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"No boy is worthy of my room."
— Shay in If You Could Only See.

Shaylynn "Shay" Powers is a Senior (Grade 12) an a future graduate of Class of 2018 Degrassi Community School. Shay loves playing sports and is determined to be the best athlete. She aims high in school and her standards also extend to boys. Her best friends are Lola Pacini, and Frankie Hollingsworth. She is also friends with Zoë Rivas, Jack Jones, and Goldi Nahir. She is also best friends with her boyfriend Tiny Bell. She used to have a crush on Mike Dallas, but Shay may have a rude awakening when she realizes she can't always get what she wants. She has a conflict with Esme Song. She is labelled as "The Girl with a Plan". She was portrayed by Reiya Downs.

Character History[]


Season 14[]


Shay as she tries out for Power Cheer

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Shay is shown auditioning for the Power Cheer team. When Zoë shows off her skills, Shay is impressed. She makes the team and performs at the Renewal Ceremony. Later, she and the team follow Zoë's lead through the halls. In Wise Up, Shay and the other cheerleaders follow Zoë through the halls everywhere. In the foyer, Zoë compliments her on one of her stunts. When Zig approaches the girls and apologizes to Zoë, Shay is surprised that she turns him down.


Shay, Frankie, and Lola

In If You Could Only See, Frankie asks Shay and Lola whether boys are allowed in their room and she comments that no boy is worthy of her room. When Frankie believes Winston will dump her, she tells her to calm down. At another practice when Zoë tells the girls of Degrassi Nudes, Shay expresses her concern of them getting caught, but eventually agrees to take part in the service.


Shay, Lola, and Zoë walking in the halls

In Can't Stop This Thing We Started, Shay, Lola, and Zoë run through the halls laughing about Zig's arm-wrestling loss to Grace.

In There's Your Trouble, Shay agrees with the other Power Cheer members that they don't stand a chance in a competition. Later, Shay feels betrayed by Frankie when she learns that she has never been sending nude Oomfchats.

In (You Drive Me) Crazy, Shay and Lola, are making fun of Arlene. Later, Shay throws something at Arlene and calls for Frankie to come sit with her and Lola, but is surprised when Frankie sits with Arlene instead.


Shay giving her crush, Dallas relationship advice.

In I'll Be Missing You, Shay acknowledges that it is Zoë's birthday and then goes off to class. Later, she is seen in the weight room watching Dallas and offers him advice on his romantic date with Alli. In the Power Cheer locker room, Shay and the other cheerleaders surprise Zoë with a gift for her birthday. The next day, Shay overhears how Dallas was turned down and goes over to talk to him, but is snapped at. She prepares to leave, but then she confronts Dallas and after he apologizes for yelling at her, Shay tells him what she likes about him, which includes his humor, smile, and athletic ability and confirms that she has a crush on him, attempting to kiss him. However, Alli sees this and Shay is caught by surprise. Later, during Power Cheer practice, Shay gets a threatening text like the rest of the team to kick Zoë off the team or their nude Oomfchat scheme will be exposed to the school.

Normal 1408-08-lde

Shay and the team.

In Hush, Shay, Zoë, Lola, and Jack discuss their issue regarding the messages and threats. Shay then heads with the girls to figure out who is sending the messages and use Grace to do so. After being pinpointed to the Hollingsworth household, the girls believe Hunter to be the mastermind. After accusing him and taking pictures of his laptop as proof, Shay and the girls head to their semi-final performance where they perform with confidence.

Hero vs. Villain , Mr. Simpson questions Shay and the cheer team whether they know anything about Degrassi Nudes. After Zoë gets another blocked message, she informs Shay and the team. They all then conclude it must be Frankie since Hunter had no idea


about it. Shay is then seen with the other girls on the team when Zoë confronts Frankie by taking a shirtless picture of her. At the assembly, Shay is seen in the audience when Zoë is speaking and when everyone receives a blocked message pinpointing the cheerleaders as the culprits behind Degrassi Nudes.

In Firestarter (1), Shay is seen with the rest of the cheerleaders.

In Firestarter (2), Shay and the cheer team are mad at Zoë for framing Frankie. The girls then wait for their turn to performance at Regionals. Afterwards, the girls and Shay then perform.


In Wishlist, Shay, Lola, and Frankie plan Frankie's 15th birthday party. Realizing the extravagant party will need to be financed, Shay and Lola convince Frankie to use her father. Shay is then seen at Frankie and Hunter's 15th birthday party.

In The Kids Aren't Alright (1), Shay is seen with Frankie and Lola as Frankie talks about Winston. She is then seen watching everything play out with Frankie.

In The Kids Aren't Alright (2), Shay is scene on seen on stage taking a bow with the cast of Captain Who.

In Don't Look Back, Shay is seen attending the summer school science class. When Zoë gets a better grade than her and Shay is upset. Shay is seen walking in the woods with Hunter and Grace when Tristan ask them is they seen Zoë. Shay is seen with the science lab watches as Hunter, Tristan, Zoë, and Grace receive medals for finding Gloria.

Degrassi: Next Class[]

Season 1[]


Shay realizing Tiny likes her for her brain

In #BootyCall, Shay is getting ready for school. Shay is in grade 11 science class and she is stationed next to Tiny. When class ends, Shay, in a surprised voice, tells Tiny that he's smart. Tiny makes playful banter with Shay before she leaves. She then meets up with Lola and Frankie outside of the classroom and they notice that Shay has a crush on Tiny. Lola tells Shay that she has doesn't have a shot because Tiny likes girls with big butts and comments that Shay has the butt of a 4-year-old boy. Later, Shay is in the school bathroom taking pictures of her butt when Frankie walks in and asks if she let Lola get to her. Shay tells Frankie that she wouldn't understand. Frankie then helps Shay by editing her picture to make her butt bigger and sends it to Lola, who uploads the photo without Shay's permission. Shay is hanging with Lola and Frankie at Miles' pool party and avoiding Tiny because she thinks he had seen the post of the edited butt picture and wouldn't like her if he saw her real butt size. When Tiny walks up to Shay, she jumps in the pool in an attempt to hide her butt from Tiny. Tiny asks Shay if she would be his lab partner and she agrees. As Shay is heading to science class, Lola and Frankie notice that she stuffed her pants with cotton padding and hurriedly try to make it look less fake. In class, Shay attempts to hide her butt from Tiny. When Winston accidentally spills a corrosive chemical on Shay's pants, she has to take her pants off, exposing the padding. Shay tells Tiny to turn around and not look. After class, Tiny asks Shay if her butt is okay and she tells him he doesn't have to make fun of her because of the picture. Tiny tells her that he didn't see it as he doesn't follow Lola, then proceeds to ask her out. Shay realizes Tiny likes her for her intellect.

In #NoFilter, Shay and Lola are walking in the hallway and Frankie walks up to them, asking what they thought of her hair. Shay and Lola ask her if she is alright and if she wants to hang out later but Frankie declines. Later, Shay and Lola are revealed to have catfished Frankie because they wanted to know what was going on with her and were worried about her. Shay and Lola are in the lounge when Frankie walks up to them and they apologize to her. Shay and Lola tell Frankie they accept her and the three make up.


In #NotOkay, Shay and Tiny are leaving class when Tiny compliments Shay on getting a 93 on a test and says they need start hanging out. Shay mistakes this as Tiny asking her to tutor him, which he says he doesn't need a tutor but asks her to go to the movies with his friends. Shay tells him she'll get back to him on that and proceeds to walk over to Frankie and Lola who both overheard Tiny asking her out. Frankie and Lola tell Shay not to freak out, then Lola asks to see Shay's phone and sees several texts between her and Tiny about marine biology. Shay realizes that Tiny did ask her out on a date and Lola asks why she isn't more happy, Frankie then informs her that Shay's parents don't allow her to date until after high


school. While Shay is at home studying, her mother asks her when the last time she slept was. Shay tells her not to worry and uses this opportunity to ask her parents about going on a date with Tiny. Shay's parents aren't sure about her going out with him, but Shay argues that Tiny is a good influence. Her parents ask that they meet Tiny if she wants to go on the date. In Chinese language class Shay, Frankie, and Lola discuss Tiny's past. Shay and Tiny are in biology class and out of fear of her parents meeting Tiny, Shay tells him she can't go out with him. Shay and Lola are on the phone when Lola tells her that Tiny asked her out to the movies and asks Shay if it's okay if she goes with him. Shay tells her to go for it despite not being okay with it, and hangs up the phone in tears.

