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The friendship between Sav Bhandari and Drew Torres began in What a Girl Wants (1) when they meet at The Dot. Drew pays for Sav's coffee and then says that he will see him at school. The friendship had to end because Alli Bhandari didn't want Sav to be friends with Drew, because of Drew cheating on Alli.

Friendship History[]

Season 10[]

In What a Girl Wants (1), Drew walks in at the new and improved Dot where he meets Peter Stone and Sav, telling them that he just transferred to the school down the street, otherwise known as Degrassi. He also pays for Sav's coffee as a friendly gesture, telling him he will see him at school.

In Breakaway (1), Drew questions Sav about Anya's supposed pregnancy, apologizing when Sav reacts with shock, stating that some dorks were going on about it in the computer lab and he thought everyone knew.


Drew auditions for Sav's live demo in Jesus, Etc. (1)

In Jesus, Etc. (1), Drew is seen auditioning to play the drums on Sav's live demo for university. After Sav originally tells him that Alli would kill them if he lets him audition, Drew tells hims that he's trying to move on and Sav seems to need him. Drew proves to be the best drummer and the next day, Sav calls him to tell him the good news. After they finish practing, Bianca comes in, saying they look cute and ask to take a picture of them showing off their rockstar pouts. She is the first to notice Alli walk up behind them. Drew awkwardly says hi to her but she just says "drumming with the enemy, Sav?" and storms off leaving Drew, Sav, and Bianca to look at each other.


  • Drew dated Sav's sister Alli.
  • Drew's first line was spoken to Sav and his friend Peter Stone. ("And I'll have a large double double, once you two ladies are done with your sewing circle.")
  • Both have ran for Student Council President and won. But also had a romantic moment with their opponent: Sav with Holly J. and Drew with Clare.
  • Sav's sister Alli and Drew's brother Adam Torres were good friends.
  • Both had a relationship with an overachiever.
    • Sav with Holly J.
    • Drew with Katie.
  • Both had the most on and off again relationships with their ex-girlfriends.
    • Sav with Anya.
    • Drew with Bianca.
  • Both kissed girls they weren't in a relationship with.
  • Drew shares a lot of similarities with Sav's friend and former bandmate Spinner Mason.