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"It's my life, and I want you in it."
— Sav to Anya in Causing a Commotion

The relationship between Sav Bhandari and Anya MacPherson is known as Sanya (Sav/Anya). It began in the seventh season of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Relationship History[]


Both transferred from Lakehurst High School to Degrassi Community School during the seventh season of Degrassi: The Next Generation. They had an on-and-off relationship from then until the tenth season, before permanently ending it in Breakaway (2). Ultimately, Sav's inability to stand up to his parents about their relationship is the reason why they did not work out. They have, however, remained friends as shown in Dead and Gone (1). They were the longest lasting teenage couple in Degrassi history with an unprecedented 52 episodes, outlasting both Spinner and Paige and Jimmy and Hazel.

Season 7[]

In Jessie's Girl, Holly J. asks Anya if she wants to hang out with Sav and the guys at lunch, but Anya tell her that they need to work on their science project. After Holly J. humiliates Anya in class, she later invites Anya to hang out with her at Sav's birthday bash.

In Hungry Eyes, in their sophomore year, Sav admits to liking a girl, which turns out to be Anya when Holly J. and Mia observe them looking at Anya's sticker book together. They begin their first relationship in this episode.

In Another Brick In The Wall, Anya mentions that her and Sav are going out, as to the reason why she can't hang with Holly J. When Holly J. is later rejected by Toby, she calls up Anya to hang out, telling her to ditch her other plans with Sav.


Sav and Anya listening to Holly J.

In Ladies' Night, Anya is planning a charity event to promote education and health in Africa, and Sav is there to support her. Anya wants him and Holly J. to get to know each other better, so she gets Sav to help carry buckets of water with Holly J. Holly J. and Sav decide to exchange secrets, and Holly J. uses the information of Sav's arranged marriage to try and break Anya and Sav up. For trying to destroy their relationship, Anya decides to plan revenge on Holly J.

In Everything She Wants, Anya asks Mia if she and Lucas Valieri would want to cram for the chemistry exam with her and Sav, for a double study date, mentioning "couples only" when Holly J. is right behind them just to spite her.

Season 8[]

In Uptown Girl (1), during registration, Anya and Sav can be seen in the background, standing next to one another. Later, they are in the fashion show together. They walk down the runway holding hands, while The Shep says, "Give it up for those two lovebirds!"

Anya 05

In Uptown Girl (2), Alli threatens Sav that she will tell their parents about Anya if he doesn't keep her double life a secret. At lunch, Anya and Sav are sitting next to each other, and he has his arm around her chair. After Bruce finishes reading his poorly written poem, Anya asks Sav where her poem is, Alli mocks him, saying the poem would read: "Dearest Anya, I'd miss you when you're gone-ya, L.O.L." When Clare Edwards sings her hymn to the cafeteria, they both watch politely.

In Fight the Power, Anya says she prefers that Jane changes in the women's locker rooms instead of the men's, so that she wouldn't be ogling "her Sav." When Sav is called out, Anya cheers for him with the rest of the Power Squad.

In Didn't We Almost Have It All, there are rumors that Anya and Sav were having sex when they were both absent from school for a week. But when Anya returns to school, she claims they are waiting and that she hasn't even met his parents yet.


In With or Without You, it is Sav and Anya's sixth month anniversary, and he wants to have sex with her. However, Anya dumps him because he didn't invite her to dinner with his entire family. Sav wins her back by telling her that he loves her and that he wrote a song for her, and the two get back together again, walking off with his arm around her. While everyone else on the field trip is setting up camp, the two sit very close together in front of a tent. During the environmental game, while holding hands, Sav tries to sell the idea of how romantic and special that night is, though Anya is paying attention to the game instead of him. Chantay tells Sav that there were rumors going around of him and Anya making out in the woods.


Anya and Sav make out in their tent with the intention of having sex.

Anya talks to Alli about what it would take for Sav to introduce her to his parents, and she jokes that it would take her being Muslim. Meanwhile, Sav plays "The Anya Song" to Danny, which he wrote for Anya. When Anya enters the tent though, Danny leaves, and the two wish each other a happy anniversary. Sav wants to play his song for Anya, but she buts him in and tells him that she wants to become a Muslim for him, which comes across as a surprise. The two begin making out, until Anya finds the pack of condoms in his tent, and the two decide to have sex, resuming their make out session. They continue to kiss until Alli's scream interrupts them.

The next day, when Sav yells at Alli on the bus about people not thinking she is good enough for their family because she was alone with a boy, Anya notices Sav's double standard. She calls him out on it and breaks up with him again. The following day, ever since they got back, Sav tells Danny that he texted her at least 20 times without a response. Anya arrives at the lockers and gives Sav a box filled with all of the items he gave her, cementing their break up. As she walks away, Sav looks torn at the idea that they are over for good.

In Lost in Love (1), Sav came into school early to decorate the entire school for the Valentine's Day dance to try and win Anya back, though his attempt was unsuccessful. Sav and Anya are both working the booth that sends roses out to people. When Anya reads what K.C. wrote on the card to the rose he purchased for Clare, she takes a jab at Sav, saying "Even a grade 9 knows how to treat a lady." Sav responds with a comment about how the ladies will treat him after they "stomp on his heart." When Connor asks Anya and Sav what K.C. was doing with the heart, they both ignore him, so he is forced to ask Alli instead.


Anya waves the rose she received in Sav's face, which makes him angry and jealous.

Alli later approaches Anya about the anonymous rose that was sent to her, and Anya says there is a "buyer-seller confidentiality." Sav remarks that whoever buys the roses aren't "state secrets," and Anya retorts that he is just mad because no one will tell him who sent her her rose. Sav walks off in a huff, and Anya reveals there is no confidentiality agreement and that she sent herself the rose.


Anya looks on, hurt, as she spots Sav dancing with Leia.

In Lost in Love (2), when Sav sees Jane holding a bouquet of roses, he comments, "At least someone has a sweetheart," implying he wants Anya back, as he doesn't want to be alone. Later, during the dance, Sav and Anya are now working the ticket booth. When Sav takes tickets for people going alone, he comments, "Glad I'm not the only one forced to go solo," looking directly at Anya, but she rolls her eyes and looks away. Later into the dance, Anya goes looking for Sav, deciding to give him another chance, but finds him dancing with Leia instead, as he had given up winning her back. She gapes at the two of them, looking hurt.

In Bad Medicine, when Riley is gloating about hooking up with Anya, Sav glares at him from under his weights he was lifting. Riley notices and asks if he needs him to spot him, but Sav rejects the offer, saying guys shouldn't hook up with their team mate's ex. Later, Anya and Riley agree to stay friends because Anya had come to the realization that she isn't over Sav yet. She reveals Sav is the only guy, besides Riley, that she had ever kissed. Looking miserable, Sav watches on as Anya hugs Riley goodbye.

After the game, Sav notices that Riley gets a text message, and assumes it is from Anya. He says if it is from her, then it is his business, saying that their 6 months was worth more than the picnic Riley and her went on. Riley tackles him to the ground and continually punches Sav in the face, breaking Sav's nose, while Anya watches in horror.


Anya tells Sav that she doesn't believe he'll ever tell his family about her.

In Causing a Commotion, Anya is in disbelief that Riley only had 3 days of suspension for punching Sav. Sav comments that he thought the nose bandage made him look tough, and Anya reveals that he has never even beat her at arm wrestling, to which they have a rematch. Sav easily beats her, and Anya is surprised, as she really believed she was tougher than him. She playfully begins to punch him, and Sav leans in for a kiss, causing her to recoil from him. Anya admits she still loves him, but doesn't want to get back together because Sav doesn't have the guts to tell his family about her.