In #ButThatsNoneOfMyBusiness, Shay and Frankie walk up to Lola asking if there was a pop quiz and Lola asks them what's wrong with her key chain which Frankie tells her it's a vibrator. Shay, Frankie, and Lola walk in lounge helping Lola hide from Tiny. Shay leaves Frankie and Lola to go to bathroom before class starts. Shay and Frankie laugh when Lola got caught reading a masturbation pamphlet and forced to read it in class.


In #NotAllMen, As Shay and Frankie walk in class Shay is shown to be annoyed at Tiny and Lola's constantly making out. Frankie asks her self if she's spoiled so Shay calls Frankie back to focus on her, Lola walks up to them asking if they can join her and Tiny for a group hangout. When Frankie declines to go Shay asks Frankie to come with her so she wouldn't be left alone with the guy she likes and Lola. Shay is shown to uncomfortable with at the group hangout so Frankie suggests that they leave but Shay says no because she doesn't want Lola to know she has a issue with her and Tiny's relationship. Frankie tells Shay she not aloud to be upset since she chose not go out with Tiny and Shay tells Frankie that she chose to upset over Winston for a month, while she and Lola were there for her.

In #TeamFollowBack, Shay and Lola walk up to Frankie joking about her and Winston getting back together. Shay and Lola are confused as to why she isn't getting back together. At the feminist rally, Shay along with Lola and Frankie are shocked at the sight of seeing Maya and Zig get swatted.

In #SinceWeBeinHonest, Shay and Lola are in the lounge with Frankie studying Chinese. Shay and Lola ask about Frankie's dream and Shay asks if she was dream kissing Winston and Shay and Lola tell her that she and Winston were cute together. Shay and Lola run to Frankie asking if Jonah if her dream was Jonah and are concern about Frankie's feelings for Jonah. Shay and Lola are with Frankie when Winston comes with a goat to ask her to snowball.

In #SorryNotSorry, In the hallway, Shay and Lola are telling Frankie how prefect her and Winston are and that they should use their date to the


snowball as a way to get back together before Shay and Lola leave. At school in the photo both, Frankie tells Shay and Lola that Winston isn't coming because she refused him and thinks Jonah is the guy for her. Shay and Lola tell Frankie that Jonah isn't the right guy for her and Frankie spills that Shay still likes Tiny. Lola and Shay get into an argument but are interrupted by Vijay. Shay, Lola, Frankie and Vijay are hiding in a room together. Frankie tells them she found Jonah with another girl. Lola apologies to Shay for dating Tiny when she knew it was to soon. Shay and Lola apologies for pressurizing her to go to the dance or get back with Winston. Lola and Shay tell Frankie that she made them feel like they didn't make her happy and weren't enough for her and Frankie apologizes to them and says they are and they all hug. Later, Baaz asks Shay for a dance and Shay accepts.

Season 2[]

In #SquadGoals, Shay begins off practicing volleyball with Frankie, Lola, and Goldi. When they're done, they all head off into the locker room where they talk about how good they've gotten and how their rival school, Northern Tech, is going to lose at their game next week. Frankie says that the people at Northern Tech look scary, and Lola explains that they all are probably criminals. Lola then tells Shay that she didn't mean to be offensive, and Shay wonders why she would be offended. The girls soon realize that their clothes are missing when they have to go outside because of a drill. Shay seems mad when Northern Tech is outside with their clothes. Later, Frankie and Lola are talking about pranking Northern Tech back, and Shay doesn't think it's a good idea. Shay thinks that they should get them back by winning the next volleyball game instead of pulling a prank. Frankie says they should keep their guards up and not look like a bunch of pushovers because they could get pranked again. Shay still doesn't think it's a good idea. She says it sounds stupid and like a waste of time.

Shay walks up to the rest of the team when they are talking about the prank that they did. Shay asks if the team pranked Northern Tech, and Goldi shows her the photo of the painting they did. Shay asks if they broke in, and Frankie explains that the doors were open due to adult education classes. Lola tells Shay that it was a lot of fun and Shay gets mad and explains that she couldn't believe that they did that. Frankie thinks that Shay is overreacting and tries to calm her down but Shay asks why they would do something so unbelievably stupid. Shay tells Frankie that she is selfish and Frankie explains that Shay didn't even care that her friends were pranked. Shay explains that friends don't stab each other in the backs. Coach Armstrong makes Shay and Frankie go to the locker rooms to work out their issues. In the locker rooms, Frankie is playing around with a volleyball and accidentally hits Shay. Shay gets mad again and Frankie asks why she is making a big deal about the prank. Shay tells Frankie that she doesn't get it so Frankie tells her to say. Shay tells her that things aren't the same for her as they are for Frankie. Frankie asks why and Shay says it's because Frankie is rich. Shay explains that private coaches cost a lot so the training they get on the court matters to her. Shay explains that she can't afford to make any mistakes and Frankie asks if she can. Shay tells her that she can because her father's the mayor and that she will not have to worry because she can get into any school she wants. Shay explains that she has one route and she can't mess it up. Frankie asks why she never told her and Shay says that it's not easy to admit that she's jealous of her best friend. Frankie says she's a huge jerk and Shay apologizes that she's not and that she's sorry didn't help with the prank. Frankie says she gets it and she's sorry. They both hug. Frankie says she hates arguing with her and Shay agrees.

At the volleyball game, Shay runs out to the court with the rest of the team. Shay looks confused when Kara calls Degrassi racist.

In #TurntUp, Frankie tells Shay that Northern tech pranked them first. Shay agrees and says she can't believe that other volleyball teams are not playing with them until they apologize. Frankie explains that they drew the banner because the school is called the zoo, not because of race. Shay says there's no way that they're letting this ruin their season. Shay begins off writing the apology letter to give to Kara. Frankie says she can't go with Shay because she has to visit her brother, Hunter. Shay asks if she's okay and Frankie says she doesn't want to talk about it. Shay says she can move the meeting but Frankie doesn't think it's a good idea for her to go. Shay asks if Frankie drew the poster. Frankie explains that she did and the whole thing was really her idea. Frankie asks if Shay knows she's not racist and Shay says yes. Shay says she can handle the meeting. Later, Shay has Kara over and has her take a seat on the couch. Shay thanks Kara for coming and hopes that they could figure everything out. Kara asks where Frankie is and Shay explains that Frankie couldn't make it. Kara asks if Shay drew her as a monkey. Shay says that she didn't and that she didn't even know about, so Kara wonders why she is even there. Kara says she wants the people who really did it to own up to it and apologize. Shay explains that the banner was only a joke. Kara explains that it's no excuse. Shay tells her that it wasn't meant to be racist. Kara explains that it was still racist anyway and that Shay should be just as offended because her team drew the banner. Shay explains that they didn't mean any harm, and Kara explains that it hurt still because they live in a world where people do that stuff intentionally. Kara is about to leave when Shay asks about their season because people are not playing them. Kara explains that is good and that it will never end before the person responsible quits the team. Shay thinks that is a bit extreme. Kara explains that they should be held accountable for their actions and explains that Shay should spend her time wondering why she's okay with being on a team of racists.

