Smokescreen is the tenth episode of Season 1 of Degrassi Junior High. It aired on March 22, 1987.


Rick joins the environmental action committee to impress Caitlin. Meanwhile, Yick would rather make up a family history for a project than tell the class he is a Laotian refugee.


Caitlin, Susie and Kathleen are trying to get people to sign up for their environmental action committee. Rick signs up and Susie thinks he likes Caitlin. Yick dreads having to give a presentation on his family. Rick goes to the meeting and Kathleen doesn't want him there. Caitlin says they should give him a chance. On the way home, Yick sees a vase and decides to pass it off as a piece of his family history.

Arthur is cleaning up in the classroom and knocks Yick's bag off the table, breaking his vase. Rick comes up with an idea for his and Caitlin's announcement. They start a campaign called "Stop the Stink", and it's a huge success.

The committee has another meeting. Caitlin, Rick and Susie plan to take the petition to the factory and Kathleen thinks it's a stupid idea. They take the petition to the factory, and the factory representative blows them off. Rick walks home and Kathleen sees him smoking.

Kathleen wants to kick Rick out of the committee and Rick leaves angrily. Caitlin gets mad at him because she tried to help him and he made her look dumb. Rick says he was the one that helped her and he doesn't want to be her charity case. Rick tells Caitlin that he joined the committee because he liked her.

Arthur confesses to Yick that he broke the vase. In class Yick talks about how he and his family were refuges out a sea for months, and the class loves it. Yick admits to Arthur that the vase was cheap. Caitlin apologizes to Rick and thanks him for helping with the petition. Rick says they can talk to the newspaper about the petition. "Rick you're brilliant!" says Caitlin. Rick smiles and says "Shh, I have a reputation you know."

  • The character featured in the final freeze frame for this episode was Rick.