Drew brings Audra and Omar food. When Drew finally returns to the hospital, he was decorating Adam's room with "Get Well" cards from the campers. Unfortunately, when he saw Audra and Omar's blank, empty stares, he knew the worst had come: Adam was dead. Audra, Omar, and Drew begin crying and hug each other.

In Young Forever, Omar, Audra, and Drew stand on the steps outside of the church as Adam's funeral ends. Audra and Omar can be see walking toward the limo, which was headed to the reception.


In Come As You Are (1), Audra tells Drew, Adam, and Dallas that she and Omar are going to Kingston overnight.

In Should've Said No (2), Audra informs Adam and Drew that Drew might be able to move to a new city and school so he can escape from his fear of Vince. She says that his father has the opportunity to move the Boston office which gives Drew a reason to leave.