Shay studies the banner later to see if it really is racist. Shay's father asks her what she's doing. Shay shows him the banner and asks if it's racist. Shay's father asks if the people in the banner are meant to be black, and Shay nods. Shay's father says that it is racist and asks what it's for. Shay tells him that the volleyball team was trying to prank Northern Tech and didn't mean to be offensive. Shay explains that the person who drew the monkey isn't racist but everyone is making it sound like she is. Shay thinks it was only a joke but now she isn't really sure. Shay's father explains that all of this isn't that simple but comparing black people to monkeys has a messed up history that was used to justify slavery. Shay says that that's really bad. Shay asks why Frankie doesn't think that it's a big deal and her father explains that it's just ignorance and that people who have not dealt with racism wouldn't understand. Shay asks if she should be mad at her. Shay's father explains that she shouldn't feel the responsibility to deal with this herself but if it bothers her, then her father would be proud of her for standing up for herself. Shay's father asks if she has any more questions, and Shay says that she doesn't yet, but she's sure she will soon. The next day, Shay walks up to Frankie and Lola during volleyball practice and asks if she could speak to Frankie. Frankie asks if everything went well or if Kara was mean about it. Shay tells her that they want Frankie to quit. Frankie asks if Shay told them it was her and Shay says she didn't. Frankie explains that the drawing wasn't racist but Shay tells her that it really was even if she didn't mean it that way and that if they keep her on the team then it makes it seem like they're okay with it. Frankie asks if she really thinks that of her and Shay says that she thinks that Frankie made a really big mistake and she shouldn't be fixing it for her. Frankie asks what she should do and Shay tells her that she has to quit.


In #CheckYourPrivilege, Frankie walks up to Shay during volleyball practice and asks if Shay needs help. Shay asks why she didn't quit and Frankie tells her that she doesn't just run away from her issues. Shay explains that no one will play them unless Frankie quits. Frankie explains that they have a game tomorrow, but Shay says it won't happen because Kara told every school about the racist stunt. Frankie explains that if she quits then she's basically admitting that Degrassi is racist. Shay explains that she still hurt many people's feelings. Frankie explains that this isn't her fault and Shay says she doesn't want her to quit but that there is no other option. Frankie tells Shay that she is planning on fixing things by throwing a diversity mixer and asks if Shay wants this to all blow over. Shay says that she does since it's been her dream forever. Shay unwillingly agrees, but explains that they will probably need to do more than just have a chill discussion. Frankie thanks Shay and they hug. Shay later shows up to Frankie's diversity mixer. Frankie asks Shay if race doesn't matter and Shay nervously doesn't respond. At lunch, Lola asks Frankie if they could make changes to the uniforms, and Frankie angrily tells her to ask Shay. Frankie tells Shay that she should've backed her up, and Shay asks if it's because she's black too. Frankie tells them that they probably hate her because they hate white people. Lola asks if that's a thing, and Shay sarcastically explains that white people are so oppressed. Frankie explains that she tried apologizing but they wouldn't listen. Shay explains that she was just cutting them off and wouldn't listen to their reasoning. Frankie tells her that she was being attacked. Shay explains that there's still time to fix things. Lola gets a notification from Yael's app saying that someone posted that Frankie was racist.

Frankie later shows up to the bus for the volleyball game, when Shay explains that she heard about Frankie's apology to Kara and asks if she really told Kara that she was sorry they all felt offended. Frankie happily explains that she apologized. Shay explains that that wasn't an apology. Frankie asks why. Shay explains that saying that you're sorry someone felt offended is like shooting someone and saying that you're sorry that you got blood on their pants. Frankie explains that they're the issue, not her. Shay explains that she used to think Frankie was a good person who made a mistake but she's just straight up racist. Frankie says she's not racist and she's not quitting. Shay asks the team that if they want to keep Frankie they should speak up, but everyone walked away. Shay tells Frankie that it's all about the team. Frankie tells Shay that she's sorry and Shay tells her that she's really not, then leaves on the bus.

In #BuyMePizza, at volleyball practice, Shay asks Lola if she's alright because she has never been talking. Lola asks if when you're dating someone, if you should delete certain apps because the person you're dating tells you to. Shay tells her that she shouldn't. Goldi agrees with Shay. When Shay learns that Lola was talking about Teendr, she changes her mind. Goldi also changes her mind. Shay explains that it's a dating app and Lola is recently dating Tiny so she doesn't need it. Lola asks if she can have it without ulterior motives. Shay asks if she's on there to flirt with other guys. Lola explains that she just wants to make sure that she has other options. Shay says it's her choice but she gets why Tiny would be upset. Goldi agrees. At lunch, Lola tells Shay that she is suited for the single life. Shay tells her that she has seemed more happy. Lola explains that she is happy and that she recentlyy found a replacement for Tiny who lives all the way across the city so she won't get attached. Lola says his name is Anton and shows her his picture and Shay comments that he looks like Tiny. Lola explains that he doesn't. Anton texts Lola if she wants to grab a burger and Lola tells Shay that she's going to have him buy her pizza. Lola shows Shay what he replies and she finds him disgusting. Lola explains that Anton is definitely not as funny as Tiny. Lola asks if Shay knows what it feels like to make a mistake and Shay says she could guess. Lola says that's how she feels.


In #ThrowbackThursday, Shay shows Lola the poster she made for Tiny and asks what she thinks. Lola says it's cute but the posters for Tiny aren't needed anymore. Shay and Lola are later sitting together while Lola is trying to look up on her phone how to prove that her school isn't racist. Shay asks if that was really her plan. Lola explains that it is impossible to prove that. Lola explains that Grace is so mean and that Tiny is going to dump her. Lola explains that it's stupid that he got suspended in the first place. Marco Del Rossi comes up to them and tells them that the zero tolerance policy is very flawed and Shay is shocked. Paige Michalchuk is also shocked by all of this.

Lola and Shay later talk to Mr. Simpson about Tiny's suspension, but when he doesn't listen, Lola asks why no one will listen to her. Shay explains that it's a busy weekend for him and that Tiny is not everyone's top priority now. Lola tells her that Tiny as unfairly suspended and that it should be taken more seriously. Shay asks what could they do about it anyway. Lola tells her that they will have to make people listen. Later, at the protest, Lola asks Emma Nelson if going topless for a protest would work, and Shay explains that that's not really what this protest is about. Emma asks them if they have more signs and they give them to her. Lola tells Shay that she is happy that someone finally listened to her. Shay spots Tiny and asks if he'll listen to her too. Lola looks scared.

A policeman shows up at the protest later and tries to shut it down and Lola says that he can't make them. Shay tells her to chill. The policeman tells them all that they have to stay off of school property. Lola is upset by what he is saying to her and Shay stands up for her. The policeman tells them to move and Shay tells him to apologize. Lola leads them out and tells him that they'll stop.


In #ToMyFutureSelf, after practicing, Shay's coach tells her to bring it in. Shay asks if she did well. Shay's coach explains that she was off the charts and that she was easily top five for her age group. Shay is happy by this. Shay's coach says that there was only a few issues with her missing games earlier that year. Shay explains that there was a problem but she fixed it now. Shay's coach shows her an article about her and Lola standing up to the policeman. Shay explains that the protest was peaceful. Shay's coach explains that they can move past it and Shay says she'll do anything. Shay's coach explains that if she writes a letter apologizing for her actions then she can be successful. Later, Shay is writing her apology letter and asks Lola and Tiny for another word for "embarrassed". Tiny says "mortified". Lola offers advice, but then sees what she's writing about and asks why she's apologizing for the protest. Shay says she wants to get into a certain athletic camp this summer and they won't let her in unless she apologizes. Lola tells her that she was right to be in the protest. Shay explains that this is her chance to train with national level athletes. Lola asks why she has to lie to get it. Shay explains that volleyball has never been good that season and this was her only other chance. Lola is mad and tells Tiny to tell her not to do this.

Lola is about to begin her zero tolerance policy meeting, when Shay shows up and tells Lola that she has bad news. Lola asks if she's allergic to nuts, but Shay tells her that's not it, but she gave her coach the letter. Lola is upset that she did this. Shay says she can't get in if she didn't send the letter. Lola explains that then they don't deserve her. Shay says the camp helps her achieve her dream. Lola explains that they did something special and shows the rest of the committee that Shay has arrived. Goldi tells Shay that she was brave for standing up to the police, but Shay explains that she was just helping a friend. Goldi explains that what Shay did was admirable because she could've gotten arrested. Vijay says that Shay inspired him to tell Mr. Perino to stop using the term "man-power" because it was sexist. Shay is surprised by her impact on other students. Vijay told her that standing up to Mr. Perino literally worked. Lola explains that she was right. Shay says she just wants to play volleyball. Lola explains that sometimes people need to make sacrifices. Shay is stressed that she has to choose. Later, Shay's mother is concerned by how much Shay is pacing around the living room. Shay tells her that she is just worried about the coach coming over. Shay's mother tells her that she recently got in so there isn't anything to worry about. Shay says she belongs there but she just isn't sure. Shay's mother asks if she still isn't sure about signing the letter. Shay believes she'll regret it. Shay's mother tells her that she'll be proud of her no matter what, she just wants Shay to be proud of herself, then she lets the coach inside. Shay's coach explains that doesn't mean to bother her, but he just needs her signature. Shay asks if she can read the letter again first.

