Shanice Antonette Banton (born December 8, 1992) is best known for her role as Marisol Lewis on Degrassi. Prior to Degrassi, Shanice appeared in the Lifetime Network MOW Reviving Ophelia and as lead roles in the theatre productions of Rent, The Music Man, Snow Angel, Ordinary People, The Suite Life, and Amen and Antigone. In addition to being vocally trained in R&B, soul and pop, Shanice enjoys swimming, running and cycling. Shanice is also a dancer. She, and former co-star Jahmil French, appeared in the Lifetime film, A Day Late, A Dollar Short, based on a novel by Terry McMillan. She's also guest starring with cast members Luke Bilyk and Craig Arnold in the televison series Lost Girl. She was cast for the miniseries "Book of Negroes" with Tenika Davis. In 2016, she was featured in a Jesse Owens biopic alongside Stephen James.


  • Shanice is a Sagittarius.
  • Shanice shares the same birthday as Jessica Tyler, but is one year older.
  • Shanice ships Eclare.
  • Her favorite Degrassi character is Eli Goldsworthy.
  • She likes Beyonce, Drake and Justin Bieber.
  • Her parents are from Jamaica.
  • She is the second youngest of six children.
  • The cast member she is closest with is Chloe Rose.
  • Her Tumblr
  • Despite being of Jamaican heritage, December 2012 marks her first time vacationing on the island.


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