Sav muses over his options, coming to the conclusion that he has to choose between Anya or his family, which is hard for him because he loves both. Sav tells his father about Anya, and he tells her to invite Anya over for dinner the following night. The next day, in art class, Sav gives Anya a fork, telling her that his parents want to meet her that night, which excites her. They share a kiss in class, but are embarrassed by the comment their teacher made toward them.


The two kiss upon getting back together.

At dinner that night, Sav's parents tell Anya that Sav will have a future Muslim wife, and that there is no point being in a relationship with no future. Sav is appalled by his parents' rudeness, but Anya throws out the idea that she is willing to convert to Islam, saying she has been reading the Quran. His mother tells Anya it is up to their children to maintain their culture with Indian spouses. Both Anya and Sav look hurt by the news, and Anya politely excuses herself. Sav offers to walk her to the door, but she rejects his offer.

The next day, they make eye contact during the school assembly, but Anya looks away. Sav later apologizes to Anya and tells her that he stood up for her after she left, saying he refused to stop seeing her. He tells her it is his life and he wants her in it. Anya comments it won't be easy, and Sav agrees, but says he loves her and his parents will, too.


Sav with his arm around Anya on the couch.

In Heat of the Moment, at Stüdz's practice, Sav performs "The Anya Song," the song he wrote for Anya. Later, Alli finds Anya at The Dot because Sav said that she'd be there.


Sav and Anya standing next to each other.

In Jane Says (1), Danny says that he and Leia aren't in love like Sav and Anya yet. At the sleepover, during the game of Truth or Dare, Sav has his arm casually around Anya on the couch. Outside the Fall Out Boy concert, they are standing next to each other.

In Heart of Glass, Alli asks Anya and Mia about what boys do in relationships with their boyfriends, and Anya answers with "Plead?", implying about her relationship with Sav.


Anya is shocked that Sav convinced his parents.

In Up Where We Belong, Peter Stone jokes about Sav's master plan including marrying Anya and having three kids. During Anya's speech for the English assignment, Sav watches intently. Later, Sav shows Anya the paper outline for the Music Master class, and Anya is surprised he convinced his parents to let him take it.


Sav and Anya anxiously wait to see what will happen.

In Danger Zone, when Sav hears about the hold up in The Dot, he is worried that Anya might be inside. When he sees that she is safe, he fiercely embraces her, relieved that she is okay. While awaiting the news of Holly J. and Spinner, the two remain huddled together. Later, they attend the Black and White dance as each other's dates, and dance together. Both smile and clap for Holly J. when she arrives at the dance.

In Degrassi Goes Hollywood, Anya is there for moral support for Sav while the Stüdz audition for Jason Mewes's film Mewesical High.

Season 9[]

In Just Can't Get Enough, Anya is in the audience while the Stüdz audition for the a spot to play in the Winter Beach Bash. When Peter tells Sav that he is moving to France to be with Mia, he tells him to imagine if Anya was leaving instead, making Sav realize the gravity of the situation. Sav said he could never date a model, saying if Anya was half naked in any magazines that he'd be jealous.


Anya kisses Sav for saving them a spot in Film Club.

In Shoot to Thrill, Anya tells Alli that Sav got the two spots in film club and calls him the sweetest, before kissing him. When trying to explain Johnny DiMarco's feelings to Alli, Sav tells her that him and Anya tone it down at school, but still send cute text messages to each other. Anya calls him while talking to Alli, and Sav answers, "Hey, Pookie" and says "No, you're the sweetest!"

In Close to Me, Anya and Sav are sitting next to one another in Theater Production class when the class is pitching ideas. At Spinner's housewarming party, they are later standing next to each other in a group of people. When Jane and Declan pitch the idea for a musical, Anya and Sav are sitting next to each other again.


After forgiving him, Anya hugs Sav.

In Wanna Be Startin' Somethin', Anya and Sav had a massive fight, and Anya is left visibly upset. Holly J. tells Anya their relationship has become stagnated, so they look for things to fight over. Across the cafeteria, Sav begins to play "The Anya Song," which he wrote her for last season, and Anya can't help but smile. She gets up to hug Sav, who looks relieved that she forgave him. He asks her out for ice cream, which would interrupt Anya's plans to go shopping with Holly J., and she invites her along, though the ice cream shop is only selling "2 for 1 cones." Holly J. tells her to go anyway, and Anya looks back at Sav and smiles, before walking away with him.

Sav later cancels with Anya to go watch a soccer game, and she asks Holly J. if she wants to hang out while she waits for him to call. Jane asks if she has any "non-Sav" interests and Holly J. tells her to get a life that doesn't involve waiting around for Sav to call. Anya comments, "Some friend you are," before walking off, looking hurt.

Tumblr manzyhKueI1rdyrivo3 r1 1280

Sav and Anya in season 9.

In Beat It (1), Sav wants Anya to come to the Stüdz's first unplugged set at The Dot, but she says she can't because of her self-defense classes. He asks if she can skip it at least once, but she says no. Sav looks annoyed and walks off. The next day, Leia tells Anya she missed her last night at the concert. Anya asks if Sav noticed that she wasn't there, and Leia said he was in one of his moods. Sav approaches her and says that they'll need self-defense to fight off the Stüdz's groupies in the future. He asks Anya what has been up with her recently, and when she doesn't answer, he rolls his eyes and walks back to his seat. Instead of taking self-defense classes after school when she is really doing roleplay in the woods (LARPing), an activity she fears Sav will mock her about it.

In Beat It (2), Sav walks into the sculpture classroom to talk to Anya. He sees the photos of Anya LARPing and mocks it. Anya tells him she likes to do it while Sav does his "stupid band stuff." Sav gets offended when she calls the Stüdz stupid, but the bell rings before they can finish their conversation, and Sav is forced to leave. Later, in Mrs. Kwan's class, Sav walks right past Anya, ignoring her, and Anya admits that maybe being a princess is ridiculous. Leia is trying to tell her that the LARPers needs her, but Anya says Sav hasn't talked to her all day. She decides to send him a "textpology," but finds out the other LARPers accepted her marriage proposal, which she decides not to tell Sav about, saying if he loves her, then he'll understand.

Beat it pt 2 10

Sav shows up at Anya's wedding, showing he has learned to accept her hobby.

Later, while listening to Stüdz's music, Sav is looking through Anya's LARPing photos. Anya pulls the headphones off of him to surprise him, and he greets her with a "hey." She asks if he is still remixing the Stüdz's songs, and he says he has been sidetracked spying on her "double life." She looks uncomfortable with the topic and closes his laptop that had the photos up. Sav calls the hobby bizarre, but says she looks super cute in her costumes. Anya cautiously asks if he is going to make fun of her, to which he says no, and she is excitedly about to tell him the news of her marriage. However, Sav interrupts her, saying he doesn't get why she'd want spend time with the "weirdos." To make him understand, she asks why he is in a band, and she tries to relate his answer to how the LARPers make her feel, saying she is important to them. Sav says she is important to him, and Anya doesn't believe him, saying he has been married to the band ever since he got back from L.A. He states they have just been busy, and Anya tells him the LARPers have time for her and accept her for who she is. Sav asks who that person is: "a fairy princess or my girlfriend?". Looking angry, Anya tells him he better hope she can be both, before walking out on him, leaving Sav looking angry.

Normal th degrassi9080203

After school, while Anya is preparing her wedding dress, Sav comes into the classroom to talk to her. He apologizes for making fun of her, but says he tells her everything about the band and she kept this a secret from him. He questions what the dress is, and Anya says it is her wedding dress, which surprises him completely. She tells him tomorrow she is getting married, and he looks annoyed upon realizing it is one of her LARPing activities. Anya repeats that she made it happen for herself, but Danny bursts into the room before she can finish her sentence. Sav asks her if she wants to come watch their band rehearsal, to which she yells at him, and he leaves, looking annoyed.


Anya is happy to see Sav finally accepting her LARPing.