Tiny visits Shay while she is practicing later with a drink and she asks if he's going to give her some or just taunt her with it. Tiny says he'll just taunt her, and that he came to see Lola but thought that practice was over. Shay says practice is over only for everyone else. Tiny teases that it's only not over for members of her training camp. Shay says that she actually turned them down. Tiny asks why. Shay says she can't apologize for what she believes in. Tiny is surprised and says that he could never do that, then asks why she is still practicing. Shay says that opportunities really are hard to come by and that she is taking extra training hours. Tiny tells her that she earned the drink, and their hands touch. Lola shows up and asks if Shay is working on a speech. Shay says yes. Lola tells her that she is glad that she did the right thing, and leaves with Tiny.

In #ThatAwkwardMomentWhen, Tiny is showing Shay a video of a squid from his phone and she thinks it's horrifying. Shay takes out a paper and shows Tiny. Tiny reads it and is surprised. Shay tells him that it's a really nice science camp that you only have to write an essay for to apply. Tiny says it's due in two days and that he can't finish it by then. Shay explains that two days is a lot of time and she can help him. Tiny asks if she's sure. Shay says that it would be a pleasure. Lola walks up to them and tells them that she almost passed her history test and hugs Tiny. Tiny thinks that he pulled a muscle when he grunts in pain and Shay says he should go to the doctor. Lola explains that he doesn't need to and she has a cure. She wants to use what makes him sick to make him better. Shay says Tiny needs science, not magic. Shay tells him to go to the doctor and Lola huffs. Shay later talks to Tiny about his essay at The Dot. Shay realizes that Tiny is still in pain. Tiny explains that Lola's cure didn't work. Shay tells him that he should've gone to the doctor. Tiny says it's just a stomachache. Shay grabs his shirt and Tiny asks what she's doing. Shay tells him to sit still and feels his stomach. Tiny grunts when she touches the spot that hurts. Shay explains that she's taking him to the hospital. Tiny is concerned because of what Lola said. Shay says that Tiny needs real help, and takes him there.

The doctor checks out Tiny and Shay asks if he's alright. The doctor says that it's good that she brought him in when she did, referring to Shay as Tiny's girlfriend. Lola runs up to them and pushes Shay out of the way to hug Tiny, and Shay tells him that he's hurt. Lola is shocked, but thanks Shay for taking care of him. Shay explains that it was not a issue. The nurse then takes Tiny away. Lola says she'll wait for him and Shay explains that it's only a half hour procedure. Tiny tells them that he'll see them on the flip side. Shay explains that it maybe isn't. Lola didn't know that Tiny's condition was life-threatening. Lola gets a text from Frankie's mother and wonders why. Shay gets the same text and finds out that Frankie ran away. Lola thinks it's because of them and is sad.

In #TheseAreMyConfessions, Shay is upset that the volleyball team lost by five points. Lola says that last game they lost by ten. Shay says that they were playing against a weak team and should've beat them. Lola and Goldi stare at Shay and she becomes confused. Lola says that they have been weak ever since Frankie was kicked off. Goldi thinks it's weird that Frankie watches their games still. Shay asks if they know who's not watching. Lola sadly says that Tiny isn't. Shay says that national team scouts aren't so she will never get the chance to try out. Lola says that Shay is still a great player. Shay explains that no one cares about the best player on the worst team and that she's sick of losing. Lola says that they only have one game left and after they lose that, they're out. Shay asks what if they won. Lola thinks she's joking. Shay says she's serious. Lola says that she is too. Shay says that they still have one more chance to save the season. Lola asks if she has a miracle plan. Shay says they just need more practice. Shay is later yelling at the volleyball team because they aren't doing good. Goldi says she needs a break. Lola also says she's tired. Shay says that that isn't a winning attitude. Goldi explains that they need a miracle to win. Lola thinks they need Frankie back. Shay insists that they just need to practice and they have all weekend to get better. Goldi says she has to complete an English assignment. Lola says she needs to go to a party to show Tiny that she's over him. Shay asks if that's more important than volleyball. Lola says that it is. Lola apologizes and says she wishes she was better. Shay says she wishes everything was better and that she can't just forgive Frankie. Lola says she doesn't know.

Tiny calls Shay when she is considering forgiving Frankie. Shay apologizes for forgetting that he had a party and asks how it is. Tiny says it would be better if she were there, and Shay says that she has a curfew and that he just broke up with Lola and that she can't be speaking to him. Tiny asks why she is speaking to him then. Shay tells him that some girls think that she should forgive Frankie. Tiny explains that is complicated. Shay wonders if she lets it go that she's saying it's okay to be racist as long as you're sorry or if you're good at sports. Tiny asks if she's really thought about this at all. Shay explains that she's lost so much this year. Tiny mentions that she also lost the dumbest guy in school, referring to himself. Shay explains that she's tired of losing. Tiny tells her to follow her heart. Shay asks if they're still talking about Frankie. Tiny says it's her call and hangs up. Shay goes to Frankie's house and comes in her room. Frankie looks surprised, and Shay apologizes for scaring her. Frankie offers her some food or a drink, but Shay says that she just wants to talk. Frankie tells her to give her a second and leaves the room. When she comes back, she tells Shay that she wrote something. It is an apology for her racist banner to Northern Tech, and she apologizes for not apologizing sooner, then says she can leave if Shay wants. Shay tells her that it's her house. Frankie tells Shay that she could leave then. Shay says she would like to talk some more and maybe have a lemonade. Frankie and Shay laugh.

When Frankie shows up to the team and apologizes, Lola asks Shay what they're going to do. Shay tells them to take a vote on who wants Frankie on the team. The whole team votes to have her back. Frankie says she won't play if any other team takes issue, and Shay tells her that they'll take it one game at a time. Lola says that they're going to win. Tiny walks up to Shay and she hugs him happily. They finally share a kiss too. Shay is surprised by what she just did and asks what they're going to do. Tiny tells her to just go win her game, and Shay walks away.

In #OMFG, Lola takes a selfie of her, Shay and Frankie. Shay tells them happily that they're going to win. Frankie says they'll only win if Northern Tech lets her play. Shay tells her that she apologized, and there's nothing else she could really do. Lola says, while Tiny is listening, that Frankie could make Tiny disappear forever. Tiny wants to talk to Shay, and Shay reluctantly walks off with him. Frankie and Lola go somewhere else. Tiny tries to kiss Shay again but Shay rejects him. Tiny tries again but Shay tells him that they can't keep kissing because he just broke up with Lola. Tiny thinks it's all in the past with Lola. Shay says that things are finally good between her and her friends and she doesn't want to mess that up. Tiny asks if Lola asked Shay for permission before they dated. Shay says yes. Tiny explains that she can just ask Lola for permission this time. Shay explains that he's smart. Tiny agrees, then gives her a necklace for good luck. Shay asks if it's for the game or for Lola. Tiny says it's for both and Shay says she'll definitely need it.

