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One Last Dance is the thirteenth episode of Season 2 of Degrassi High, and the sixty-ninth episode of the original Degrassi series. It aired on February 11, 1991.


Dwayne is hanging with his friends when they begin discussing a rumor about someone in the school being HIV-positive. Lucy is with her friends, worrying about the student council election results. It is then announced that Lucy won. Joey and Caitlin exchange awkward conversation. At lunch, Dwayne overhears Amy and Allison discussing the rumor so he immediately assumed that Joey told, but Dwayne said he told no one else, not even his parents. Dwayne finally admits to Tabi about his diagnosis, which results in her not wanting him to touch her. In the science room, the teacher reveals to the students that Degrassi was closing in June. Lucy and Bronco approach Radditch to discuss it. He mentions structure issues before admitting to being reassigned as well.

In the hallway, Joey talks of liking Caitlin to Wheels and Snake. He then calls attention to himself and asks her to the formal, as it was the last dance at degrassi. Caitlin didn't say yes or no, saying "I don't know" before agreeing to go with him. When he discusses renting a limo, she suggests meeting at the school instead. Joey then walks off, excited.

Tabi approaches Joanne and asks her HIV/AIDS questions when she learns that Dwayne hadn't been in class all day. Joanne angrily takes Tabi to task.

The night of the dance, various students arrive at the school. Tessa and Yick arrive together. Dwayne arrives alone before heading into the building. Various students give him a side-eye, including Amy and Allison. Dwayne walks off to the restroom.

Joey arrives around the same time as Snake, Michelle, and Wheels. Joey is nervous as he waits for Caitlin, to which Wheels tells him to trust him as it will be okay. Joey then grows nervous and heads to a wash room, the same one Dwayne is hiding in. Joey learns that Dwayne told his parents who had differing reactions.

Caitlin arrives and echoes Joey's words to her friend.

As Joey goes to leave the washroom, Dwayne admits that it was his school too and that he wanted to be there. He admits that he used to like being feared. Joey then left the room.

Inside the dance, everyone but Caitlin are dancing as she is looking around the room for Joey. She grows angry that she is being stood up, until Joey arrives and compliments her.

Bronco interrupts the DJ to have a slow number played. Various couples dance together: Snake and Michelle among them. Joey asks Catilin to dance to which she agrees. Inside the washroom, Dwayne plays with his hair before leaving the room. Inside the dance, Dwayne enters the room, and looks on at the students all dancing together. Joanne approachs Dwayne. When Dwayne's best friend decides to leave, Tabi disagrees and approaches Dwayne and asks him to dance. He smiles on and agrees.

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