"I'm so glad I'm not into girls."
Marco Del Rossi

Rock and Roll High School is the eighteenth episode of Season 3. It originally aired on March 8, 2004 on CTV Television Network and on July 2, 2004 on The N.


Craig and his band Downtown Sasquatch are determined to beat his ex Ashley and her new all-girl band in a battle-of-the-bands competition. When Joey gets hurt, Caitlin decides to take care of him and his daughter, Angela.

Main Plot

Degrassi is hosting a Battle Of The Bands competition and Jimmy, Craig, Marco and Spinner's band, Downtown Sasquatch, decide to compete in it and are up against Ellie, Paige, Hazel and Ashley, who name their band Hell Hath No Fury.

Craig becomes angry and does not want to be beaten by his ex-girlfriend in a band competition. Before the competition Craig tries to make up with Ashley, so he apologizes for not being supportive of her song lyrics that she had read in class. Ashley believes that it is much deeper than that.

Ashley then writes a song that nearly directly insults Craig that is based off his cheating on her and getting Manny pregnant. When Craig argues with her about the lyrics, she tells him that his antics coupled with other tragic events made Ashley feel like "she was going to die", leaving Craig without words. Due to this Craig tells his band that he is out of the contest. Jimmy and Spinner decide to write a rap about Ashley as revenge for Craig, but it comes off as incredibly blunt and sexist, and that is the last thing Craig needs. Marco and Craig then take a walk to help Craig think of lyrics rather than play the song Jimmy and Spinner wrote, but Marco's methods do not help.

In time for the competition Craig doesn't show up so Downtown Sasquatch decides to play Jimmy and Spin's song. Craig comes to the stage just in time to play his song, now written with words apologizing to Ashley and openly calling himself a loser. Downtown Sasquatch wins, and Craig wins Ashley's forgiveness.

Sub Plot

Caitlin goes over to Joey's and after getting there, Angie tries to show Caitlin that she can jump down the stairs so Angie drops the eggs that she was holding. When Caitlin does a cart wheel Angie says that Joey is no fun, so in an effort to show that he is a fun dad Joey does a hand stand. While doing the hand stand Joey falls and lands on his upper back, injuring him. Joey then tries to send Angie to his mother's and Caitlin says that she will take care of the two of them instead. Joey says that Caitlin isn't the type to take care of them and more of being Angie's friend. So Caitlin accepts the challenge of being a mother type rather than just a friend.

  • Joey: "Uh Angie, be careful with that bag. It has the eggs in it, okay?"
    Angie: "I know."
    (Caitlin pulls up in a taxi outside Joey's house)
    Angie: "Auntie Caitlin, watch!"
    (Angie jumps down the steps and drops the bag, breaking the eggs)
    Joey: "Angela Elizabeth, what did I just say?!"
    (Angie sits down on the front step, upset that Joey yelled at her. Caitlin walks over to her)
    Caitlin: "Hey, you alright?"
    Joey: "See this is what happens when little girls don't go to bed on time!"
    Caitlin: "Don't cry, Angie. C'mon..."
    Joey: "Oh, she's fine."
    Caitlin: "I know. You wanna see something really cool? Watch this!"
    (Caitlin does a cartwheel)
    Caitlin: "Woo! Can your fuddy duddy daddy do that, huh?"
    Angie: "No! He's old and no fun!"
    Joey: "Oh, really? Watch this!"
    (Joey does a handstand)
    Joey: "I am a fun machine!"
    (Joey falls down and hurts his back. Caitlin and Angie rush to his side)
    Caitlin: "Joey, are you okay?"
    Joey: "Oh, no! Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no!"
  • (Caitlin and Angie are running around the house wearing towels as capes and pretending to be superheroes)
    Caitlin: "Watch out, bad guys!"
    Angie "Ah!"
    (Angie jumps on Joey's chest)
    Joey: "Uh, no, no, Angie, please!"
    Caitlin: "Sweetie!"
    Joey: "No, no! Off, off!"
    Caitlin: "Sweetie, he's a good guy."
  • Joey: "So did you and Auntie Caitlin have fun shopping today?"
    Angie: "It was...okay. I’m gonna go out and play."
    Caitlin: "Sweetie, I need you to wash your hands for dinner."
    Angie: "Five minutes!"
    Caitlin: "No, I need you to wash them now!"
    Angie: "Bye!"
    Caitlin: "Hold it right there, Missy! Wash those hands now!...You heard me!"
    Angie: "I hate you!"
    (Angie runs up the stairs)

Lyrics to Jimmy and Spinner's song

Jimmy (me) kills it freestyling on Degrassi

Jimmy (me) kills it freestyling on Degrassi

Jimmy & Spinner's rap

A homie is a playa and that is all,
so why'd you have to go and kick his
ball and chain ain't that your name, cause you a playa hater and that's a shame.
And chicks like you ain't worth too much,
so shut up girl, and make my lunch!

Lyrics to Craig's song, 'Dust (What I Know)'
What I Know - Jake Epstein

What I Know - Jake Epstein

I don't know if you'll forgive me,
for being so blind, to how you felt.

Don't ask me why I couldn't see it...
And that'd take me years,
to figure out.

And that's not something I know much about
But there's only one way to find out...
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
What I know....

Is that I hurt you.
And what I know is that I suck; and what I know is that I'm sorry.
What I know...

Is that I'm a loser
And yeah, what I know is that's screwed up
And then I never earned your trust.

And what I know... Is that everything I touch...<b Just turns... to dust.

Lyrics to Hell Hath No Fury's Song
Degrassi Ashley and Craig- Mr

Degrassi Ashley and Craig- Mr.Nice Guy

This song is a prize for breaking my heart
Should have written these words to you right from the start
You say it doesn't matter,
It's all in the past
My pain doesn't show,
It's disguised by this mask
But I can't pretend to forgive and forget
I'm gonna to make the day you met me,
A day you'll regret Cuz you're the dust in my eye,
You're the rock in my shoe
Yea, you lie, lie, lie
Better watch what you say, Cuz I'm on to you.
Mr. Nice Guy
Mr. Nice Guy
You're so nice