At her wedding, Anya is looking sullen because she thinks her and Sav are two seconds away from breaking up. To her surprise, Sav shows up at her wedding, full in costume and role, playing the mandolin. Upon realizing Sav has learned to accept her hobby, Anya shines a smile him, to which he returns. Before getting married, she looks back at Sav, smiling widely again.

In Waiting for a Girl Like You, Sav and Anya are both filling out matchmaker forms, and both pick the same answer to one of the questions. Chantay asks why they're filling out forms when they're already a couple, and Anya tells her to see if they're destined to be together. It is also their 1 year anniversary and Sav has a surprise for her, and won't tell her what it is. Sav and Anya end up being perfect matches, and they kiss in the background. Anya later gives Declan Coyne advice, telling him he should just find ways to spend time with her, such as picking her up from the bus stop or walking to school. She asks Sav, "Taking notes, honey?" before walking away. Declan questions Sav about what the big surprise is for their anniversary, and Sav tells him that is a homemade Sanya scrapbook. Declan and Sav agree that he is screwed, and Declan gives him the tickets to see the Tess's because Holly J. did not want them. Putting his arm around her, Sav shows Anya the tickets, and she is visibly pleased.

In Heart Like Mine (2), while picking a lead for the musical, Sav and Anya sit next to each other. Sav tells Declan that Fiona is vocally challenged, and Anya agrees with him.


In Why Can't This Be Love (1), Anya surprises Sav with an invitation to their junior prom by putting a confetti bomb inside of his locker. He accepts her invitation, and says their formal will be everything they always dreamed. Anya asks him if they can take pictures for formal in the gazebo in Sav's backyard, shooting down Sav's suggestion to take pictures at her place. She kisses him on the cheek before walking off to class, and Danny comments to Sav that he is getting good at keeping Anya happy. Sav, however, reveals to him that he never told his parents that him and Anya got together, which would create problems with Anya if she were to find out.

In Chemistry class, Sav and Anya are partners, though Sav diverts from class to ask Danny, who was passing in the hallway, to help him out with Anya. Danny questions why he is keeping Anya a secret from his parents, and Sav tells him that they are "anti-girlfriend," saying it is the only way they can be together. His Bunsen burner begins to overflow, and he quickly rushes to turn it off. Anya chides him with a smile, saying "he shouldn't play with fire," foreshadowing upcoming events. Later that day, Sav brings home the mountain of balloons Anya had put in his locker for his prom invitation, and asks Alli to roleplay with him as their parents, preparing to tell them about Anya. Alli reminds him that they will make it impossible for them to be together, and Sav lies to his mother about going to prom with only Peter and Danny.


Anya kisses Sav for his thoughtful idea of having their formal photos taken in the Botanical Gardens.

The next day before school, Sav leads a blindfolded Anya into the Botanical Gardens, trying to convince her to have their formal photos taken there instead of at his house. Anya loves the idea and kisses him, saying having their pictures taken there will be the perfect start to their special night. Sav later boasts to Peter and Danny that him and Anya were going to sex, but says he wants their night to be romantic and classy. After school, Sav happily tells Alli that he has everything planned out when she asks if Anya is still talking to him. His mother, though, later arranges for Sav to take Farrah, the daughter of a family friend, even though he and Anya are already going together.

Sav fills Peter and Danny in that Farrah might potentially be his future wife.


Anya kisses him on the cheek in reassurance.

Not knowing what to do about Farrah, he begs Peter to take her, even offering to buy his formal ticket and to pick him up in a limo. Peter agrees, though tells Sav that he owes him one. Relieved, Sav is excited that he figured out what do about Farrah, and is questioned by Anya about what he is excited about. He tells Anya that he got them a limo, leaving Anya happy. She begins to tell him about a quiz she took in a magazine, and when Sav barely answers her, she deducts that he is nervous about their first time. He denies being nervous, but Anya tells him everything will be perfect, kissing him on the cheek as she leaves, which brings a smile to his face.

After dinner with Farrah's family, Farrah and Sav talk about their possible arranged marriage, but Sav's phone rings, interrupting them. The call was from Anya, who had he four missed calls from. Farrah asks who Anya is, and he tells her it is his girlfriend. Farrah looks surprised, but tells him he should probably call her back. Sav opens up to Farrah about the formal arrangements and his secret relationship with Anya, who is surprisingly fine with the situation. Sav hears a knock at the door, and opens it, only to find Anya at his front door.


In a panicked tone, Sav questions why she is at his front door.

She questions why he wasn't answering his phone and tells him that she wanted to match his tie with her dress. He gently pushes her back away from the door, saying it isn't a good time, which confuses her. Farrah comes to the door, telling Sav that his father wants him, but upon seeing her, Anya realizes that Sav never told his parents about her again. Looking hurt, Anya walks away, telling Sav she hopes him and Farrah have a nice life. Sav dejectedly leans against the front door, realizing he messed up.

The next day at school, Sav chases behind Anya, asking for a chance so that he can explain, but she doesn't want to listen. He tells her that he lied and kept her a secret so that they could be together without his parents constantly interfering with their relationship. She asks him if they hate her, but he tells her that the fact that Farrah is there changes nothing about them or his feelings for her. The two still decide to go to formal together, and Sav tells her that there is even talk that the two of them might be nominated for formal King and Queen. Anya is amazed at the thought, and Sav tells her he, Peter, and Farrah will pick her up in the limo that night, before kissing her and walking off. She is visibly displeased with the news of Farrah also being in the limo with them. Anya later informs Chantay and Holly J. about the situation with Farrah, Peter, and Sav.

In Why Can't This Be Love (2), Sav brings strings of lights to school for decorations for the dance, which Anya declares are perfect. She asks if he is ready for their enchanted evening, and Sav says he is, but explains and apologizes for the complicated schedule of the night. He also unfortunately tells her the bad news that with Farrah and her family at his house that they can't break curfew, meaning he and Anya can't have sex that night, even though he wants to. He apologizes to Anya again, who says it is alright, and that they can always wait. She puts on a smile for him, but is understandably upset.


The two happily take a photo together for their formal.

Chantay gives Anya a pair of earrings that would match her formal dress, and convinces Anya that she has nothing to lose, as Farrah is no different from her, besides having Sav's family's approval. Later, Sav picks Anya up with the limo, and comments, "Va, va, va, voo" at her appearance, and she twirls around for him with a big grin on her face. At the gardens, she and Sav take photos together, several which consist of Sav kissing Anya's cheek. Farrah and Sav decide to take a few photos together for their families, which upsets Anya, but she tries to limit their picture taking time.

When they arrive at the school, Anya and Sav get out of the car together, and gape at Farrah's dress, as she rips it in the door of the limo. After arriving and during a conversation with Holly J. and Declan, Farrah tells Anya she doesn't think Sav deserves either of them.


Anya making out with Sav in front of Farrah.

As they glance over at him, he falls into a plastic tree and tries to play it off, which makes Anya laugh. Anya later meets up with Farrah in the bathroom, who suddenly taunts her, saying she will be with Sav in the future, and that Sav has plenty of time to change his mind about wanting to be with Anya. Feeling threatened, Anya struts out of the bathroom and up to Sav, making out with him while he was in a conversation with Holly J. and Declan about the formal elections. She pulls away, smiling, telling him it's time. Sav questions about what she means, before realizing she meant to go have sex. Intentionally walking past Farrah to rub him in her face, Anya leads him outside, and the two begin making out again against the limo's doors.


Anya and Sav about to have sex in the limo.

While in the limo, the two are heavily making out, before Sav stops, saying he didn't bring any protection. Anya misleads him into thinking she was on the pill, and she strips Sav of his jacket. The two continue to kiss and proceed to have sex in the limo. Later, Sav and Anya re-enter the dance, adjusting their clothes. Chantay approaches them about where they had been, but they both suspiciously give different answers to her questions. Anya shoots Farrah a look, to which she rolls her eyes.

