Shannon Kook-Chun is a South African and Chinese actor known for having played the character of Zane Park on Degrassi. His father is Chinese and his mother is South African. Argiris Karras encouraged him to try out for the role of Zane Park. They are friends in real life. Shannon has been a guest star in the CBC shows, Being Erica and The Border. He also played the role of Deven Phillips in the show, Baxter with former Degrassi star Evan Williams, who plays Baxter McNab. He also stars as Drew in the popular horror film The Conjuring. He is in the Youtube webseries Carmilla. He plays opposite another former Degrassi actor, John Bregar, in Verona: The Movie, where they both portray gay men. Shannon has stated that he is not gay in real life.


  • "Karma, we're either creating it or resolving it."
  • "Remember what you love, and go there first. "I love and am grateful for..." a few rounds a day."
  • "Fear drags you down. Love lifts you up."
  • " Remember life is short; forgive quickly, love truly, & never regret anything that made you smile."
  • "You are whole, perfect and complete as you are...searching for yourself in others or in things is an illusion. Look within and you'll see that the true gem you've been looking for outside of yourself was inside, your self, the entire time."


  • Shannon was an extra in King of Pain. Source
  • He was only a regular for two seasons, but half of each one: the second half of season 10 and the first half of season 11.
  • He is not gay in real life.
  • Shannon is an Aquarius.
  • He is friends with Luke Bilyk, Nina Dobrev, Paula Brancati, and Olivia Scriven.
  • His middle name is Xiao Long, which means little/young dragon.
  • He starred in the movie, The Conjuring, and a few actors and actresses from Degrassi went to the premiere with him.


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