Pete Wentz is a musician who briefly appeared in the movie Degrassi Goes Hollywood. He is the bassist of Fall Out Boy, and is an acquaintance of Craig Manning and Cassadee Pope.

Character History

Season 8


Pete Wentz and Cassadee Pope in Paradise City.

In Degrassi Goes Hollywood, while Ellie Nash is walking around L.A. trying to find a store, she runs into Craig, who is hanging out with Pete Wentz and Cassadee Pope. Craig introduces the two celebrities to her, and Pete tells Ellie that Craig introduced ketchup chips to him and Cassadee, which they love, and now they can't go on tour without them. Pete and Cassadee exchange glances when Craig tells Ellie that he has been clean and sober for a year now. He, Craig, and Cassadee leave shortly afterwards for a sound check.


In Jane Says (1), Leia Chang lied to impress Danny Van Zandt and his friends Sav Bhandari, Peter Stone, Anya MacPherson and Mia Jones by telling them that her father was the music producer for bands such as Fall Out Boy and Aeromith. She claimed that she and Pete Wentz went "way back" and that he played her lullabies on his "guitar." Peter suspected that she was lying as Wentz was a bassist and Fall Out Boy did not release an album until 2002. However, she later admitted that her father was an engineer and she could not even name one of Fall Out Boy's songs.

In Got Your Money (1), a Fall Out Boy poster can be seen in the background when WhisperHug is performing.