Holly J. announces from the stage that Anya and Sav had won the title of King and Queen of the formal. Excited at winning, they hug each other, before walking to the center of the gym for their "royal dance". They slow dance and other couples slowly join the floor. Farrah approaches the two, interrupting their dance, and reminds Sav about their curfew. Sav apologizes to Anya and leaves the dance with Farrah, leaving Anya alone on the dance floor.

The next day, Anya confesses to Holly J. that she had unprotected sex with Sav the night before, and worries that she might be pregnant. Needing to talk to him face to face, she heads to house, but Alli tells him that Sav is with their father, taking Farrah and her family to the airport. Alli tells Anya that she will tell Sav to call her, and Anya gets a text from Sav, which states that he couldn't stop thinking about her.


Anya tells Sav that they potentially might have a problem.

The following day at school, Chantay is recording the two of them, asking about their future in 5 years. The two joke about buying a castle with the money Sav would have made from being a rock star, and Anya comments about maybe having little prince or princesses running around, hinting that she may be pregnant, but Sav rejects the idea, saying the fantasy was supposed to be "fun." Anya asks if having a kid would be the worst thing, and Sav questions about why she is so obsessed with children all of a sudden. Anya comes clean to him about not being on the pill, and Sav realizes she lied to him, with Anya revealing that she only had sex with him to keep him away from Farrah.


Anya in tears after Sav breaks up with her for lying about being on birth control.

Anya takes the morning after pill, and even though Sav is angry with her, he promises to watch her. Anya asks if she can go back to his house to watch a few movies with him, but he rejects the idea due to his parents not knowing about her. Anya asks him how he can sleep with her but still not tell his parents about her, to which Sav responds that he will tell them eventually. She swallows the pill, and they sit in silence. In class, Sav asks how Anya is feeling, and she says gross, but okay. She apologizes to Sav and asks if he wants to have lunch with her to talk. He tells her he doesn't really feel like talking to her, Farrah, or anyone. He breaks up with her, saying he can't trust her anymore, leaving her crying helplessly at her desk. While crying, their video interview plays on the morning announcement, and Anya watches on while tears fall down her face.


Anya tells Sav about how busy she has been since their break up.

In Innocent When You Dream, Leia and Anya enter the classroom together, and Sav tells Anya that their report got a B+. Leia informs Sav that an upside to their break up is Anya has been a great study partner. Sav, ignoring Leia's comment, asks Anya how it is going for her. She replies that she has been busy with Driver's Ed, wardrobe for the musical, and LARPing 24/7. She asks him the same question back, and he struggles to find an answer, but says he has been busy as well. Anya and Leia talk about LARPing in front of him, and he looks down, realizing he isn't in the conversation anymore.

When the Stüdz refuse to make a music video for the contest that Sav proposed, Sav begins to call Anya out of habit, but hang up after her phone rings twice. Later, Sav later confesses to Peter that he is watching Anya at play rehearsal instead of mixing the band's music. He says that she is moving on and is happy, while he is not. Peter tells him not to get back together with her again, and explains she is only happy because she is distracting herself. Wanting to make Sav feel better, Peter relents to making the music video for the band, saying he'll get the others to agree to do it. Later, when the Stüdz wrap up the video before Sav is ready to, he calls up Anya to meet him.


Sav realizes that Anya was playing with his feelings in order to get him back.

Later, Anya and Sav are walking down a sidewalk together, and he thanks her for meeting up with him. She tells him she is lucky she could squeeze him in, and Sav comments it is amazing how fast Anya moved on, as he sometimes wonders if he made a mistake breaking up with her. Anya then reveals that Sav really had her convinced they were broken up for good this time, saying people told her if she acted like she didn't care, then he would come crawling back to her. Sav asks her if the whole thing was a game to get him back, which she says was more a good strategy. Pissed off, Sav yells that he almost forgot why he broke up with her. Anya tells him that Sav needs her, and he rebuts that he doesn't need anyone who can't be honest with him. She asks why he called her there, and he says because he is a moron. The two reaffirm their break up, calling it their final one, and Sav states he'd rather be alone, before walking away from her. Anya watches him as he walks away.

The next day, Sav and Anya lock eyes from across the hallway. Anya quickly looks down and walks down the stairs, while Sav stares after her, before walking away himself. This exchange cements their break up for the season.

Season 10[]


An awkward exchange between former flames.

In What a Girl Wants (1), as Anya is leaving The Dot, Sav enters, and the two awkwardly exchange hellos. Peter comments on how awkward that encounter was, and Sav says that she still hates him. Peter asks if their last break up was for good, and Sav says that it was best for both of them, confirming they were done. Sav comments that Degrassi would be lonely without his friends, bandmates, and a girlfriend now that he and Anya were over.

The next day at school, Holly J. is upset that Sav is running for student council president against her, and calls him "stupid" to Anya. Anya tells her that him breaking up with her was a blessing in disguise. She asks Holly J. how she can help her take Sav down, and Holly J. in return asks, "Still haven't forgiven him for dumping you on prom night?" Anya says he dumped her minutes after they had had sex, and states if she had gotten pregnant, then she would have been huge for her senior year. Her comment gives Holly J. the idea to tell Sav that he got Anya pregnant, as a scheme to get Sav to drop out of the election race. The third day of school, Holly J. approaches Sav at his locker and lies to him, saying that Anya told her that she was pregnant, to freak him out.


Sav confronts Anya about her pregnancy in her art class.

In What a Girl Wants (2), Holly J. calls in a favor from Anya to pretend she is pregnant with Sav's child. Anya finds the idea ridiculous, but goes along with it because Sav broke her heart. Anya says that she is suddenly craving pickles, and Holly J. humorously states that "Babydaddy Bhandari" could pick some up for her. In art class, Sav approaches Anya and asks her if there is really a baby in progress inside of her. She tells him there is, and he asks Anya why she didn't say anything to him. Anya states he wouldn't talk to her, but Sav interjects that he would have made an exception. He questions if she plans on keeping the child, and she says that she thinks she is. Sav asks if he is the father, as he thought she took the morning after pill, and Anya asks who else it would be in an annoyed tone. She tells him that she doesn't expect any help from him, and Sav longingly stares at her, not sure what to say or do. Anya tells him that he should leave, and he slowly walks out of the classroom, turning around to look back at her once. She stares after him, a conflicted look on her face, as it is evident she is still in love him.

Sav changes his mind about running for president now that he has "responsibilities," meaning the baby and Anya, and fights with his mother over the subject, as she had had a family member create campaign posters for Sav. The next day of school, Anya enters her art class and is surprised to see that Sav is back, as he had transferred into her class out of music class. Sav tells her that she comes first right now, and she becomes momentarily confused about what he is talking about, but agrees with him upon remembering her promise to Holly J. Sav asks her if she has told her parents yet, and when she says no, he surprises Anya by telling her that he wants her to be with him when he tells his. He says whatever happens, at least they'd be together, and Anya regretfully comments that that is all she ever wanted. As she is looking emotional, he asks her if she has morning sickness, and Anya tells him instead that she never expected him to be so awesome about the situation. Sav responds that he couldn't let her go through this alone, and an overwhelmed Anya asks if she could have a minute to herself. Once he leaves, she sends Holly J. a text that she cannot go through with her scheme anymore..


Anya smiling widely at Sav when he said that he liked the name "Victor" for their child.

After school, Sav and Anya are walking down the street together. Sav tells her that he wants to make their relationship work, and Anya agrees as well. Sav says this time they would be different, and they agree that they have an insane past together. He tells her that he was dropping out of the race, but Anya convinces him to run, as it would teach him responsibility, for practice when he was a father. Sav asks to see the list of her baby names, and Anya denies that she has one with a smile, which earns a laugh from Sav, as he previously caught her looking up baby names for their children after their first date. Anya tells him that she has always liked the name "Victor" for a boy, and Sav says that he loves it. The two are getting along well, and Anya is frequently smiling at him.