In class, Shay asks Lola about her asking for permission to date Tiny. Lola remembers, and says that Shay saying yes was really sweet. Shay explains that now she's asking the same thing. Lola asks if she wants to date Tiny. Shay says she won't unless Lola says it's okay. Lola says that Shay and Tiny would look good together, and Shay asks why. Lola says they also both love science and Shay explains that is true. Lola explains that they would be a good couple and Shay agrees. Lola says that's why she's saying no, and Shay is confused because when Lola asked she said yes. Lola explains that her and Tiny dated for eight months, so it would be harder for her. Lola apologizes, but thanks her for asking. Before the game, Frankie says that they're going to win. Shay explains that she forgot her kneepads in her locker. Shay walks up to Tiny and he explains that he made her a sign. Shay tells him that they can't date. Tiny asks if Lola says no, and Shay explains that they could still be friends. Tiny asks if she would be happy with that and Shay explains that she has never been happy for all year so there's no point in trying now. Tiny explains that that's crap and Shay asks why. Tiny says she he wanted Shay way before he wanted Lola. Shay says she only turned him down because she didn't want any distractions. Tiny says that he can't just turn off his feelings whenever he wants. Shay says that maybe they wouldn't be good together then and Tiny agrees. Shay asks if they can talk about this later because she has to go to the game and hopes Tiny will come too. Tiny says that he wouldn't want to distract her and walks away.

At the game, Frankie asks if she's alright. Shay says she's just nervous. Frankie explains that she is too. Kara asks Shay if she buys Frankie's apology and Shay says that she does. Frankie tells Kara that what she did was racist and she'll sit out if Kara's team wants but then Degrassi won't be playing their best. When Frankie walks away, Shay thanks Kara for forgiving her. Kara asks if she had a choice and Shay asks what else she would want. Kara explains that she's sick of always having to be the bigger person then walks away. During the game, Lola tries to throw the ball since it's coming to her, but Shay steps in front of her and throws it for her. Shay does it again to another girl. Shay steals once again from Lola. She does this again to Lola then pushes Frankie out of the way when Frankie could have gotten it. Frankie explains that she had it and Shay tells her that she doesn't want to give up the ball like she does for everything else. Frankie calls a timeout. Frankie says she won't play if Shay doesn't want her to and Shay tells her that she's sick of having to give up everything for other people. Frankie tells her that maybe Tiny didn't come because the bus got caught in traffic, since she hadn't seen Jonah yet. Shay says that she's been trying all year to do the right thing but she never gets anything out of it. Lola tells Shay to text him. Shay reminds her that she still has feelings. Lola tells her that she'll probably meet a cute boy this summer. Shay texts him and Frankie asks what they're going to do now. Shay explains that they're going to win.

When they win the game, Frankie asks Shay about Tiny. Shay says she hasn't heard from him but at least she has her girls and her trophy. Mr. Armstrong comes up to them and explains that he's proud of them. Kara asks if Shay's alright and Shay asks why wouldn't she be. Kara tells her about the bus crash. Zoë asks the team what happened when she arrives, and Shay tells her that the bus didn't make it. Miles also doesn't know about the bus crash yet. When everyone reads the list of the people on the bus, Shay and Lola both notice that Tiny is on there.

Season 3[]

In #BreakTheInternet, Shay is walking with Lola and Frankie into school on the first day. Tiny waves to Shay and Shay gets nervous and asks how she looks. Lola says it might be weird since she hasn't seen him all summer. Frankie tells her that she looks great and that she should go talk to him. Tiny kisses Shay. Later, Frankie is talking to Lola about Jonah when Shay walks up to them and tells Lola to take down the picture she just posted on Hastygram of her and Tiny back when they were dating. Lola asks what's the big deal. Shay says it's a picture of her and her boyfriend. Lola says it was meant to be a throwback. Frankie looks scared. Shay explains that posting a photo of her boyfriend is off limits. Frankie gets even more scared. Lola explains that Shay is wrong and everyone will side with her anyway. Shay and Lola post indirects to each other until Mr. Perino sees them and Vijay tells him what's going on. Lola says that she posted a photo and Shay doesn't think that's allowed. Yael accuses Lola of trying to make Shay jealous. Shay tells Lola that she obviously still has feelings for Tiny. Lola explains that Shay stole Tiny from her and then tells the class to go to hell.

In #IWokeUpLikeThis, Shay and Frankie laugh when Tiny tells everyone that Zig had sex with Esme at school. Frankie tells Zig that he could get a disease, and Shay asks them what kind of girl would do things like that. Jonah explains that only damaged girls would. Tiny asks Zig how many other guys has Esme done it with in the parking lot, and Shay is grossed out. Zig asks them if it's really that bad. Tiny leaves and wraps his arm around Shay. Later, Maya throws her phone across the hallway and Frankie grabs it and hands it back to her. Shay asks if Maya is okay. Maya explains that she's not.

In #WorstGiftEver, Shay is running for track and wonders why Esme is ahead of her. Frankie tells her that it's just practice. Shay says that the track meet is in two days. Frankie tells her to stop stressing because she recently knows that Shay is going to beat her anyway. Tiny is proud of Shay and asks her to kiss. Shay tells him that she's all sweaty. Tiny says that it doesn't bother him and they kiss. Shay says she needs to stretch. Esme notices that Shay got her period blood on Tiny and calls her out on it. Shay is embarrassed and checks her pants. Esme asks if anyone else smells a butcher shop. Frankie asks if she forgot to put on a tampon. Shay explains that it must have bleed through. Frankie reassures her that it's not that bad. Shay asks if there's any way she could make this up to Tiny. Frankie tells her to clean up first and then maybe offer to clean Tiny's pants, then notices that Shay is walking away. Shay tells her that she is going to hide forever. Shay arrives in class and sits next to Tiny and is about to apologize but Tiny tells her that he bought her a gift and tells her to close her eyes. Shay unwillingly closes her eyes and apologizes for ruining his pants. Tiny tells her that it was no big deal, then takes out her gift and tells her to open her eyes. Shay is shocked to see that he bought her tampons and Tiny asks if they're the wrong ones, then takes out another box of them. Shay asks if he's trying to embarrass her. Tiny says that Esme told him that he should. Shay is surprised that Tiny talked to Esme about her period. Tiny asks if he did something wrong, and Shay says he did and walks away with the tampons. Shay sits down and Esme sits next to her and tells her that now she's really prepared.

In the locker room, Shay tells Frankie about what Tiny did. Frankie is shocked. Shay says she wishes she had died. Frankie tells her that they need to stretch before track practice. Shay explains that she is refused to go. Frankie explains that the meet is tomorrow. Shay says she won't go to that either. Frankie tells Shay that this isn't like her. Shay is worried that she'll have another incident. Frankie says it doesn't matter because people are recently talking about it anyway. Shay explains that she could've gotten away with it if Esme hadn't said anything. Frankie explains that Esme is probably one of those girls with perfect small periods. Shay explains that Esme probably gets pampered when she's on her period and Frankie laughs. Shay explains that Esme needs to learn how it feels. In class, Shay puts bloody stuff on Esme's seat and when Esme sits down, she's shocked and asks Shay how much her skirt cost. Shay tells Esme that she embarrassed her. Esme tells her that she's the one embarrassed about having a vagina. The teacher tells Shay to stay after class.

Shay walks up to Esme and Frankie in the locker room and apologizes that she took her self-consciousness out on Esme. Esme explains that her apology almost makes up for ruining her skirt, and hands Shay a box of adult briefs. and says that she needs them. Shay tells Frankie that she guesses that her and Esme are best friends now. Frankie asks if she's going to compete. Shay says that if she doesn't then Esme will keep doing stuff to her forever, and asks why periods are such a big deal. Frankie says that they're gross. Shay says that they should stop letting periods affect them. Frankie asks how. Shay later wins the track meet with blood all over her legs. Tiny says that he's proud of her and asks about the blood. Shay tells him that it's paint and Tiny sighs in relief. Shay tells him that she's tired of being grossed out by her body. Tiny apologizes for making her feel disgusted but Shay explains that she did it to herself. Esme asks if it's recently a shark week. Shay explains that she's funny. Tiny says he kind of wants to kiss her right now and Shay laughs. They kiss.

In #PicsOrItDidntHappen, Frankie asks Shay and Lola if guys and girls can be just friends. Shay says yes but Lola says no. Frankie tells them that's helpful. Lola tells Frankie not to listen to Shay because she was just friends with Tiny until he fell in love with her. Shay explains that Lola is friends with Hunter, Vijay and Baaz. Lola explains that they don't count because Vijay's gay, Hunter is Frankie's brother, and Baaz is Baaz. Lola says that usually guys get crushes on girls when they're friends. Shay disagrees. Frankie tells them about Jonah freaking out when she tried looking at his texts with Grace, then wonders if they're a good match.

