Queen of Hearts is the seventeenth episode of Season 4 of the Canadian television series, Degrassi: The Next Generation. It originally aired on January 17, 2005 on CTV Television and on July 15, 2005 on The N. The episode shares its title with the song by Juice Newton.


Ellie's broke and, if she can't raise some rent money, she's faced with the prospect of moving back in with her mom. She's so desperate that high-stakes gambling with Alex starts to look like a good idea. Meanwhile, Paige wants to know what Matt's hiding from her.

Main Plot

Struggling to pay the rent, Ellie discovers she can earn money by playing Euchre with Dylan's hockey team.

When Alex wants to play for more money, Ellie has to decide whether or not to gamble her rent away.

Sub Plot

Paige and Mr. Oleander are having a secret relationship, but the two are having difficulty finding any place private where they can be together, even resorting to secret meetings in the boiler room.

Their dates are continuously interrupted and when Matt stands Paige up on one date, she wonders if he still seeing his ex-girlfriend behind her back.

Paige goes to his apartment to confront him, but discovers he lives in a poor, beat-down apartment with a leaky roof.

Realizing she wasn't trusting him, their relationship becomes even stronger as Paige uncovers the side of him that he had been hiding.

  • Alex: "Move to Wasaga with Sean if you're lonely or suck it up and go home."
    Ellie: "My mom was drunk. Always drunk, right up to the night she lit the house on fire."
    Alex: "But she's sober now and paying your rent. All the time trying to make things right with you. Wow, what a monster."
  • Craig: "Marco, with your hair all big like that, you kind of look like Ashley."
    Marco: "I was sans product this morning, Craig." (to Ellie) "And you said it looked fine!"
  • Ellie: "It's open."
    Mrs. Nash: "It's the middle of the night, Ellie. There's no emergency?"
    Ellie: "I had to be sure of something."
    Mrs. Nash: "Sure of what?"
    Ellie: "That you could come over. That you were sober. You weren't drunk."
    Mrs. Nash: "You woke me as a test?!"
    Ellie: "I wrote a letter to Mr. Martin. It says I'm giving two months notice."
    Mrs. Nash: "Oh, so you're coming home!"
    Ellie: "I...I said I wrote it, Mom. I haven't given it to him. Not yet."
    Mrs. Nash: "But you're going to?"
    Ellie: "No more drinking?"
    Mrs. Nash: "The best I can do is try. Day by day. Try."
    Ellie: "Then promise me you'll try and make it easy for me to trust you."
    Mrs. Nash: "Come home, Ellie. I'm tired of being alone."
    Ellie: "Yeah. Me too."

  • "Alexander" by Sekiden
  • "Pretty Blue" by Melissa McClelland
  • "Reframed" written by Headstones & Colin Cripps
  • "Rosamunde Entracte" written by Schubert, arranged by Korten
  • "Sudden Impact" by Flash Bastard
  • "The Entertainer" by Jim McGrath
  • "Tell Me Why" by Jakalope