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The friendship between Spinner Mason and Ashley Kerwin, known as Spashley (Spinner/Ashley), formed out of necessity when Ashley and Spinner's best friend Jimmy Brooks began dating in their early teens. Though Ashley was often frustrated by Spinner's goofiness, and Spinner was annoyed by Ashley's fussiness, the two tolerated each other as well as they could. As the two reached their senior year, they seemed to soften towards one another, with Ashley shedding much of her uptight nature, and Spinner becoming significantly more mature and sensitive. Indeed, the two seemed to quite enjoy each other's company by the time they were in Grade 12.

Friendship history[]


Spinner and Ashley were good friends in Season 1, as they were both part of the "popular" group. However, Spinner stopped being friends with Ashley in Season 2. At some point they rekindled their friendship, but it may have ended in Bust a Move (2), when Ashley went on tour with Craig Manning.

Season 1[]

In Family Politics, Spinner and Jimmy powerfully grab J.T. Yorke and drag him to the gymnasium changeroom where Ashley is waiting.


In Rumours and Reputations, Jimmy and Spinner sit down next to Ashley. She greets them and looks away, while Spinner drops some of his earwigs on her lunch. She looks down on her plate and screams in disgust. Spinner says that no one will believe him, but they will believe Ashley. She is horrified and asks Spinner what's in his yellow container. He tries to tuck it away, but Ashley grabs it and opens the lid to find it full of earwigs. She screams again and drops it onto her plate, releasing all of them over the table.

In Jagged Little Pill, Spinner attends Ashley's party, and ends up leaving along with everyone else. The next morning Spinner returns Jimmy's stuff to her and tells her not to call him.

Season 2[]

Spinner, like all of Ashley's old friends, shuns her. However, the two seem to be on somewhat good terms in Message in a Bottle, when Jimmy (Spinner's best friend) invites her to a party he was throwing and they get back together.

Season 3[]

In Holiday (1), Spinner is talking to Craig about Manny and Ashley. He refers to Ashley as "gorgeous and smart, like a fine champagne."

In Rock and Roll High School, Spinner and Ashley were in opposing camps when Downtown Sasquatch performed in the Battle of the Bands against Ashley's anti-Craig band Hell Hath No Fury. Downtown Sasquatch won the competition.

In I Want Candy, Spinner and Paige Michalchuk decide to skip school so that they can visit Terri MacGregor in the hospital, and they invite Ashley in the hopes of cheering her up.

Season 4[]

In Anywhere I Lay My Head, Spinner jokes to Manny "Any more bitter and she'd be a lemon" (referring to Ashley). The two aren't seen interacting much this season, though it's assumed that Ashley shunned Spinner because of the school shooting.


Season 6[]

In Working for the Weekend, Spinner reads a poem about his break up with Darcy to Jimmy and Ashley. Later, Spinner and Jimmy open a store with money from Jimmy's academic fund while Marco, Ashley, Paige, Ellie and Dylan stand by their side for support. Their store is later robbed and Spinner saves Jimmy from harm.

In The Bitterest Pill, Spinner and Ashley both attended the Degrassi memorial service for J.T. Yorke, who was murdered by a Lakehurst Secondary School student named Drake Lempkey several days earlier.

Season 7[]

In Death or Glory (1), Spinner, Jimmy and Ashley are eating in the cafeteria, annoyed with the rowdy students who have transferred to Degrassi from Lakehurst. Ashley comments that there's a fight in the school almost every day. She is also quick to notice that Spinner is gazing longingly at former Lakehurst student Jane Vaughn across the cafeteria. Spinner admits that he has developed a crush on Jane, but does not know how to approach her.

When they witness Lakehurst students harassing Ashley's stepbrother Toby Isaacs in the cafeteria, Spinner stands up to them.

In Bust a Move (2), at the Purple Dragon concert in Smithdale University, Ashley, Spinner and the rest of their friends wait to see who the surprise guest singer is. The guest singer is revealed to be Craig Manning, who has become famous. He gives a shout-out to Ashley. She tells the group that she is leaving to go on tour with Craig. This is Ashley's last appearance.