In #HugeIfTrue, Shay is laughing at Frankie and Lola's selfie. Shay asks what Frankie's mother thinks they're doing, and Frankie says she told her that they're working on a project. When Lola leaves the room, Frankie asks Shay is she remembers that Jonah had a play thing and Shay says no. Frankie explains that it was cancelled so he can come over and asks if that's okay. Shay asks if Tiny can come too since they've been busy all week. Frankie and Shay wonder about Lola. Frankie says that Lola probably won't mind and they laugh. Frankie and Shay get ready and Frankie asks if Shay can see a pimple on her chin. Shay says she can now that she pointed it out but asks why she's so worried. Frankie explains that things have been good between her and Jonah lately and she wants to have a good night with him. Shay wonders what that has to do with her pimples. Frankie says she might be ready and Shay asks if her and Jonah are going to have sex. Frankie says she's not going to for sure she's just keeping an open mind. Shay says she was just worried about Jonah and Grace not long ago. Frankie explains that was only in her head. Shay says she shouldn't have sex with someone just because they expect it. Frankie tells her that he's never pressured her and asks if Shay has ever thought about. Shay says she has but never has planned it. Frankie asks if Tiny is okay with that. Shay explains that Tiny is not obsessed with sex. Frankie explains that guys think about it all the time. Shay asks if all guys do. Frankie walks away when she sees that Jonah's there.

Shay walks downstairs and Lola asked why she changed. Frankie brings Jonah in the house. Tiny comes in with Zig, Esme and Grace and greets Shay. Shay asks why his friends are here. Esme tells Shay that it's nice to see her too. Tiny says they're just hanging out. Shay explains that she thought it would just be them. Tiny says he's sure they can have some alone time later and kisses her. Shay nervously agrees. Esme invites them all over to the couch to have pizza. Shay and the rest of the gang laugh when Esme tells them about the drinking game they're going to play. Esme tells Shay it is her turn after a few rounds. Shay asks them to drink if they have ever fooled around with anyone they weren't in love with. Zig complains when Tiny doesn't take a drink because he knows he has. Tiny tells Shay not to listen and Shay asks what that was about. Esme explains that things are getting interesting and tells Lola to take her turn. Lola tells them to drink if they have ever ditched their best friend for their boyfriend who they stole from her anyway, then tells Shay to drink up. Shay tells them to drink if they have ever dated someone knowing that their best friend like them first. Lola explains that Shay said it was okay. Shay says that Lola's just mad because she's single and Lola denies it. When they play truth or dare instead, Esme dares Tiny to spend seven minutes in heaven with Shay. Shay says that she's claustrophobic. Esme tells Tiny to do it with Lola instead and Shay tells her no. Tiny explains that isn't a good idea. Esme asks if Shay trusts Tiny. Grace tells them to knock it off and Shay tells Lola and Tiny to go ahead because it's no big deal. Lola agrees and then takes Tiny.

Later, Esme tells Shay that Tiny and Lola only have three and a half minutes left. Grace tells her to hang in there since it's almost over. Shay tells Grace that she's fine but thanks her. Esme says she wouldn't have to worry if she was meeting Tiny's needs. Also, Esme explains that they both get good grades, but Esme knows how to have fun too. Shay says that it must be so fun being easy. Grace says that was mean. Shay says she's so sick of everyone being so obsessed with sex. Esme says she should leave the adults alone. Shay leaves and says she's tired of playing these games anyway. When Tiny and Lola leave the closet, they hug, and Shay walks up to them and asks if they kissed. Tiny is confused. Lola says she would never do that to her. Shay explains that maybe Lola will give him what she won't. Lola is offended and leaves. Tiny says he only hugged her because she was upset. Shay apologizes for not being good enough for him. Tiny asks why. Shay says he drank when Esme asked if he wanted to hook up with her. Tiny says it's not a crime to want to hook up with his girlfriend. Shay asks if he wants to have sex and tells them that she thought he was different. Tiny asks if she only likes him when he's the perfect science student. Shay says that wanting sex isn't who he is. Tiny is angry and tells her not to tell him who he is. Tiny leaves and Shay tells him to wait but he doesn't.

Shay walks into Frankie's room and asks what happened. Frankie tells her about Jonah and then asks about what happened to her. Shay tells her and then says that she was right about boys being obsessed with sex. Frankie explains that Jonah isn't apparently. Shay apologizes that Frankie almost died but she's glad that she's not the only one not having sex. Frankie explains that guys are the worst and Shay agrees. They then eat chips. The next morning, Lola walks downstairs and tells them that she fell asleep in the guestroom. Shay apologizes for freaking out on her. Lola apologizes for going in the closet with Tiny and says that they never had sex. Shay asks why she drank when Esme asked if they had sex. Lola says that she only said that so Shay would think that her relationship with Tiny was important. Shay laughs and Lola yells at her not to laugh. Shay says that she was worried about living up to her but if Lola hasn't had sex then none of them have. Frankie says that it's for the best since sex always complicates things anyway. Miles comes downstairs and says that it only does if they let it. Shay is glad that their sleepover wasn't a total disaster. Frankie hungers pancakes and offers pedicures. Shay thinks that sounds good and asks Lola what she thinks. Lola says it does.

In #ThatFeelingWhen, Frankie walks up to Shay and takes a selfie with her, only to be disappointed by Shay's look. Shay apologizes for being distracted and asks who's attention they want. Frankie says they want Jonah and Tiny's attention so they can see what they're missing and apologize. Tiny walks up to them and offers sandwiches. Shay asks if she's heard from Jonah. Frankie says she sent him one text so now he has to text her. Frankie takes another selfie and Shay asks what the selfies are for. Frankie says they're to get his attention and asks what she thinks. Shay is confused and Frankie asks her if she can come over and help her take photos. Tiny coughs and Shay says they have plans. Frankie explains that she can't double text him so she can only take selfies, and then asks if she can join her and Tiny's plans. Shay explains that is fine. Later, Frankie is frustrated over Jonah still and tells Shay to look at her phone but Shay is busy with Tiny. Tiny explains that he won the game and Shay says she'll win next time. Frankie sees that Jonah posted a photo and Shay asks if it's a tower of milk creamers. Frankie explains that building creamers is her and Jonah's think and asks how could he do that to her. Tiny asks why he can't go out for coffee without her. Frankie decides to go to The Dot and Tiny asks if Shay's really going to go too. Shay says that she's learned not to argue.

When Frankie gets to The Dot, she sees that Jonah is only working on the play. Shay asks if they can go now, but Frankie says she's going to go say hi. In class, Frankie asks Shay and Lola how long before someone feels secure in a relationship. Lola says a day but Shay says a year. Frankie asks if she's a crazy girlfriend. Frankie is worried by their reactions and asks if she's really that bad, and Shay explains that she loses herself when she's in a relationship. Also, Lola explains that she gets super clingy. Shay explains that Frankie's existence revolves around the guy she's dating sometimes. Lola explains that she also gets really jealous. Then Shay explains that she puts too much pressure on her relationship to be everything. Frankie gets offended. Frankie gets upset and wonders if she has a issue. Shay explains that they just want her to be happy. Lola says that it seems like being with Jonah stresses her out. Frankie says she loves him a lot but she doesn't want to be like this. Shay explains that if Jonah was really right for her then she wouldn't be. Shay and Lola hug Frankie.

In the bathroom, Lola asks Frankie if her and Jonah are going to date other people. Shay asks if she's going to even have contact with Jonah. Frankie explains that they didn't go over that but it doesn't matter because she's just focused on making herself happy right now. Lola explains that Frankie was taking her birth control pills wrong, and Frankie looks at Shay but Shay says she doesn't know. Frankie explains that it's the other way around, then realizes that Lola had sex.

