"I keep trying to forget, but he's in my nightmares."
— Paige

Shout (2) is the eighth episode of Season 2 of the Canadian television series, Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Episode Overview

Paige is trying to cope with her rape, but decides to ignore the problem and restart her old band PMS. Someone has a crush on J.T. and that "someone" is Liberty. When J.T. calls her boring, she goes to extreme lengths to prove that she is nothing but adventurous.

Main Plot

Paige is still dealing with her rape and the only person who knows about it is her best friend, Hazel. But when Terri tells Paige one morning about a band competition, Paige then tries to ignore her problem and focus on restarting her old band, PMS, this time Hazel is to replace Ashley. But when the lyrics and singing aren't working for the group, Paige decides to ask Ashley if she could make the lyrics real and something that actually concerns someone. Ashley is surprised at this request because of the cold rejection she has been receiving since her drug incident. However, Ashley rejoins the group and writes the new lyrics......about rape.

Not knowing that Paige has recently been raped, she introduces the song to PMS. Paige refuses to sing the song. Confused, Ashley asks Paige why they can't do the song and Paige breaks down crying telling Ashley that she'd recently been raped. PMS decides to stick with Ashley's old lyrics. At the band competition, once PMS is on stage, Paige sees Dean in the front row. She walks up and starts singing Ashley's new song about the rape until she watches Dean leave the room, despite losing the contest, angering Dean was worth more than a trip to LA, and she decides to take the advice her friends have been offering her all along: seek counseling. The episode ends as she walks to Ms. Sauve's door and starts to open it.

Sub Plot

Meanwhile, Liberty's crush on J.T. is continued when she picks him as a school project tribute. J.T. takes this tribute the wrong way and makes fun of Liberty and eventually calls her a boring person who "sometimes [her] parents even love", causing Liberty to become "adventurous" and decorate J.T.'s locker. J.T. gets in trouble for this vandalism until Liberty is told that J.T.'s parents previously threatened that if he got in trouble once more, they'd take him to a private school, and realizes she was wrong and takes credit for the vandalism.

  • This episode is named after "Shout" by Tears for Fears.
  • Whenever aired on The N (later TeenNick), How Soon is Now? is added onto this episode to make an hour and thirty minute special.

  • J.T.: "You want one true thing, Liberty? You're boring. B-O-R-I-N-G."
    Liberty: I'm stunned. J.T. spelled a word."
    J.T.: "You want another one? Fun. F-U-N. Something you wouldn't know if it came up and bit you in the butt!"
  • Ashley: "I'm allowed to imagine."
    Paige: "No you're not!"
  • Paige: "Singing a song about rape will not win the contest!"
  • J.T.: "I have something done on time for once and we run out of time. Typical."

  • "Poor Thing" by PMS