Patrick was an Irish student who attended Degrassi High School in the late 1980s and the early 1990s.

Original Degrassi season 4-5

Patrick was a Grade 11 student in Season 4, and a Grade 12 student in Season 5. He and his family had recently emigrated to Canada from Ireland, and he spoke with a distinct Irish accent. He initially made friends with Christine Nelson because they were both wearing the same band shirt (for "The Pogues"). He asked her out, and initially she was reluctant, finding it hard to believe someone would genuinely be interested in her as she had a baby. Patrick wrote a song for her, and while she was pleased, it was also obvious that it made her a little uncomfortable: Patrick liked her far more than she liked him.

Eventually Christine ended the relationship, as she found trying to fit being a mother in with his band schedule was too difficult, and she had always been somewhat ambivalent about the relationship. Very shortly after this, he asked her best friend Liz O'Rourke to go see a live concert with him, as she was also a fan. Liz agreed, but only after she asked Spike if she would mind; Spike lied and said it was fine, then got angry when Liz went. Deciding that Spike's friendship was more important, Liz told Patrick she couldn't see him again. Patrick angrily confronted Spike, telling her he didn't appreciate her meddling in his life; she responded angrily that it wasn't fair that he asked Liz out just to make her jealous. From then on, although we occasionally see Patrick in the background, we don't hear any more from him. It is assumed he graduated from Degrassi before the school shut down.