In #IRegretNothing, Lola is taking her pregnancy test, and Shay is giving her directions. Frankie tells Shay that the person Lola had sex with is probably embarrassing, and Shay thinks it's Baaz. Frankie says it's not Tiny and Shay says she knows. Lola asks how much longer it will take and Shay says only a minute. Lola explains that after this she'll go on with her life and Shay says unless it's positive. Frankie tells her to be quiet and asks her what people would think. Shay says she would die if she got pregnant. Lola tries to change the subject by asking if they're done with their history project. Frankie and Shay hug Lola. Frankie is glad that Lola isn't pregnant and Shay says that they should get to class now. Lola tells them that she needs a minute, then Frankie and Shay leave. Frankie and Shay find Lola crying in the bathroom later and Lola asks if everyone is talking about her. Shay tells her not to worry because they'll clear up the abortion rumors for her. Frankie explains that she was only seeing her options. Shay agrees and explains that it's not like Lola really had an abortion. Lola asks if that would be a reason to be ashamed. Frankie says it's not but it's kind of a big deal, and Shay agrees. Frankie asks why Lola is so upset because they're only trying to be supportive.

Later, when Frankie and Shay find out that Lola did get an abortion, Frankie tells Lola that they would've supported her. Shay explains that she is unsure of what she'd really do if she was pregnant. Frankie agrees, and tells Lola that she's very brave and that they should go out to celebrate. The group laughs. Lola says she would like that and Shay asks if they can get ice cream. Lola tells her no. Frankie tells Miles about Lola's abortion and Shay yells at Frankie. Frankie tells her that the whole point of the video was to own it. Shay walks off with Frankie and Lola.

Season 4[]

In #GetMoney, Lola tells Shay that Frankie is a horse. Shay asks why. Lola explains that everyone's face is either a bird, a horse or a muffin and she's a muffin. Frankie walks up to them and asks what's going on. Shay says she thinks Lola's having a stroke. The guidance councilor walks up to them and asks to speak to Frankie. The guidance councilor only does a check up on Frankie, then Frankie walks back to the group and Shay asks what that was about. Frankie explains that she's at high risk because of the stuff they put online. Shay says that the councilor might have a point because Frankie's posts have gotten really depressing and laughs. Frankie says that she's going through a break up so she's obviously a bit sad. Lola tells Frankie that that's why she's not winning the break up and Shay asks why. Lola says that Frankie has to show Jonah what he's missing. Lola shows Frankie and Shay her Hastygram and asks if they could tell that Tiny dumped her. Shay explains that Lola looks great in all of her photos. Lola smirks. Later, Mr. Armstrong is helping Shay and the other girls train. Shay explains that she needs to get faster to get into college. Mr. Armstrong explains that girls often slow down for a year or two while their bodies change. Shay explains that she doesn't have time and asks if there's anything she can do to speed up. Mr. Armstrong explains that some athletes use supplements but they're expensive and Shay asks how much they are. Mr. Armstrong says it's in the hundreds and that if she keeps working hard she'll get better. Tiny walks up to Shay and tells her that if he had the money he'd give it to her. Shay explains that she's definitely not going to get into a college next year now. Tiny asks what they're going to do and Shay says she has to get a job. Tiny puts his arm around her and asks about training. Shay says that she'll sleep when she gets a track scholarship.

In class, Frankie is asking her friends to come with her to a drumming circle and Shay asks why. Lola says it sounds smelly. Frankie says it'll be fun and they're the ones who told her that she needs to take happy photos to win the break up. Shay says that that's not a healthy way to think about it, but she can't anyway because she has to train. Lola says she has to hire someone to work at the Cantina. Shay asks if she's really hiring. Shay asks if she could have the job and Lola asks if she really wants to. Shay says that she needs the money and Lola tells her to come by later. At the Cantina, Lola tells Shay to stack the plates on her arms. Shay asks if she has to really carry all of them. Lola says the world record is thirty. Shay tries grabbing the plates but drops one and apologizes. Lola thanks Saad for cleaning up the mess. Saad says that he had a similar job back home, and Shay asks Lola what he's doing there. Lola says that he's trying out for the job too. Shay says that Lola can't hire him because he punched Zig. Lola says that if Shay can carry plates properly then she won't have to. Shay says she'll try but she really needs the job. Lola says she'll talk to her father and walks away.

Lola tells Shay that she got better at the end of the job. Lola gives Shay money and she runs off with it. Saad tells Lola that's he's alright when she gets worried about him and Shay tells Tiny that she's going to tip better next time she's at a restaurant. Tiny sees Saad and tells Shay he'll be right back. At practice, Tiny walks up to Shay and asks if she's gotten better. Shay explains that she hasn't and that she needs to find a way to pay for the supplements. Tiny asks about the money Lola paid her. Shay explains that it wasn't nearly enough. Tiny looks nervous and Shay asks her what's wrong. Tiny says that Lola gave Saad the job. Shay is upset. Shay's mother comes in and asks why Shay is taking so long. Shay apologizes. Tiny greets her mom and ask how work was. Shay's mother explains that it's been a long day. Tiny says he'll see her tomorrow. Shay asks her mother about how she needs to be the fastest runner in school to get a good scholarships and her mother says yes. Shay tells her about the supplements. Shay's mother apologizes and says they can't afford it. Shay says she needs to get faster and this is her only chance. Shay's mother explains that she has to train. Shay explains that she trains more than anyone else but there's no point because puberty messed it up. Shay's mother yells at her. Shay explained that she told her that if she worked harder than everyone else she could get whatever she wanted but she was wrong. Shay's mother explained that she wishes she could help her out, but she's sure she'll find another way.

Shay is mad at Lola because she hired Saad and didn't tell her. Lola explains that she was scared that she would be mad. Shay says she is mad because Lola knew she needed the money. Lola says she can't give her a job she's not good at. Shay explains that she can't give it to Saad either because he punched Zig. Lola says that Zig broke his camera first. Shay asks if that makes it okay. Lola says it doesn't but offers to help Shay find a job she is good at. Shay takes money out of the tip jar when Lola is away and walks off. Shay later sits at a bench and thinks about ordering the supplements. Shay goes back to Lola's Cantina and puts the money back in the jar instead. Lola catches her and is surprised. Shay doesn't know what to say and Lola is mad at her for stealing money. Shay says that she did steal it. Lola says that she fired Saad because she thought he took it and now everyone's going to think she's a racist employer. Shay apologizes. Lola asks why she would do that. Shay says she needs the supplements because she needs to get scouted. Lola says she's lucky she loves Shay. Shay asks if she's going to tell. Lola asks if she put all the money back and Shay says she did and an extra 20 dollars. Lola says she doesn't want to get Shay in trouble and she knows how much running means to her. Shay says it doesn't matter anymore. Lola says she can help. Shay asks if she's going to get the job. Lola says no because she's terrible but she'll lend her the money for the first month. Shay is surprised. Lola explains that she's a saint. Shay explains that she loves Lola and hugs her. Lola says that Shay has to let her design her athletic wear when she becomes famous. Shay makes a deal and they hug again.

In #Preach, in gym, Lola tells Frankie that she vlogs, Shay does track, and all Frankie does is party. Shay says that there was just a terrorist attack and all Frankie has been doing is posting pictures on her yacht. Lola explains that they love her but she doesn't take anything seriously. Yael walks up to the group Lola tells them that Shay found more people for the bake sale. Frankie tells the group that she can make cupcakes and Shay asks if she can really bake. Frankie says that she can. During the bake sale, Frankie walks up to Shay and shows her the cupcakes she baked. Shay is surprised by how good the cupcakes look. Frankie says that Esme helped her and Shay is shocked and asks if they really did have a threesome with Zig last night. Frankie explains that they didn't and asks if people are saying that. Shay explains that everyone is posting about it and people keep asking her about it too. Frankie explains that they didn't except there was an incident with frosting. Frankie is upset and Shay explains that Esme is not feeling good. Winston walks up to them and asks about the "orgy cakes" and Shay says she's going to move them. Frankie tells her to just throw them away.

