#SinceWeBeinHonest is the ninth episode of the first season of Degrassi: Next Class.

Main Plot

Zig discovers who’s responsible for Maya's trolling, but gets blackmailed into staying silent because of his mistake with Zoë.

Sub Plot

Miles learns that Esme tried to kill herself when he ditched her to get better.

Third Plot

Frankie's scared off by Jonah's behavior, so she goes to the Snowball with Winston.

  • This episode marks the end of Zig and Maya's relationship.
  • Hunter is revealed to be the one behind the online harassment of Maya because of his club being disbanded.
  • Winston asks Frankie to the snowball by using a goat, which is Frankie's favorite animal.
  • After Zig confronts Hunter in the washroom over the trolling, you can see a hand washing poster behind Hunter that resembles the original logo for The N, the network that originally aired Degrassi: The Next Generation in the United States.

  • "Here For You (In The Morning)" by The Juliets
  • "Tongues" by Joywave
  • "In The Night Air" by For Esmé
  • "For You" by Once A Tree