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Rick Munro was a former student who attended Degrassi Junior High School in Toronto, Ontario. He had an older brother named Frank and an abusive father. According to Rick, his mother had walked out "a long time ago". 

Joey Jeremiah went to Rick's house to buy a denim jacket for picture day, when he found out that Rick's father beat him. After that, he was sent to live with Frank. Rick repeated Grade 7, and while repeating was often cautioned about letting his grades slip far enough to repeat again, he did not repeat another year.

Likely due in part to his miserable home life, Rick rarely smiled at school. Caitlin Ryan and Susie Rivera made it their mission to get him to smile. Though they never succeeded, they were pleased when they saw Rick smile at Joey (which was when he told Joey he was moving in with Frank).


Rick was suspected to have stolen Yick Yu's money, but it turned out he didn't — his recent wealth was due to a lottery win (possibly Frank's ticket, shared with Rick or bought for Rick). Also, some of the students had the mistaken belief that Rick had a criminal record, but this may be the result of his difficult home conditions.

He had a relationship with Caitlin Ryan, but he later moved away, and was not seen or heard from again.



  • Rick is the first of several characters to be held back a year, the others were Joey, Sean, Rick Murray (before his death), Spinner, Jimmy, Mia, Fiona, Tori, Drew, Imogen, Jonah, and Esme.
    • He is the first character to repeat 7th Grade. The second being Sean.
  • Rick is the first character to be abused by his father, the second being Craig. They were both rescued by Joey.
  • He is the first character to have an abusive father, the other four being LizCraigJane, and Miles.
  • Rick Munro is the first "Rick" in the Degrassi Franchise. The second is Rick Murray.
  • Rick is the first character to live with an older brother. The second is Sean and the third is Jenna.
  • Rick was the first student character who ever smoked.
  • Rick had an influence on Craig Manning because of his abusive father and the fact that Joey helped both of them. He also had an influence on Sean Cameron in that they had similar personalities and circumstances. He dated Caitlin and Sean dated Emma who was modeled after Caitlin. Caitlin and Emma were friends.

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