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The friendship between Sean Cameron and Alex Nuñez developed over the course of the third season of Degrassi: The Next Generation. As Alex was the girlfriend of Jay Hogart, when Sean joined "The Candy Bandits", the two began to frequently hang out. They were fairly good friends, and even double dated when Alex was dating Jay, and Sean was dating Ellie Nash.

Friendship History[]


Season 3[]


In Gangsta, Gangsta, Alex, like Jay, initially has a condescending attitude toward Sean, but when Jay invited Sean to hang out with them after Sean beat him in the fight, she appears to get along with him. When Jay gives Sean the choice of cleaning the ravine with Emma or going on a drive with the gang, she laughs when Jay teases him and Emma. Later, Alex appeared to be somewhat happy when Sean dumped Emma, due to the fact that she didn't like her.

In Don't Dream It's Over, Alex, Jay, and Sean had originally planned to go on a double date with Sean bringing Ellie Nash, but their plans are somewhat ruined when Ellie shows up with her best friend, Marco Del Rossi.

In Our House, Alex was one of Sean's regular guests at the frequent parties he gave at his apartment in celebration of his new independence from his brother. When Amy (Alex's former best friend and Sean's ex) expresses obvious jealousy questions what Sean sees in that "bloodless freak-bag" (Ellie), Alex bluntly reminds her that she is the one who broke up with him, thus implying that Amy shouldn't even be complaining about Sean's new relationship.

Season 4[]

In Ghost in the Machine (1), Ellie and Alex are sitting next to each other outside of Degrassi , while Sean and Jay are standing close by. Sean states how he's glad he's a guy while watching Paige worrying about her looks.

In Anywhere I Lay My Head, Alex, Sean, and Jay are hanging together at Ellie's housewarming party. Sean makes a joke about Ellie's mother to them, and Alex laughs at it.

Season 6[]

In Here Comes Your Man (1), Sean has returned, and him, Alex, and Jay are hanging out at the street races. Alex is sitting on a car that Jay and Sean were cleaning when Peter, Emma, and Manny pull up. Peter waves to them, and Sean tells them that they are going to mod Peter's car, though Jay doesn't understand why. Alex asks him, "What's that phrase? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?", referring to Peter a Sean's "enemy". Sean tells her to shut up, and she playfully punches him, while sticking her tongue out.