Sheila is a middle-aged employee at Degrassi Community School. She is the lunch lady. Over the years, she was accused of placing earwigs in the lunch food, which led to Spinner boycotting the 'caf'. Also, Emma protested again GM foods, which led to another boycott. Both were unsuccessful. Sheila is a proud lunch lady, and even if her food isn't the best, Sheila likes pleasing the kids of Degrassi. She also uses clams to get her husband into "the mood", as she once told Spinner and Jimmy. She was portrayed by Maria Vacratsis.

Character History

Season 1

Sheila first appeared in Rumours and Reputations, Spinner finds an earwig in his cafeteria lunch, but when no one believes him, he decides to boycott the caf and fight fire with fire. In order to prove that there were bugs in his lunch, he collects some of his own and tries to plant them in other students lunch's. Spinner ultimately loses and Sheila the lunch lady punishes him by working as a server in the cafeteria for two months to pay for the cost of extermination the cafeteria now needs.

Season 2

In Weird Science, Spinner and Jimmy are sitting in the cafeteria talking and Spinner blames his erections healthy food. Jimmy disagrees so they ask Sheila about it. Jimmy asks what kind of food puts a man in the mood. She says that clams are supposed to, but it only gave her husband gas. Jimmy says he means like if she knew a teenage guy. She smiles and says that it's normal, it's only a stage, every guy goes through it. She is referring to Jimmy, which cracks Spinner up.

In Mirror in the Bathroom, she is seen serving food to Toby, J.T. and Ashley.

Season 3

In Pride (2), Sheila shaves Snake's head after he is diagnosed with leukemia. This is her last appearance.


She appeared in season 1-3. She wasn't seen again, but was mentioned in the Season 4 episode Modern Love by Darcy Edwards, so it can be assumed she still works there as a cafeteria lady.