Anya taking Sav's hand.

Anya later stops at Holly J.'s house and tells her that she is going to continue fake being pregnant, as her and Sav are getting back together. Anya tells her that she plans to tell Sav after the elections, and eventually plans to fake a miscarriage. The next day, Holly J. sees Sav putting up campaign posters, and confronts him about not being able to handle the job with a child on the way. While they are talking, Anya appears next to Sav and takes his hand. Sav says that he can do anything with a strong support system, referring to Anya. The two walk away holding hands.

In Breakaway (1), Sav finds out from Drew Torres that now everyone knows about Anya's pregnancy because Holly J. had Declan post on a blog about how they were expecting. Sav approaches Anya in the hallway and reveals that everyone knows she is pregnant now, and Anya asks if that is all. Upon Sav's odd look at her, she pretends that she thinks it is horrible, and says they need to do major damage control. Sav tells her that it is all his fault and apologizes, and he puts his arm around her as they walk away.


Sav goes over the plans with Anya, which involve telling their parents about the baby, getting a place to live, and a wedding.

Anya and Sav go back to his house, and Anya optimistically says that maybe his parents won't find out. Sav points out that it is on a blog on the Internet, where anyone in the world can read it. He says that they should tell Anya's parents first and then his, then they would find a place to live together after, and would finally plan a wedding. Anya, shocked, asks about the wedding, and Sav tells her that she deserves one. He tells that her his parents would be home any minute and asks what they should say, to which Anya finally confesses that the pregnancy was a lie.

She reveals that it was Holly J.'s idea and it was supposed to stop Sav from running for president. He angrily asks her about why she would go along with it, and she says that he dumped her after prom last year, which she spent crying over the entire summer. Sav responds that he was worrying for nothing, and Anya reveals she wanted to come clean to him, but was worried that he would hate her. Sav looks down, and Anya honestly tells him that she really doesn't want him to hate her, not again. Sav tells her that it is kind of sweet, which causes her to smile, and tell him, "Just like you," saying he is a great guy and leader and should be Degrassi's next president. As everyone thinks he is going to be a teen dad, Sav asks how he is supposed to win now, and the two sit in silence, trying to figure out a way for him to win the election.

The next day, Sav's campaign is booming, much to Holly J.'s dismay. She questions Connor about it, who responds that Sav is a hero now because he got Anya pregnant. Holly J. confronts Anya, saying she has to tell everyone the truth, as Sav is going for the sympathy vote. Holly J. threatens to tell everyone the truth if Anya doesn't, but Anya threatens right back to tell everyone it was Holly J.'s idea in the first place and Sav knew nothing about it. Anya says she has to protect her family, and Holly J. angrily tells her she doesn't have a family, to which Anya points out that if anyone finds out about, then Holly J. will be in big trouble.


Anya convinces Sav to use Holly J.'s lie against her in the campaign.

Alli later approaches Sav, saying he will be in so much trouble when their parents find out that he knocked up Anya. Anya enters the room, and says that she has the best news. Sav asks if she told everyone that she isn't pregnant, and she reveals that thanks to "Fake Baby Bhandari," they are up on the polls. Alli, upon realizing there is no baby, calls them weird with a laugh, and then leaves. Anya convinces him to go along with the lie, saying that no one needs to know that there isn't a baby and that it's fair if Holly J.'s lie helps him defeat her.

Before Holly J. and Sav give their speeches, Anya claps loyally for Sav with a smile on her face. During the speeches, Holly J. calls Sav out about not being ready enough to be president. He retaliates, saying just this week he has balanced his schoolwork, his campaign, midwife appointments, baby books, and his campaign didn't even miss a beat, taking encouragement from Anya to lie. His speech goes well, as the audience loves him, and Anya looks on happily from the crowd.


After running to find him, Anya and Sav embrace each other for their victory.

When Sav is announced as the new school president, Anya excitedly exclaims, "Yes, we did it!". She runs out of class to find him. Upon finding him, she tells him that she is so proud of him, and hugs him in congratulations. Mr. Simpson interrupts their moment, and steals Sav away to talk to him. Sav calls down the hallway to Anya that he will see her later. Holly J. tells Anya that her losing is all her fault, and Anya says that people didn't vote for Sav because they thought she was pregnant, but because Holly J. thinks she is better than everyone else.

In Breakaway (2), Sav is carrying a lot of binders full of reading for student council, and he meets Anya in a classroom. She is surprised at how much reading he has for the council, and he tells that he still can't believe that he won, to which Anya said she isn't, as he deserved it, and had help from the fake baby. Dave interrupts them, saying that the grade reps wanted to throw them a baby shower for Anya and Sav.


Anya is surprised that Dave wants to throw her a baby shower, and Sav is amused at Anya's reaction.

Much to Sav's amusement, Anya declines the offer, using the excuse that it is too soon. Sav tells him that it's bad luck, and Dave agrees to hold off for a while, before leaving. As soon as he is gone, Sav says to Anya that the baby, or lack of one, is a problem. Anya reveals that Mr. Simpson wants her to talk to the guidance counselor, and Sav says that they need to tell the truth. Anya says that lying about being pregnant would be "social suicide," and Sav asks her if she has any better ideas. Anya shakes her head no, and the two try to devise a way to get out of their predicament.


Anya and Sav on the school announcements.

Later in the day, Anya and Sav go on the school announcements to address the issue of Anya's pregnancy. Sav thanks everyone for their support throughout his campaign, but says they need to tell everyone something, and turns to Anya to deliver the news. Anya tells everyone that her and Sav are not pregnant, saying that she had a miscarriage. Everyone expresses their grievances to the couple, and Anya tells the school that she is fine, but asks for space for her and Sav so that they could deal with it. She hastily walks off screen, leaving Sav to resume his announcements.


As Anya is under the impression that their relationship will be different this time, the two rekindle their romance.

After school, Dave gives Anya a bouquet of sympathy flowers, and she tells Sav that everyone is being so nice. Sav expresses his worry that the rumor of the miscarriage will get back to his parents, who will kill him, but Anya tells him that they would have heard a vicious rumor started by the candidate he defeated in the election Holly J. Sinclair. Sav thinks it over and remarks that she might be a political genius, which earns a laugh and a smile from her. She says to him that they make a pretty good team, and Sav smiles and kisses her. Anya tells him that she needs to know that their relationship will be different this time, and Sav nods his head, before they resume kissing.


Anya glares at Sav for failing to stand up for her, despite him deliberately promising it would be different this time, before leaving.

The two are shown to have gone back to Sav's house to make out. They are sitting on Sav's couch, and Anya is straddling him. After pulling back to take a break from kissing, Anya tells him that she's not sure if kissing counts as French homework, but she likes it. Sav asks her to remind him why they ever broke up, and Anya recalls that it was his dirty secret, Farrah. Sav remembers it was his parent's arrangement, and states that their arrangement isn't going to work for him. Anya happily asks if he'll tell them about her, and Sav pulls her back down to resume kissing.

However, Mrs. Bhandari arrives home, and Sav quickly stands up, causing Anya to fall back onto the couch. He tries to sneak Anya out the back door, and Anya, looking hurt, claims that Sav said their relationship would be different this time. Sav tries to reason with her, but it was already too late, as his mother walks into the room and asks why Anya is there. Sav greets his mother, and lies to her, saying Anya needed his French notes, they came back to his house to get them, and she was just leaving. Anya, looking betrayed, glares at him, and then honestly tells Mrs. Bhandari that they were making out, but promises it will never happen again, essentially breaking up with Sav. She apologizes to Sav, telling him "No more lies," and leaves his house.

