Rachel was a student who came from a private school to Degrassi, after having attended Lakehurst. Since she had only appeared in one episode, we can assume that her relationship with Danny Van Zandt ended, as he later dates Mia Jones for a brief period of time. Rachel was portrayed by Hailee Sisera. She graduated in a class of 2013.

Character History

Season 7

Rachel and derek
In Got My Mind Set On You, she agrees to work on a project with Derek, Danny, and Peter, claiming Danny and Derek have got the looks. However, she rejects a date with Derek in favor of Danny. Danny and Derek fight over her, and Derek finds a hickey on Danny's neck. Afterwards, while working on the video project, Derek ends up framing Danny for shoplifting by putting crotchless lingerie into his backpack, which causes Rachel to break up with Danny. When Derek finds out the woman in charge of the store is racist, he apologizes to Danny in front of the class. Rachel later forgives Danny and they remain friends.


  • She is the first girl to reject Derek in favor of Danny, the second being Leia Chang.
  • She found both Derek and Danny attractive.
  • She only appeared in Got My Mind Set On You.
  • She was a freshmen in season 6 - 7.


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