In #Fire, Shay asks Tiny why Esme is coming camping with them. Tiny explains that it was but Esme invited herself, but he's glad he gets to do something with Shay before school ends. Shay agrees and says that now that track season is over they'll have more time to spend together. Tiny asks if she's going to go camping too. Shay says she has to ask her parents first. Tiny tells her that he can't wait. Then they kiss and he walks away. Lola walks up to Shay and ask what Tiny was talking to her about. Shay tells her that he invited her to go camping with him and his friends. Lola asks why she said yes if she wasn't ready to have sex. Lola says that they're going to be alone. Shay says she thought everyone was sharing tents. Lola looks and Shay and feels bad for her. Shay is confused. Lola says that it's not the same as camping when they were kids, it's grown-up camping. Shay says they're not going to have sex. Lola says that school is almost over and Tiny's graduating soon. Shay says that her parents won't let her go anyway. Lola says that she can just tell her parents that she's playing tennis. At Lola's Cantina, Shay calls her mother. Frankie asks if she's asked about camping yet. Shay avoids the subject and Lola says she's probably chickening out. Shay realizes that her mom has recently talked to Tiny about the camping and her mother explains that she can go. Shay tells her mother that her and Tiny are going to be in the same tent and Frankie laughs. Shay is surprised that her mother is okay with it and hangs up. Lola excitedly tells Shay that she's going camping. Shay tells them that they have to come to. Lola is happy. Lola also makes fun of Frankie when she says she can't go. Shay explains that she has to come since she's the only one of them that can drive. Frankie asks if Tiny rented a van. Shay explains that there isn't room for all of them and that she needs them there. Lola asks if Shay really wants to take advice from a girl in a three-way. Lola tells Shay and Frankie that she had sex with Miles and Shay and Frankie laugh. Frankie thinks Lola is joking. Shay explains that would be disgusting and asks what she would do about the tent. Frankie says she should just talk to Tiny about it. Shay tells Frankie that she's still driving and Frankie tells Shay that she owes her. Shay arrives at camp later.

Shay is seen laughing with the rest of the group around the campfire. Zig tells them that he's going to leave to check on Esme. Jonah laughs at Grace when she tells them that they're going to bed. Shay asks if Lola brought a tent because she could sleep in their tent. Lola says she's going to sleep in the car because she doesn't want to get eaten by a bear. Lola runs off when Tiny tells her that there's really coyotes out there and when Lola leaves, Tiny tells Shay that the coyote population isn't that big so she doesn't have to worry, then he asks if she wants to go to bed. Shay says that it's so nice out then shoos away a mosquito. Tiny tells her that they should just go in the tent now. In the tent, Tiny takes off his shirt and Shay gets nervous so she tries to go to sleep. Tiny asks if they should talk first and Shay asks what about. Tiny says they should talk about what she's not telling him. Shay says that her friends told her that she was going adult camping. Tiny says that he thought about it but they'll only do things if she wants to. Shay says she doesn't know how to know if she's ready. Tiny says she can always talk to him. Shay starts talking about the mosquito bites on her arm. Tiny asks if he can take a look and sprays stuff on her arm. Shay explains that her friends told her that she needs to give herself a chance to know if she's ready. Tiny says that he's confused and laughs. Shay says that she was scared of how she'd feel when she was alone with Tiny. Tiny asks how she feels and she says she's ready. Shay and Tiny began kissing.

Shay and Tiny are interrupted in the middle of kissing when Zig tells them that they need to hurry out because Esme got stung by a bee. Jonah and Shay think that Esme should lie down. Zig asks what they should do and Esme takes the epipen from him. Jonah tells Zig that they still have to take Esme to the hospital and Zig asks why. Shay says that the symptoms could come back. Esme says that it's not necessary and Shay takes the epipen from her and sees that she didn't even inject herself. Zig is surprised that Esme faked it. The next morning, Shay and Tiny wake up together and Tiny apologizes that they got interrupted by Esme and Zig last night. Shay jokes about it and says it's alright. Tiny asks if they should help with breakfast. Shay says that they maybe could do that. Shay kisses Tiny. Tiny is surprised and explains that Frankie is a very bad cook though. Shay and Tiny kiss again.

In #GetYouAManThatCanDoBoth, Shay is taking selfies and Frankie and Lola walk up to her. Frankie asks how the sex was. Shay explains that it was amazing and she feels different now but also the same. Lola says that sex changes everything and points to the sticky note on Shay's locker, thinking it's from Tiny. Shay reads the note. Lola asks what the sticky notes are for and reads off more of them and laughs with Frankie. Lola finds out that the sticky notes were actually from Zoë to Rasha for their promposal and asks how Shay thinks Tiny will prompose to her. Shay thinks it will be in science class because that's where they first talked. Lola says that Shay's lucky that she gets to go to prom. Shay thinks maybe it'll have to do with armadillos, and when Frankie and Lola stare at her, she makes fun of Frankie because Winston got her a goat once. Lola tells Shay that she used to be so shy and now she's so different. Shay explains that they were right about sex changing everything. Later, Shay walks up to Tiny in class and is surprised he's early. Tiny explains that he needed to prepare for something. Shay says that it's great that he's prepared. Grace walks up to Jonah. Tiny helps Jonah out with his promposal to Grace and laughs when it's over. Tiny sees that Shay looks disappointed and asks if she's okay. Shay's explains that she's just really excited for Jonah and Grace.

When Tiny is finished with his shift at The Dot, he walks over to Shay and Shay tells him that the promposal he did for Jonah and Grace was cool. Tiny agrees. Shay asks if he likes promposals. Tiny says that promposals are ridiculous because it's only prom. Shay says that prom is special for some people. Tiny explains that it's only special for people that need that, but they don't need that. Shay asks if he thinks that prom is a time to celebrate. Tiny says that they can do that whenever without wasting money. Shay reluctantly agrees. Tiny explains that he's glad that Shay isn't one of those girls who freaks out about prom. Shay says they can do their own thing that night. Tiny agrees and says they can watch a movie at his house. Shay agrees. Frankie sits next to Shay in class and asks if Tiny promposed to her yet. Shay says she doesn't think they're going to prom because it's really expensive. Frankie says that she was so excited. Shay says that now she has to be responsible. Frankie is surprised at how mature she's being. Shay says it's all good. Baaz joins in their conversation and says that it's not. Shay asks why. Baaz says it's simple and asks if they had sex. Shay is embarrassed. Baaz asks why Tiny would do a big promposal if he recently got what he wanted. Shay says that it's not like that and they're going to just have a nice night alone. Baaz asks if they're going to watch a movie. Shay says yes and asks why he's asking. Tiny explains that watching a movie is a cheap code.

Shay walks up to Tiny in the hall and tells him just because they slept together doesn't mean he has to stop trying. Tiny asks why. Shay tells him that she did a promposal for Grace and Jonah but now that they've slept together he can't be bothered to go out of the way for her. Tiny tells her to listen. Shay says she's not like some cow and her milk is definitely not free, then yells at some girls for turning up the music. Tiny tells her to give him a second. Tiny gets the whole crowd to dance and he dances to then asks if Shay will go to prom with him. Shay and Tiny hug. They dance while Tiny has his arm around her.

In #Obsessed, Shay is trying on her prom dress and Frankie tells her that she looks so good. Shay says it shows every curve. Frankie says that's exactly why he'll love it and asks hat Hunter's opinion is. Hunter says he'll keep his opinion to himself and Shay says she's going to go change. Frankie gets mad at Hunter.

In #KThxBye, Shay and Tiny are seen at prom talking to Maya, Grace and Jonah. He walks off with his arm around her when it's time to dance. They are seen dancing happily in the background. The next morning, Shay is at Frankie's house for breakfast with Yael and Lola. Frankie tells them that she remembers that Esme told her that she tried to stop prom. Shay explains that Esme isn't that crazy. Lola asks Frankie where Esme is now. Shay is seen in pictures with Tiny at the end where she's hugging him before he leaves for college.

Appearance and Style[]

Without her Power Cheer clothing, Shay has a preppy style of fashion. She seems to prefer button down oxford shirts and wears cardigans over them. She loves to wear her beautiful hair naturally, in an afro, until DNC season 3, where she wears her hair in two braids and it goes down to almost her length.




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