"If people want to make fun of you they're going to find a reason. Too rich, too poor, too fat, too skinny."
Miles to Frankie

Out of My Head is the thirty-sixth episode of Season 13.

Main Plot

Mr. Yates warns Tristan about concealing their relationship. But when Tristan tells Maya, their friendship ends after she reports the relationship to Mr. Simpson.

Sub Plot

Imogen changes the outfits in the fashion show to impress Jack. But she upsets Becky, along with a few others in the fashion show, in the process.

Third Plot

Frankie learns that Winston is the reason she didn't get picked as a model because he did not want to film it with her in it but Becky Baker told him to suck it up and do it anyway because Becky was wrong not to chose her in the 1st place.

  • "Better Than Guetta" by Tom Belton
  • "When I Hear" by Gomute
  • "Degrassi You Make Drama Look So Good" performed by Tristan
  • "Good Times" by Hands up!
  • "Jet Set Life" by Bailay
  • "Gimme Your Love" by Holley Maher

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