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"Shrew him?"
"Why did you do this to me...?"
"What are you talking about?! I didn't do anything!"
"You gave me a social disease!"
Emma and Jay to each other.

Secret (2) is the fifteenth episode of Season 4 of the Canadian television series, Degrassi: The Next Generation. It originally aired on December 7, 2004, on CTV Television and on July 1, 2005, on The N.


After a night in the ravine, Emma finds herself becoming a different person—a person she doesn't want to be when she realizes the consequences of a few minutes in the van are worse than she ever thought.

Extended Overview

After sneaking out, having oral sex with Jay, and fooling her mom and dad, Emma has never more felt alive. She goes to school the next day, and walks pass AlexAmy and Jay. Jay picks up Alex and twirls her around. Alex tells him that she has a doctor's appointment.

When Jay catches Emma staring at them, he pulls Alex close to him and kisses her, trying to make Emma jealous. Nate walks by, trying to talk to Emma. Emma interrupts him and kisses him abruptly. Snake and Manny (who happened to be walking by), along with Jay, were stunned.

Nate comments to Emma that he has had more conversations with the janitor than he has had with her. Emma says she was just practicing for the play, but that she'll wait for the rehearsal next time. She walks away, feeling sassy, and has Manny completely surprised. 


Later at dress rehearsal, Alex arrives late. She has found out she has gonorrhea and learned that Jay has had oral sex and intercourse with many different girls, including her best friend, Amy. Alex storms onstage and punches Amy in the face, demanding to know how many times she and Jay had hooked-up.

Manny, who was talking to Emma about her little smooch in the hallway, notices that Emma acts suspiciously when Alex talks about Jay. When Alex asks Amy about the sex bracelets, Emma slips her own bracelets off before Alex sees. Manny notices this and reads between the lines. 

As everyone leaves rehearsal, Manny tries to talk some sense into Emma about what she's doing with Jay, stating that it is wrong and that he is "using her to serial-cheat on his girlfriend," along with calling him a bottom-feeder. Emma tells her they're not having real sex, then pointedly states that she's not getting pregnant. Manny is hurt by comment (referring to Manny's pregnancy at 14) and asks Emma why she's trying to hurt her. Emma wants Manny to leave her alone. Manny tries to tell Emma that she is better than this situation, but Emma thinks Manny doesn't know who she really is. 

Later, Emma finds Jay sitting in his car. She starts to flirt with him and tells him that she wants to have more oral sex with him and that she wants another bracelet. Jay stops her and tells her that Alex is sick with some social infection (or something). 

The next day, Emma has a very sore throat and a scratchy voice. As she and Jay are talking, J.T. comes over and gives her raw egg and lemon to drink to soothe her throat. Emma takes a sip and says it tastes so rude. Jay scoffs at how formal Emma is acting. 

In Emma's health class, they are learning about sexual health. The teacher reveals she is there to tell everyone that there may be a gonorrhea outbreak at Degrassi. She explains the symptoms of gonorrhea, such as genital warts, fever and/or sore throat, as well as the possible repercussions of leaving gonorrhea untreated. J.T. jokes that Emma may have gonorrhea. Emma tells him to shut up, but begins thinking about what Jay had said about Alex. 

That night, during their play's performance, Nate avoids the kiss. Once their scene is over, Emma tells him that screwed up the scene. Nate says he's not interested in kissing a someone with an STI and wonders what he could have caught from their kiss in the hallway. Jay tries to comfort Emma who pulls away from him. Emma asks Jay why he gave her a social disease. 

That night at home, Snake and Spike tell her that the old Emma is back and that she did great in the play. Emma begins to cry and says she might be sick. Snake soon catches Emma's meaning and tells Spike there is a bad infection going around Degrassi. Emma pleads them to take her to the clinic to get help.

Sub Plot

Jimmy has been in hospital or awhile and is beginning to get tired of being stuck in his room. His father visits with bad news, that the accessibility renovations in their home haven't been completed, so Jimmy must stay in hospital for a little while longer.

Later, Jimmy hatches a plan to sneak out of the hospital with the help of Craig and Marco, to see his all-time favourite band, Kid Elrick. Despite first feeling out of place at the venue due to lack of accessible seating, Jimmy is soon able to find his way to the front row and enjoy the gig.

  • This episode marks the final appearance of Amy Peters-Hoffman.
  • There is a gonorrhea outbreak in the school.
  • Alex, Amy, and Emma all contracted gonorrhea from Jay.
  • J.T. and Liberty's Castle Dracula play premieres in this episode.
  • This episode marks the end of Jay and Alex's relationship.
  • This is the first episode in which Jimmy uses a wheelchair.

  • Jimmy: "I need to see something other than you two and these ugly-ass walls."
  • Manny: "You're better than this, you're better than what you're doing."
  • Emma: "What do you know about who I am or what I'm worth or anything?"
  • Marco: "I thought it'd be cool to look like ninjas."'
  • Manny: "You're letting a disgusting bottom-feeder use you to serial-cheat on his girlfriend!"
  • J.T.: ""Lexie" is late for her scene."
    Alex: "YOU WANT A SCENE, J.T.? Hey best friend Amy, let's give J.T. a scene! (punches Amy in the face). Tell them about the Ravine, Amy! How you went down on my boyfriend, Amy! And the bracelets you got for it!?!"
    Amy: "I didn't sleep with him."
    Alex: "By whose definition?"
  • Craig: "Man, we were so close, the Kid was basically sweating on us!"
    Marco: "I am never gonna shower."
    Craig: "What?!"
    (Jimmy and Craig both laugh at Marco)

  • "Are You Ready Now" by Morning Maker
  • "Good Thing" by Michael Dunstan
  • "I'm The Kid" by Pino Dilorenzo
  • "Stuck" by Quad

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