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The friendship between Peter Stone and Jane Vaughn is known as Pane (Peter/Jane). They became friends when Jane first came to Degrassi Community School in the seventh season of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Friendship History[]


Although they've had a few ups and downs, such as Peter being embarrassed when Jane tells the whole class that he has "jungle breath", or when Peter was kicked out of his own band and replaced by Jane, they do seem to maintain a good friendship until graduation.

Season 7[]

In Talking in Your Sleep, Jane and Peter are doing a scene together for English class when Jane comments on his "jungle breath". This refers to earlier in the episode, when Darcy Edwards tells Jane that Peter has really bad breath.

Season 8[]

In Lost in Love (1), Peter and Jane both attended Spinner Mason's party at the Dot.

Season 9[]

In You Be Illin', Peter is pissed when Sav and Danny tell him that Jane has replaced him as the Stüdz's new lead singer. He tells Jane that after one mistake, they'd replace her too, like they did with him. Later, at the gig, he hands Jane a tambourine, saying now that he is back, she can help Spinner keep the beat instead of singing.

In Start Me Up, Peter tells Jane, Sav, and Danny that he got into TU. Later, Jane tells Peter and Spinner that she saw Victoria doing drugs in the bathroom, and Peter angrily tells Jane to get her eyes checked. Peter defends Victoria, saying she is in a program, and Jane tells him history often repeats itself, and that addicts often relapse. The next day, Jane tells Peter that Spinner told the rest of the band how Peter dumped Victoria. The band decides to let Peter back in, and he is so excited so he group hugs all of them.

In Innocent When You Dream, Peter convinces the rest of the Stüdz to do the music video for "House Arrest" for Sav, who was upset over his break up with Anya. When Sav is overbearing about shooting, Jane confronts Peter about how he said filming would only take a few hours.

In Degrassi Takes Manhattan, Peter and Jane graduate together, and they perform one last show as The Stüdz. They are both in attendance at Declan's pool party, and Peter is there to witness Spinner finding out about Jane and Declan's affair. They both are later in attendance at Spinner and Emma's wedding, as Jane crashes the wedding.