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The friendship between Shay Powers and Lola Pacini started sometime before the fourteenth season of Degrassi.

Friendship History[]


Season 14[]

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Shay and Lola are sitting on the bleachers and waiting to try out for power cheer.


In If You Could Only See, Shay and Lola are listening to Frankie for what happened between her mom and her brothers, and she asks them if they are allowed to have boys up into there bedrooms. Shay responds no, and Frankie says she is afraid of losing Winston and that he will breakup with her. Lola says to send Winston nude photo and he will be happy.

Degrassi: Next Class[]

Season 1[]


In #BootyCall, Lola teases Shay about her new crush on Tiny Bell, and Frankie tells Shay she has no chance of being happy, which Lola calls her out for not being over her break up with Winston. Lola tells Shay that she doesn't have a chance because Shay doesn't have a large butt, which Tiny has an interest in. Frankie later catches Shay taking photos of herself in the bathroom, and Frankie enlarges Shay's butt on a phone app. Shay sends the photo to Lola, who posts it. Shay, Frankie, and Lola are all at Miles's pool party. Lola refuses to delete the photo because it is "bad for her brand". Tiny asks Shay to be his lab partner, and Lola accepts for her. Shay is nervous now because she thinks Tiny only asked her because he saw the photo of her enlarged butt, and now he will know she doesn't have a large butt. The next day, Shay stuffs her pants to make her butt look bigger, and Lola and Frankie try to fix it for her. Shay is caught wearing the butt pads in class when Winston spills chemicals on her, and Shay has to take off her pants. After class, Shay blames Lola, and Frankie points out that Tiny is waiting for her in the background. Lola and Frankie watch as Tiny hands Shay back her stuff. Shay is happy when she realizes Tiny likes her for her brains, not her butt.


In #NoFilter, Lola and Shay do not like Frankie's new hair, and Lola asks what's wrong with her since changing your hair is a cry for help. Shay points out that Frankie has been acting differently since Winston broke up with her. Frankie says she's fine, and rejects Lola's invitation to go out that night. Frankie starts receiving messages from a boy online, who turns out to be Lola and Shay catfishing her. Frankie is upset when she realizes what they have done, but Lola and Shay reveal they did it because Frankie wouldn't talk to them and they wanted to know was wrong with her. Lola tells her they were worried that Frankie might try to hurt herself, and Shay adds they they also worried Frankie might want to end their friendship. Frankie admits to Jonah that she thinks her friends like the old her better than who she feels she is now. Later, Frankie apologizes to Lola and Shay, and they apologize to her for catfishing her. Lola and Shay tell her they didn't know how to talk to her, and Frankie reveals she wanted to look different because she feels different. Shay and Lola just admit they want her to be happy, no matter how she is. They all hug and make up.


In #NotOkay, Lola and Frankie watch as Tiny asks Shay out. Lola and Frankie are excited for her, and Shay is unsure if he really asked her out. They realize it is a date after seeing that Shay and Tiny have a goodnight message, and Frankie reveals that Shay isn't allowed to date until after high school. In Mandarin class, Shay tells Lola and Frankie that she can't introduce Tiny to her parent. Frankie asks if it was because he was a drug dealer, or because he got stabbed, and Lola defends Tiny against both accusations. Lola claims any girl would die to go out with Tiny, and he chose Shay. Shay rejects Tiny because she can't brings him home, and Lola later reveals to Shay that she has been in love with Tiny. She asks Shay if she can go out with Tiny, asking for Shay's blessing. Shay cries since she still has feeling for Tiny.


In #ButThatsNoneOfMyBusiness, Lola asks Shay and Frankie what's wrong with her vibrator, and Frankie reveals that it is a vibrator. Lola is worried that Tiny may think she's a sex freak, saying she can't talk to him about masturbation since they just started talking. Frankie advises her to tell Lola that she doesn't masturbate, and Lola worries that he might want her to be a sex freak since he's older. Later, Shay, Frankie, and Lola are all in Mandarin class together, and Shay and Frankie laugh when Lola is caught reading a masturbation pamphlet.

