CRAZ is a fictional radio station in Toronto. From 1988 to 1989, Dr. Sally hosted a call-in program that offers advice on sexual matters, especially to young people. The program manager was Mr. Hood.

In He Ain't Heavy..., Joey Jeremiah became a part-time employee at the radio station hired by Cindi. He only begun to work their part-time as a sneaky plot to have his band The Zit Remedy's song "Everybody Wants Something" played on the radio so that he and his band would catch on and possibly become famous. Every night he would sneakingly leave his demo tape on the program manager's desk. However, Cindi returned it to him every time. This was because not everyone can have their music played on the radio. Also because she might have thought he might have been just another amateur musician and didn't want to him to feel embarrassed and disappointed if the listeners didn't like his music.

In The Whole Truth, Cindi fired Joey as he was not doing his job and he was continually leaving his demo tape even though she had asked him not to do so several times. While Dr. Sally didn't appreciate him leaving her a copy of his demo tape without her consent and had it returned, she still listened to it and enjoyed it. When she told him how she felt about the demo tape, it really encouraged Joey and gave him a boost in confidence and encouragement.

In Bye-Bye, Junior High, Joey's mother Mrs. Jeremiah listened to Radio CRAZ.

In Crossed Wires, Radio CRAZ was giving out two free tickets to the Pogues. The competition was won by Tim O'Connor as he was the fourth caller.

CR is not a Canadian call sign prefix, but Portuguese. However, given modern trends away from using call signs, CRAZ sounds trendy.
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