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Rufus Eggers is the dog of the Nelson-Simpson household. Emma Nelson originally adopted him to impress Damian Hayes, but he soon became a part of the family. He has especially bonded with Archie Simpson.

Character History[]

Season 7[]


Rufus with Emma and Damian.

In Got My Mind Set On You, Emma adopts Eggers off of Craigslist for free, as a way to impress Damian. Eggers bonded with the family and became the family dog.


Eggers lying on top of Snake.

In Another Brick In The Wall, Eggers is lying on top of Snake on the couch when Emma questions if he will be back at school the next day, and sleeps with him that night. The next day, when Snake stays home to get drunk instead of going to work, Eggers is with him on the couch again.

Season 8[]


Eggers on the couch with Emma.

In Lost in Love (2), when Emma returns home, before she is serenaded by Kelly, Eggers is sitting with her on the couch while she is reading.


Rufus on the computer while Kevin Smith is talking to Manny

In Degrassi Goes Hollywood, Kevin Smith comes onto Manny's laptop, and Eggers pants over Manny's computer. Later, when Mick comes in to talk to Manny, the second he walks in Eggers starts barking, which shows that Eggers could feel the tension in the room or he is a good judge of character.

Season 9[]


Eggers successfully interrupts Emma and Kelly making out.

In Holiday Road, while Emma and Kelly are making out on the pull-out couch, Eggers jumps onto the couch, preventing the couple from having sex. This was his final appearance.


  • His original name was Rufus but Emma later named him Eggers because Dave Eggers was the author of the novel that Damian had given Emma.