In #NotAllMen, Lola invites Frankie and Shay to hang out with her and Tiny because she wants to go out as a group. They all go out to get ice cream at The Dot.


In #TeamFollowBack, Shay and Lola notice that Frankie was talking to Winston, and they claim that "Frankston: the sequel" was only a matter of time. Lola claims Frankie and Winston would be better couple friends than Zig and Maya. At Frankie's house, Lola and Frankie make a pro and con list for whether Frankie and Winston should get back together. Lola points out that Frankie was happier when she was with Winston. However, Winston walks in when they were in the middle of making the list, and when he leaves, Lola and Frankie are unsure if he saw the list or not. At the school assembly, Frankie talks about the list Winston made for her to Shay and Lola. Frankie explains that last time she kissed Winston he tasted like peanut butter, but now when she thinks of peanut butter, she is reminded me how badly things ended, and if she even like peanut butter anymore. Lola, Frankie, and Shay are all shocked when the SWAT team enters Maya's house, which they could see from the camera still recording at her house.


In #SinceWeBeinHonest, Shay and Lola are practicing Mandarin, while Frankie tries to find Jonah online. Lola tries to see what she is looking at, but Frankie closes her laptop. Frankie ask if dreams mean anything, and Lola says they mean everything. Frankie tells them she was kissing in the dream, and Lola says this dream is already better than Frankie's goat dreams. Shay asks who she was dream kissing, and Lola and Shay assume that it was about Winston, as they want Frankie and Winston to get back together. Later, Shay and Lola realize that Frankie had a sexy dream about Jonah because Frankie accidentally posted his name on her FaceRange. Shay and Lola are skeptical about Jonah, and Frankie accidentally admits that she kissed him. Shay asks if her and Jonah are dating, but Frankie says it has only been a few days. Lola is shocked that it has been days, and Shay say that Frankie can't become one of "Jonah's girls". Later, Lola and Shay were in on Winston's plan to ask Frankie to the dance.

In #SorryNotSorry, Frankie, Lola, and Shay are walking down the hallway together, and Frankie admits she hasn't picked out a dress yet for the dance. Lola tells Frankie that she has to look perfect if Frankie wants to get back together with Winston, but Frankie is still doubtful that her and Winston are right for each other. Shay and Lola both insist that Winston is right for Frankie.


At the dance, Frankie, Lola, and Shay get their pictures taken together with winter animal cutouts, and Frankie admits she called it off with Winston and likes Jonah. Shay and Lola don't want her to date Jonah because they are afraid that he'll break Frankie's heart. Frankie calls them as not being relationship experts, and reveals that Shay still likes Tiny. Lola claims that Shay said she was over him, and Shay said she liked him all year, which he returned her feelings, until Lola became interested. The three unhappily take their picture.


During the lockdown, the three girls are in the same lockdown room. Lola hears a noise, and asks if it was a gun shot, to which Shay says it's probably a false alarm. Lola comments, "Like I'll ever believe you again", referring to Shay lying about Tiny. Frankie is crying, admitting she saw Jonah with another girl and that she should have listened to Lola and Shay. They discuss how Lola and Shay feel like they haven't been able to make Frankie happy as friends the entire year, Frankie apologizes, and the girls hug.

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]


  • Both were on the Power Cheer Squad.
  • Both should graduate in 2017.
  • Both picked on Arlene Takahashi.
  • Both are best friends with Frankie Hollingsworth.
  • They both have sent nude pictures of themselves.
  • Both girls were questioned about Degrassi Nudes.
  • They both are protective over Frankie.
  • They both dated Tiny Bell.
  • Shay and Lola both wanted Frankie to get back together with Winston.
  • They both lost their virginity in their junior year.