Skinny was a drifter, and a thief living on the streets and busking for money around Degrassi. He was portrayed by Morgan Kelly.

Character History

Season 4

In Going Down the Road (2), Craig Manning runs away from home, being unable to cope with both the pressure of his bipolar disorder and Joey and Caitlin arguing. He then comes across Skinny playing the drums, busking for spare change. When Skinny thinks Craig is just listening to him, Craig takes out his expensive lovely guitar and began to play music together with him, which surprises Skinny.

He is pleased to see that with Craig's help, he is doing better tonight, making more spare change than usual. Skinny and Craig then introduce each other and temporarily become friends, sharing tonight's money with a 50/50 split, with the addition of a place for Craig.
Skinny busking with craig

Skinny and Craig Busking for money together.

The next morning, he was really ticked off that last night all they made was approximately $3.82. So he just got mad and threw it away and Craig tried to calm him down and help him realize that the reason they didn't make too much that past night was because it was hard times because of how the weather and the economy was and that they should keep trying. When they saw a man across the street getting into a nice car at a gas station. Craig first thought maybe they could ask the man to spare them some money, But since he was so low on money to the point where he couldn't even feed himself much longer, he was preparing to rob the man and steal the man's car and his money. Craig didn't want to stoop as low as becoming a thief and he tried to persuade skinny not to do it. Then He betrayed craig and the two broke out into a fist fight, eventually he overpowered
Skinny betrays

Skinny betraying Craig and stealing his guitar

Craig giving him several swifts kick to the face the abdomin and the back and beating him to a pulp. Then Craig saw him pick up his guitar thinking at first he was he either going to hit him with it or throw it onto the street to smashed by oncoming vehicles but instead he stole Craig's expensive guitar to sell for money and to buy food for a while. Since he wasn't caught or mentioned again it was assumed that he left town.