The next day in art class, the two exchange looks, before the bell rings, signifying the end of class. Sav begins to approach Anya, who notices and tries to bolt, but he catches her just in time. She tells him that he doesn't need to apologize, but Sav insists that he does, saying he shouldn't have lied to his mother. Anya tells him, "But you did, again," and says to him that they are bad for each other. She states that that is never going to change unless he learns how to stand up to his parents, and he calls her name, insisting that he is sorry. Anya wishes him luck, calling him "Mr. President," and hints that he should transfer back to music out of their art class. The two lock eyes for a moment until Anya leaves, thus ending their final break up of the series.

In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (2), when Sav's parents are yelling about him for stealing their car to sneak out to a concert, Sav tells them he thought that he deserved to have some fun, as they make his life so hard. His fathers insists Sav's been living a perfect life, but Sav tells them he has to sacrifice so many things, including the love of his life, referring to Anya, music, and friends to live up to their expectations.


Sav tells Holly J. that Anya cannot know about them being a couple.

In You Don't Know My Name (2), Sav is telling Peter about how he kissed Holly J. Peter points out that she was best friends with his ex-girlfriend, Anya. Sav states that Anya doesn't need to know, and that fun, secret times in the student council room await with Holly J. Later, Holly J. and Sav become a couple, and they attempt to hide it from Anya. Anya is with Fiona when she finds Holly J. standing with Sav. Anya greets them, saying, "Hey, weirdos," and they awkwardly smile at her, prompting her to ask them if they are playing statues. Anya tells Holly J. that she needs her history notes back, and there is silence until Sav tells Anya and Fiona that they need to count up money from the dance, asking if they want to help, though they both decline the offer. As Anya and Fiona walk away, Anya glances back at Holly J. and Sav, as they were acting strange. After they are gone, Holly J. tells Sav that Anya might freak if she ever found out about her and Sav, and Sav says that she can't know. They agree to try and keep it a secret from Anya and Fiona.

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In My Body Is A Cage (1), Anya is late to school, so Mr. Perino partners her with Holly J. and Sav. Leia greets her, and Anya comments to her, "Ex-boyfriend, ex-best friend, could this day get any worse?". Sav then asks Holly J. if they should tell Anya together about how they are a couple, and Holly J. tells him not to mention anything, as it would make working with Anya - Sav's ex-girlfriend - a nightmare. Anya approaches the two, and Sav greets her, while Holly J. fills them in on their plans to build a Pompeii and meet at lunch. However, Anya tells them that she has to deliver soup to her mother at lunch, and Holly J. sarcastically says they're off to a great start, to which Sav seems to agree. Anya is later working with Sav and Holly J. on the Pompeii project, and she is not aware of them flirting behind her.

In My Body Is A Cage (2), Holly J. approaches Anya about their project, and asks if she is okay when she notices that Anya is upset. Anya tells her that she didn't do any of it, which shocks Holly J., and Anya apologizes and begins to gather her stuff, saying that she'll come help build it. Holly J. says she can handle it, and walks out of the classroom to call Sav. She tells him that she thinks Anya knows about their relationship, which is why Holly J. thinks Anya is upset, not knowing that her mother has cancer. Holly J. tells him that on a scale of bad things that could happen to Anya, her and Sav getting together is the worst thing that could happen to her.


Anya's reaction upon learning that Holly J. and Sav are together.

Anya later goes to school to work on her, Holly J., and Sav's project, but she discovers that they have already finished it. Anya, thinking about her mother, destroys their project, and begins to cry through the smoke of the volcano. Later, Holly J. and Sav confront Anya about destroying their project, and Holly J. says that she can't believe that Anya would jeopardize their grades over something so trivial, thinking that Anya was upset about Holly J. dating her ex-boyfriend. Offended, Anya walks out when Holly J. says that she is overreacting, and Holly J. storms out after her. Holly J. tells Anya that she knows her and Sav aren't supposed to be together, but she didn't think that Anya would screw up their term. Anya asks her what she is talking about, and Holly J. tells her that she ruined the project because her and Sav are together. Anya looks at her for a moment, but looks down into her locker after, not saying anything. Anya begins to cry, and tells Holly J. that her mother has cancer; she didn't even know that Holly J. and Sav were a couple.

In Halo (1), Jenna asks Holly J., who was dating Sav at the time, about what happened with Sav and Anya when she got pregnant. Holly J. tells her that Sav was 100% supportive of Anya, a saint. Jenna says he must have been devastated after the miscarriage, and Holly J. says it was a tragedy, as he would have been a great father. Holly J. had to lie, as only her, Sav, Anya, and Alli knew that Anya was not really pregnant.

In Halo (2), Sav tells Jenna that he isn't interested in her in a romantic way, and Jenna freaks out, saying that Sav even said that he wanted to be a dad when Anya got pregnant. Sav comments that the whole Anya situation was all a lie, which confuses Jenna even more while she is panicking, as she began to think she was seeing things. Later, Wesley got Anya a limo to take them on their date, and Anya comments, "The last time I was in a limo.. You don't need to know that story," referring to the time her and Sav had sex in a limo in their junior year.

In When Love Takes Over, when Anya is walking by to go talk to Holly J., she glances at Sav giving the announcements, who is dressed up in a cupid costume.


Anya tells Holly J. that there is always an out while in a relationship with Sav.

In Drop the World (1), Holly J. is unhappy with her relationship with Sav and makes a pros and cons list for their relationship. Fiona and Anya walk in on her making the list, and Anya laughs when she realizes it's a list for Sav. Fiona and Anya give Holly J. advice about her relationship, as Anya states, "No reason to leave is never a good reason to stay." Anya later asks how the break up went, and Holly J. tells her that she failed. Anya is surprised, as she said Sav is the easiest guy to break up with, as she did it like six times, there was always an out. Holly J. asked if it was the pending arranged marriage, and Anya says once his parents catch you making out with him in his living room as his girlfriend, then it's over. She states that Sav will never stand up for Holly J., as he never did for her. Holly J. says that she could never do that to him, causing Anya to look down and avoid eye contact with her. Later, at The Dot, Anya and Fiona are discussing Holly J.'s decision to tell Sav's parents about them dating. Fiona and Anya watch Holly J. and Sav break up, and agree that the break up was good for Holly J. When Anya realizes Fiona is in love with Holly J., Anya confesses she knows what it's like to love someone you can't be with, possibly referring to either Sav or Dr. Chris.

Season 11[]

In LoveGame, Sav breaks up a group hug between Anya, Holly J., and Fiona by pulling Holly J. away to read the announcements. Anya gives Fiona a look as they walk away, showing she considered Sav's behavior amusing.

In What's My Age Again?, Anya, Holly J., and Fiona are trying to decide on a theme for Anya's 18th birthday party. Anya suggests a "Paris" theme, saying it's classic, and Fiona and Holly J. laugh at her suggestion. Holly J. asks her if she really wants to re-live what her and Sav went through last year, referring to the events at their junior prom, but Anya brushes it off, saying it is in the past.

Tumblr lqtsh8nGNP1qgy9w9o1 500

Anya and Sav in the doorway of Holly J.'s hospital room.

In Dead and Gone (1), Sav and Anya go to the hospital together to visit Holly J., bearing flowers. Holly J. greets them, and Anya asks her, "How is the hospital's most beautiful patient?". Holly J. then notices that Anya is carrying the prom seating chart, and asks in disbelief if they really came to ask for prom help. Both Anya and Sav completely deny the claim, and Sav asks how the surgery went. Holly J. states that they're making sure her body doesn't reject the kidney, but the doctor said the procedure was flawless, which causes both Sav and Anya to smile.

Normal th s11e28 142

Holly J. and Anya laughing at Sav's comment about how he is charming, after they call him weird.

