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OomfChat is a fictional social networking site first seen being used by Zig Novak that is used by numerous students/alumni from Degrassi Community School.

Instances Of Use


Season 14

In Wise Up, Zig is seen using OomfChat and ninth-graders are sending him nude pics. Zoë finds out and gets mad at him, and says "We're not even dating". So Zoë signs up for OomfChat and sends him a nude pic and he tells her she doesn't need to send her nude pics after what happened; Zoë tells him that she is tired of people for judging her and is done with boys.

In If You Could Only See, Zoë uses Frankie's idea of using OomfChat to make money and Frankie says "Not like this". Zoë asks her if she's tired of her mother thinking of her as a "perfect little girl". When Frankie says "Yeah", Zoë replies "You should be happy you saved Power Cheer", to which Frankie says, "Yay me".

Degrassi: Next Class

Season 1

In #NotOkay, Vijay sends Tristan an OomfChat message telling him he had a great time on their date.

Season 3

In #IWokeUpLikeThis, Miles and Lola oomfchat each other.

In #WorstGiftEver, Lola notices Miles is upset and she sends him an oomfchat to cheer him up.

Confirmed Characters that Use OomfChat


  • OomfChat is the fifth social networking website in Degrassi history.
  • OomfChat is highly similar to the social networking site Snapchat in the show's universe, like MyRoom is for MySpace, Facerange is for Facebook, and Hastygram is for Instagram. This is done because in most cases, using a legitimate web site without the original owner's permission violate copyright laws.
    • Although they are allowed to use Twitter, Whatsapp, and Linkedin
  • As of Season 1 of Degrassi: Next Class, OomfChat (like Hastygram) is featured prominently in the opening sequence.