"You can't help someone who isn't ready to help himself!"
Mrs. Matlin talking about Miles

Something's Got to Give is the ninth episode of Season 14. It aired on December 23, 2014.

Main Plot

Imogen learned about the power squad's online venture from Hunter Hollingsworth. She copied the photo from his phone and she went around asking if anyone recognized the boobs including Dallas and Alli.

Eventually, Jack told Imogen the truth, that the Power cheer team is the source of Degrassi nudes causing Imogen to become angry at her and accuse her of cheating. However, after talking with Eli, Imogen talks with Jack and they make up, however, Imogen asks that Jack stop sending nudes, unless they're to her.

Sub Plot

Maya lies in order to protect Miles, but the guilt is eating her up.

Third Plot 

Drew is committed to keeping Becky happy but his situation with Clare has his attention divided.

  • This episode is named after the song, Something's Got to Give, by Beastie Boys.
  • It is revealed that Miles hit Dallas' car in the previous episode.
  • Imogen learns that Jack and the power cheer team were behind Degrassi Nudes.
  • This episode was leaked On Demand on several local cable providers before its initial air date.
  • Clare is revealed to be further along in pregnancy than she thought, too long for her baby to be Drew's, making it Eli's.
  • Clare is revealed to be having a boy and naming him after Adam.
  • This episode marks the end of Drew and Becky's second and final relationship.

  • "White Fox In The Snow" by Grapell
  • "Dangerous" by Betsy Phillips
  • "You Can Follow Me" by Carla Werner