Pam MacPherson is the mother of Anya MacPherson and the wife of Harold MacPherson. Anya suspected her of cheating on her father and having an affair with someone else, but it is later revealed that she has an early stage of cancer. She is portrayed by Katherine Ashby.

Character History

Season 10

In My Body Is A Cage (2), Anya has been informed that her mother has cancer. Anya is sitting at home with her parents, eating sadly while her parents laugh cheerfully. Anya asks her mother about losing hair, but her mother assures her that with radiation, she isn't going to. Her mother asks Anya if she'll go with her to the doctor's appointment and asks if they'll give each other manicures after dinner. Anya's dad makes a joke and the two parents laugh. Anya, outraged, asks how they can laugh about her having cancer and walks out.

In Tears Dry On Their Own (1), Anya and Riley spend time doing homework in the waiting room for her mom.

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Anya with her mother, awaiting the news of the cancer from Dr. Chris.

In Tears Dry On Their Own (2), Anya gets a call from her mother, saying that she has to pick her up for radiotherapy.

In When Love Takes Over, Anya's mother is declared to be officially cancer-free. Later, after discovering Anya went on a date with Dr. Chris, she tells Anya that she disapproves of the relationship because of the huge age difference between them. She takes Anya to Dr. Chris's office and pushes her to tell him her real age.

Season 11

In Paper Planes (2), Anya is in the bathroom when her mother tells her to hurry up or else she'll be late for school. Anya throw the sand out of the necklace that her Mom gave her and puts her cocaine in it. Later in the car with Anya for an interview, Anya tells her that she is nervous that she won't make it. She replies that she needs the confidence that she once had, but Anya tells her that she doesn't know what happened to her and that she doesn't really have the confidence she once had.That night Anya does more cocaine and when her mom comes (and almost gets caught), she tells Anya that she wants her to come downstairs and discuss what she wants to do with her life, although she doesn't find it that heartbreaking she didn't get in. Anya tells her no and that she's going to go to the club. Her mom tells her no, and Anya tells her "watch me".


Season 8

In Bad Medicine, Pam picks Anya up from her dates with Riley.



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