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"Oh, I get it. My car sucks. Ha ha! You guys slay me with your humor."
J.T. Yorke's final words.

Rock This Town is the eleventh episode of Season 6 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on January 9, 2007 in Canada, and on January 26, 2007 in the United States.


Manny decides to get over Craig by throwing a secret party at Emma's house, ruining Emma's plan for a cozy little weekend with Sean in the process. But Manny's secret party ends up taking a huge turn for the worst.

Main Plot[]

Manny is intent on getting over Craig, and uses Liberty's upcoming birthday as an excuse to throw a party at Emma's house while Spike and Snake are out of town. She's even got a great guy to introduce Liberty to - but doesn't anticipate how he'll feel. And of course, no party can be kept a secret for long, so as soon the party gets out of control, students from Lakehurst arrive unexpectedly. When tensions mount from the ongoing school rivalry, one of Degrassi's favorite students, J.T. Yorke, is stabbed and left for dead.

During the party, Emma adds tequila to her punch and gets drunk. She tries to have sex with Sean, she but winds up throwing up in a waste basket before kissing him.

Manny invites Damian over to this party as a date for Liberty. Liberty and Damian are not interested in each other, but Manny and Damian are.

Damian tries to make out with Manny, but she rejects him because she barely knows him.

J.T. goes up to Toby while making out with Lakehurst's vice president. She walks away telling him that it's time for a pee break.

J.T. tells Toby that he likes a spicy sandwich (which is Mia) but sometimes you get tired of it and you want oatmeal (which is Liberty).

Toby said "Well, it's a hot sub. But it gets boring. Oatmeal has always been there for you..." and J.T. says "I'm going to get me a big bowl of Liberty! I mean, oatmeal."

J.T. tries to catch up with Liberty, but sees that Drake Lempkey and Johnny DiMarco, from Lakehurst, are peeing on his car. He asks them: "Couldn't find a toilet?" and Drake replies: "He did" and grins.

J.T. rolls his eyes and says "You slay me with your humor." Drake starts to leave, but right when he is behind J.T., he pulls out a pocket knife and says, "Yeah, mascot boy?! Laugh at this!" and stabs J.T.

Liberty then finds J.T. leaning against his car, staring upward. She goes over to him and finds that he has been stabbed. She begins crying and yells for help.

At the hospital, Toby tells the doctor that he is J.T.'s brother so he can figure out what happened. A nurse tells Toby that J.T.'s aorta was damaged and could not be fixed. Therefore, J.T. was gone.

The news of his death set in immediately for Manny she began crying, though Sean, Emma, Toby and Liberty, after she had received the news, were too shocked to mourn their loss at that time.

Having all been informed of J.T.'s death, they all join in a comforting group hug.

  • J.T.: (to Toby) "I'm going to go get me a big bowl of Liberty, I mean oatmeal."
  • Liberty: "I still love you."
    J.T.: "I have a girlfriend, Mia, who I really, really, like!"
    Liberty: "Do you love her?!"
    J.T.: "Yes of course I do."
    Liberty: "Then why are you standing here talking to me?"
    J.T.: "I don't know."
  • Nurse: "His aorta was punctured. Its a main artery and... we couldn't repair the damage...... He didn't make it."
    Toby: "What?... *nervously chuckles* You're joking..."
    Nurse: "I'm sorry... your brother's gone."
  • J.T. (Final Line): "You guys slay me with your humor."
  • Manny: "Okay, let's take the testosterone down a notch."
  • Manny: "Does Mexico know you've taken all of their tequila?"
  • Sean: "Emma, are you wasted?"
    Emma: "The question is: am I wasted enough?"
  • Sean: "Margarita, meet waste basket. Waste basket, meet margarita."
  • J.T.: (to Liberty) "It's your party, you can cry if you want to."

  • "My Little Birdie" by The Nice Device
  • "Femmelicious" by Femme
  • "Today Is Your Lucky Day" by The Salads
  • "Drop It Hot" by Femme
  • "We Do Supersonic" by Shinjuku Zulu
  • "Hustler" by Femme
  • "Be My Woman, Be My Man" by Shinjuku Zulu

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