The two then look at the ground, and Holly J. just asks them what help do they need. Anya apologizes to her, saying she is the only one who seems to know how to do this kind of thing, and both Sav and Anya get in bed with her, sitting on both sides of Holly J. They have a crisis over a seating issue with Zane Park and Heather Poulette, though Holly J. fixes the issue. Sav then asks either of them if there are any closets, or secret rooms at the venue where prom is being held, which earns him an odd look from the two girls. Holly J. reminds him that Principal Simpson barely let them have the prom off-campus, saying that secret rooms equal secret trouble. Holly J. asks him why, and Sav says he is just wondering, revealing his intention to sneak off and make out. Holly J. and Anya look at him, and Holly J. tells him that he is so weird, saying she can't believe that both her and Anya went out with him. Sav earnestly says, "No, no, I'm charming," which causes both Holly J. and Anya to burst out laughing, and Anya reassures him that he is with a laugh.


Sav smiling down at Anya and Holly J.'s hand prints.

In Dead and Gone (2), at prom, Anya and Sav are both sitting at the same table, though this year, Anya is with Owen Milligan as her date. Anya addresses the table, and surprises everyone with Holly J. on an iPad, who is talking through FaceTime. Holly J. tells Anya that everything is perfect, but Sav lies, saying he forgot the king and queen crowns at Degrassi, which causes Anya's smile to go down as he speaks, and he leaves to go get the crown from Degrassi. Later, after Sav leaves the school forever, he glances down and sees Anya and Holly J.'s hand prints in the concrete, which causes him to smile.

Degrassi Minis[]

In The Curse of Degrassi, Mia, Danny, Jane, Derek, Sav, and Anya are all in the gym decorating for Holly J.'s Harvest Dance. Sav and Derek manage to make fun of Holly J.'s ponytail, but Sav becomes whipped when he realizes he made fun of Anya as well. In the gym, Anya notices Sav is gone and goes to look for him. Anya enters the locker room looking for Sav, who jumps out behind her screaming in a ghost mask. Anya doesn't even flinch, and calls Sav immature. She then asks him to make out with her. Sav notes that in a horror movie, they would be the next to bite it, but he makes out with her nonetheless. However, they get freaked out when Holly J. suddenly appears next to them. Anya tells Holly J. to stop being weird, and Holly J. tells her snotty girls like her upset her. Anya laughs and reminds Holly J. that she is the biggest bitch around. Holly J.'s eyes go black again, and Anya is terrified to see Holly J. has made Sav's mouth and nostrils disappear, causing him to suffocate and die. Rick's spirit mocks Anya as the same thing happens to her.

In If Jay Can't Be Happy..., Sav approaches Anya, who is sitting at The Dot. Sav comments that Anya isn't very happy with him right now, and Anya retorts that they are broken up. He says he would like to be less broken up with her, and has gotten her gifts to try and please her. Sav gives her a scarf, so it could hug her when he can't, and Holly J. blows Jay's dust, which wrecks Sav's luck. Anya pulls out a huge pair of granny panties. Sav is confused about where the panties came from, but promises Anya that she'll love the next one. She looks into the bag and sees a vibrator. She calls him a pervert, before hitting him on the head and leaving. Sav comments after she leaves that he had Anya in his grip, but now she is gone. By the end of the mini, Anya calls Sav, and the two make up.

In Searching for Sinder3lla, Sav is amazed that Declan can pick girls up with just a look, as it takes him days of hard labor to get Anya back after they break up. When Declan and Sav are later approaching Holly J. and Chantay, Declan tries to get Sav to ask about "Sinder3lla" to the girls, but Sav protests that he has a girlfriend. Declan tells him that no one will believe that he is trying to upgrade. After Sav asks about the "Sinder3lla" persona, Chantay asks if it is some Internet hottie he has fallen in love with, before asking if it is something Anya should be worried about, which Sav denies. Declan says that it is for him, saving Sav, and Chantay and Holly J. heckle him about it. However, even after Decan admitted it was for him, Chantay still goes to tell Anya. Sav chases after her, yelling at Declan that he still never taught him that look that would help him out with Anya.

In Good Times, an angry-looking Anya storms into band rehearsal, causing Sav to stop playing the song. He greets her as "Pookie Bear," but Anya yells at him that he made a huge mistake, and Sav asks if he could know what he did. Bruce comments to Dave that Anya gets really mad, and Sav flips his hair around while trying to determine how much trouble he is in. Sav tells her that she can't come barging into practice, saying it is embarrassing. She yells that he helped hook Holly J. and Declan up, which ruined her English project, as they can't stop making out. Anya asks Sav if she could work with him on the project, which causes him to smile. Sav asks Anya if they could talk about it after practice. Anya's mouth drops open at the fact she was put off, and she walks out angrily. The band begins playing again, but Sav stops once again to chase after her, saying he should fix this. Spinner comments that maybe they should finish a song for once. Peter comments about Sav that he was going to cough, "Whipped!" into his hand, but there really wasn't a point anymore. Later, Anya sarcastically thanks Sav for telling her that it was a party now since there were so many people, and Spinner asks her why he would since she just yelled at him. Bruce later mentions how Anya has been with Sav and Riley.


While looking at her future, Anya sees one where she is married to Sav with two children.

In Forgetting Sav Bhandari, Anya tries to get over her break up with Sav with the help of Holly J., Chantay, and Leia. She looks in a crystal ball and sees a future with Sav, where they are married and have two kids, though Anya's life mainly revolves around him. Later, Sav shows up at the sleepover and gives Anya a box full of her belongings. Anya tells him that they're getting back together because she saw it in the crystal ball. Sav says that they're over forever and leaves, leaving Anya upset. Anya looks in the ball for a future without Sav, and she is extremely successful. Though, she later looks back at her successful future, and sees that she is still hung up over Sav, despite being rich and dating other men. Anya sadly realizes she will never get over Sav.

In Monster Moon, during the full moon, Sav turns into a monster and kills off Anya.

In Love Is..., Anya calls herself pathetic, saying she always goes after guys she can't have, mentioning Sav and the arranged marriage issues they had in their relationship, and now a man she barely knows, Doctor Chris.

The Anya Song[]


Sav is first shown singing "The Anya Song" to Danny.

"The Anya Song" written by Sav, is a song written for Anya that was frequently sang to her by him while they were together. He most often used the song as an apology, and sang it when she was mad at him to earn her forgiveness.

Lyrics: I love to watch you cheer / It's been that way for half a year / It's like we belong, so I wrote this song, yeah / You're my one, my only / Anya

"The Anya Song" was first featured in the season eight episode, With or Without You. It was also performed by the Stüdz in Heat of the Moment (season eight), and Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (season nine).

Sav's "The Anya Song":


Stüdz's cover of "The Anya Song":



  • First Relationship:
  • Second Relationship:
  • Third Relationship:
  • Fourth Relationship:
    • Start Up: Breakaway (1) (1003)
    • Broke Up: Breakaway (2) (1004)
      • Reason: Sav didn't tell his parents they were dating, and Anya felt that nothing had changed since the last time they had dated.

