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The conflict between Spinner Mason and J.T. Yorke began in the first season of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Conflict History[]

Season 1[]

In Family Politics, Spinner and his best friend Jimmy Brooks drag J.T. to Ashley Kerwin so she can do business with him regarding the school presidency.

In Wannabe, Spinner, J.T., Toby Isaacs, and Liberty Van Zandt team up in hopes of winning millions of dollars for a chip cans contest. The point is to find an ace of spades and an ace of clubs. However, J.T. loses the ace of clubs. J.T. then remembers that he put the ace of clubs in his locker. After going through his locker, he finds the ace of clubs. When Spinner matches the two cans, he calls J.T. an idiot and says that he has two aces of clubs and then leaves.

Season 2[]

In When Doves Cry (2), Spinner and Hazel Aden pay Paige Michalchuk to go on a date with J.T. She agrees. While on the date with J.T., Spinner and Hazel go up to them and give Paige the money, telling her that she earned it, which makes J.T. upset.

In Dressed In Black, J.T. convinces Toby to buy condoms so he can have sex with Spinner's younger sister Kendra Mason even though he's not ready. Spinner finds out and he confronts Toby. Toby tells him that it was J.T.'s idea and Spinner lets him go. Later, Spinner wraps J.T. in condoms.

In How Soon is Now?, both J.T. and Spinner confront Dean Walton when they find out that he raped Paige.

Season 3 []

In Gangsta, Gangsta, J.T. starts hanging out with Spinner and Paige, leaving Toby behind.

Spinner's Prank

Spinner's prank on J.T.

In Never Gonna Give You Up, Paige and J.T. are seen laughing and talking by some lockers. After Craig brings up his confusion of the pairing to Spinner, Spinner explains that Paige was going through a hard time last year and since J.T. helped her, she feels she owes him. Craig points out that Spinner doesn't owe him and that he can tell him to get lost. In response, Spinner pushes J.T. out of the way and tells him to "run along and join the other children." J.T. then proceeds to repeat everything Spinner says, annoying him and amusing Paige. It annoys Spinner to the point where he grabs him and lifts his arm to punch, but after seeing Paige's disapproving face, he drops his arm. J.T. says he should ease up on the red meat and consider anger management before walking off as Paige smirks in response. Paige then convinces Spinner to give J.T. a chance and try some male bonding. Later, Mr Raditch goes to J.T., showing him a poem that was signed by J.T and leaves. J.T. is confused until he opens his locker and sees a bunch of pictures or Raditch. He makes a surprised noise and slams his locker and Raditch asks if everything is okay and J.T. says he is. J.T. opens his locker after Raditch leaves and Spinner walks uo and says he's male bonding." J.T. says to stop but Spinner says he always bonds with his "friends," but if J.T. doesn't hang around, Spinner says he wouldn't "have to." Later that day, Paige is recalling the poem to Spinner but just then, J.T. runs by and rips away Spinner's pants, revealing heart-printed underwear that Paige laughs at. Later, in retribution, Spinner makes J.T.'s locker fart embarrassingly in front of Manny. Spinner watches on, laughing with Craig. Later, J.T. meets Spinner at The Dot where Spinner is forced to serve him. J.T. orders a complicated meal to make Spinner upset. J.T. sends it back a numerous amount of times to annoy Spinner. The next day, J.T. tells Spinner he wants to apologize because Paige told him Spinner's boss demoted him. J.T. offers a peace settlement and Spinner agrees if he leaves him and Paige alone. After he leaves, Mrs. Kwan comes up with a poem "written by Spinner" and Paige laughs.

In It's Raining Men, Spinner and Jimmy make fun of J.T.'s cheesy commercial.

In Our House, Spinner teases J.T. for checking out Manny and says she’s a good choice if he’s looking to “get some.” J.T. asks what he means and asks how he would feel if someone talked about Paige that way. Spinner says they wouldn’t because Paige isn’t a slut that goes at it with other girl’s boyfriends. He tells J.T. to not fall too hard for a girl like Manny because she had a reputation for a reason.

Season 6[]

In What's It Feel Like To Be a Ghost? (2), Spinner and Jimmy try to convince J.T. and his friends to not fight the Lakehurst Secondary School thugs.

Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 10.34

Spinner looks at J.T.'s memorial video, upset.

In Rock This Town, Spinner and J.T. are both present at Liberty Van Zandt's 17th birthday party at Emma Nelson's house. Spinner, with help, kicks Drake Lempkey and Johnny DiMarco out of Emma's house. J.T. is later stabbed to death by a bitter Lempkey.

In The Bitterest Pill, Spinner and Peter Stone set up a video memorial for J.T.'s death.