Shoot to Thrill is the third episode of Season 9 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on October 16, 2009 in the United States, and on October 18, 2009 in Canada.


Alli feels that her relationship with Johnny is going nowhere. In order to fix things, she decides to spice things up a bit - by sending sexy pictures to his cell phone. However, when she reveals a secret of Johnny's, he makes a decision that may put Alli's future in jeopardy. Fiona finds the male students at Degrassi rather repulsive. Until she meets Riley, who may just have a future with Fiona...if his past doesn't hurt it, that is..

Main Plot

It's Club Fair Day, and Alli and Clare sign up for the Photography Club. Everyone who is anyone is getting involved in something, except Johnny, which leads Alli to wonder if she and Johnny are worlds apart. In hopes of reuniting the old spark, Alli gives Johnny Sav's old cell phone with 2 months of free texting. She immediately runs to the bathroom and takes nude photos of herself, and sends them to Johnny. Happy with the wonders of sexting, Johnny starts to make their relationship more public. At her house, Alli takes embarrassing pictures of Johnny for Photography Club, but promises to show them to no one, though she didn't keep this promise. She then posts the embarrassing pictures of Johnny because she feels like people should get to see that side of him, and Johnny leaks Alli's sexts to Bruce and friends.

Sub Plot

Meanwhile, Fiona having trouble dealing with all the public school boy attention. But when Riley turns out to be unlike other guys, Fiona initiates a relationship.

  • "Whiter/Straighter" by Adaline
  • "Stilettos" by Rebecca Everett
  • "This Ain't You" by Great Bloomers
  • "The Lull" by The Decade Of Sleep