Rival Relationships[]


  • Sav and Anya lost their virginities to each other in a limo at their junior prom.
  • They were each other's first boyfriend and girlfriend on and off screen. Both went on to date two more people after and have one semi-date with another.
  • At their junior prom, they won the title of prom king and queen.
  • They have broken up more times than any other couple in Degrassi history - a total of four times.
  • Both of their first lines on the show were said to Manny Santos. (Um....sit here for Sav and Smile for the Grapevine? for Anya)
  • In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (2), Sav referred to Anya as "the love of [his] life."
  • For their one-year anniversary in Waiting for a Girl Like You, Sav originally made Anya a homemade Sanya scrapbook.
  • Sav wrote a song for Anya titled, "The Anya Song," and frequently sang it to her throughout the course of their relationship(s).
  • In Season 8, they would frequently hang out and double date with Peter Stone and Mia Jones.
  • They were often partners in class for reports or in class activities.
  • Sav caught Anya creating a list of baby names for them after their first date.
  • When Sav was still under the impression that Anya was pregnant, he and Anya agreed to name the baby "Victor" if it was a boy. Sav also planned to tell his parents about the pregnancy and intended to marry Anya.
  • Sav's nickname for Anya was most likely a variation of "Pookie" and "Pookie Bear," since he called her this in Shoot to Thrill on the phone and in the mini Good Times.
  • Alli was indirectly the cause for two of Sav and Anya's break ups. She told Anya about the family dinner, and when Sav was yelling at Alli on the bus, Anya noticed his double standard.
  • After their break up in season 9 in Why Can't This Be Love (2), Anya spent the whole summer crying over Sav.
  • Sav was never able to fully stand up for Anya to his parents, which is the ultimate reason for their break up as a couple. Ironically, Sav stood up for Holly J. Sinclair, whom he had dated for a significantly shorter time, but she dumped him anyway. If he had stood up for Anya, they presumably could have lasted as a couple.
  • Sav and Anya helped Holly J. plan the dance in Dead and Gone (1).
  • Their first on-screen kiss was in With or Without You.
  • Their relationship was the second one to have one partner not accepted by the other's parents. The first was B.L.T. & Michelle and the third was Adam & Becky.
  • They both graduated in the Class of 2011.
  • They are the second couple to deal with a pregnancy scare, the first was Sean and Emma and the third was Dave and Alli.
  • They are the fourth couple to have their ship name (Sanya) actually mentioned on the show. The first was Paige and Alex (Palex), the second was Peter Stone and Mia Jones (Pia), the third was Dave Turner and Alli Bhandari (Bhandurner), the fifth was Winston and Frankie (Frankston), and the sixth was Winston and Goldi (Goldston).
  • Sav's relationship with Anya was his only sexual relationship. He did not have sex on-screen with any of his later girlfriends.
  • In Forgetting Sav Bhandari, in Anya's vision of the future, she has two children with Sav and was pregnant with their third.
  • They were both members of the LARPing Club, though only briefly in Sav's case, and Film Club.
  • They were both friends with another couple: Danny Van Zandt and Chantay Black.
  • They both made their first appearances in Standing In The Dark (1).
  • They were the longest running couple in Degrassi history with a total of 52 episodes in which their relationship was featured. The second was Jimmy and Hazel with 39 episodes and the third was Spinner and Jane with 34 episodes.


  • Leia: "Anya and Sav had a massive blowout."
    Holly J.: "Then it must be Tuesday." - Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
  • Anya: "See, I knew we were a perfect fit." - Waiting for a Girl Like You
  • Sav: "No parents, no distractions, just me and you in our own special place." - Why Can't This Be Love (1)
  • Anya: "As long as we're together, nothing else matters, right?"
    Sav: "You know it!" - Why Can't This Be Love (1)
  • Anya: "Look, Sav and I love each other. Farrah being here isn't going to change anything." - Why Can't This Be Love (1)
  • Sav: "I'm sorry it has to be so complicated."
    Anya: "It's okay, just more time for me to make myself beautiful for you."
    Sav: "You're always so beautiful."
    Anya: "As long as we're together at the end of the evening, nothing else matters." - Why Can't This Be Love (2)
  • Anya:"So, you can sleep with me, but you still can't tell your parents about me?"- Why Can't This Be Love (2)
  • Anya: "Sav, are you breaking up with me?"
    Sav: "I can't trust you anymore, Anya. I'm sorry." - Why Can't This Be Love (2)
  • Sav: "Man, it's not fair. I'm the dumper, not the dumpee. She's all happy tweets and driving school and LARPing, and I'm the one who can't get over it."
    Peter: "You're not getting back together with her, not again."
    Sav: "And I don't want to. I just don't get why she's happy and I'm not." - Innocent When You Dream
  • Sav: "Have you told your parents yet?"
    Anya: "Not yet."
    Sav: "I'd like you to be there when we tell mine. I mean, whatever happens, at least we'd be together."
    Anya: "That's all I ever wanted."
    Sav: "You okay? It's not morning sickness?"
    Anya: "Oh, no, um.. It's.. I never expected you to be so awesome."
    Sav: "I couldn't let you go through this alone." - What a Girl Wants (2)
  • Sav: "I know that we broke up and made up a 100 times, but I want to make it work."
    Anya: "Sav, I want to make it work, too."
    Sav: "Well, whoohoo! It'll be different this time, a whole new cricket match."
    Anya: "We have a pretty insane past, don't we?"
    Sav: "Um, yeah. We conceived a baby in a limousine."
    Anya: "Premo story material for our grandkids, right?"
    Sav: "Um, you are NOT telling our grandchildren that story!" - What a Girl Wants (2)
  • Sav: "So, give me that list of baby names."
    Anya: "I don't have one."
    Sav: -laughs- "As if! I caught you scribbling them down after our first date." - What a Girl Wants (2)
  • Sav: "I should fix this."
    Peter: "I was gonna cough "WHIPPED" into my hand, but there really is no point anymore." - Good Times
  • Sav: "Can I at least know what I did?"
    Anya: "No."
    Bruce: "See, she gets really mad, and he flops his hair trying to decide how much trouble he is in." - Good Times
  • Sav: "Hey, Pookie Bear. What's wrong?" - Good Times
  • Anya: "Sav's the easiest guy to break up with. I did it like six times. There's always a way out." - Drop the World (1)
  • Anya: "Trust me, Sav will never stand up for you." - Drop the World (1)
  • Sav: "We'll tell your parents first, then mine. If we survive that, we'll find a place to live, plan the wedding."
    Anya: "The wedding?"
    Sav: "Yeah, just thought you might like that. A nice wedding. Share some vows. You deserve it."
    Anya: "Sav.." - Breakaway (1)
  • Anya: "That it's a lie. The whole pregnancy, it's a lie."
    Sav: "Really? How could you?"
    Anya: "It was Holly J.'s idea. It was supposed to stop you from running."
    Sav: "Why would you go along with something like that?!"
    Anya: "Because you dumped me after prom, and I spent all summer crying over it." - Breakaway (1)
  • Anya: "I wanted to come clean, but I was worried that you would hate me.. And I really don't want you to hate me.. Not again."
    Sav: "I guess that's kind of sweet."
    Anya: "Just like you. You're a good guy and a great leader, which is why you deserve to be Degrassi's president." - Breakaway (1)
  • Sav: "I know you're not very happy with me right now."
    Anya: "I'm broken up with you right now."
    Sav: "Right, which is why I wanted to talk to you. I wanted to be less.. broken up.. And I have gifts!"
    Anya: "I'm listening."
    Sav: "I have a scarf, right, so it can give you a hug when I can't."
    Anya: "Aww, Sav! This is great. What else did you get me?" - If Jay Can't Be Happy...
  • Anya: "Granny panties? I don't get it, you don't actually think I'll wear these?"
    Sav: "Anya, I have no idea where that came from."
    Anya: "Okay, whatever. What else did you get me?" - If Jay Can't Be Happy...
  • Sav: "Whoever switched my bag is NOT a nice person! So big.. (describing the vibrator) I had her in my grasp, and now she's gone." - If Jay Can't Be Happy...
  • Sav: "I told my parents that I wouldn't stop seeing you."
    Anya: "You did?"
    Sav: "Yeah. They were upset, but it's my life, and I want you in it."
    Anya: "This isn't going to be easy."
    Sav: "I know, but I love you, and I'm pretty sure my parents will, too."
    Anya: "Well I'm going to make them love me." - Causing a Commotion
  • Anya: "Your family doesn't want me."
    Sav: "We don't know that."
    Anya: "Because you don't have the guts to tell them about me... and I'm pretty sure you never will." - Causing a Commotion