The love triangle between Spinner Mason, Paige Michalchuk, and Terri MacGregor formed in the first season of Degrassi: The Next Generation. Spinner was in the center of the love triangle.

Love Triangle History

Season 1

In Eye of the Beholder, Spinner Mason shows an interest in Terri by asking her for her notes, which he clearly does not need. Ashley Kerwin encourages Terri to go for him, but Paige, who has a crush on Spinner, is jealous that he prefers Terri over her. When Spinner asks Terri to the school dance, she makes up an excuse that she has to do chores.

Knowing that Terri feels insecure, Ashley invites Terri to her house and gives her a make-over. Paige shows up to help, but after her make-over, Terri is ashamed and says it is not her. Ashley has to go to the dance to help out, but Terri is nervous and stays behind with Paige.

When Ashley is gone, Paige advises Terri on the benefits of alcohol. Indulging in too much, Terri makes a fool of herself at the dance. She drops the bottle in the school parking lot, staggers, and Paige has to carry her. Ashley is angry at Paige, but the principal comes and helps to get Terri inside the dance.

Once inside, Terri sees Spinner and dances with him wildly, twirling around in circles and pumping her fists while drunkenly telling him her true feelings. Terri finally becomes dizzy, falls to the ground and then runs to the washroom and vomits. The next day she finds out that Spinner was turned off because of her behavior the previous night.

Degrassi Mini

In Party Etiquette, when asked who his best kiss was, Jimmy tells Spinner that there is no wrong answer, and Spinner finally decides to answer. He tells everyone his best kiss was with Terri. Paige, shocked, says "Ya kissed Terri?!" and Manny says "And she was better than me? Impossible!" Darcy and Jane are confused, not knowing who Terri is. Darcy asks "Who's Terri, another skank you never told me about?" Jane is angered and says "Another skank? Why don't you just say me, idiot! Real nice." and storms out of the room.



  • Love Triangle:
    • Start Up: Eye of the Beholder (104)
    • Ended: Eye of the Beholder (104)
      • Reason: Paige manipulated the situation so that Terri would come across negatively in front of Spinner, which caused him to lose interest in her.


  • Spinner looks at Terri.
  • Terri likes the attention.
  • However, Paige is jealous.
  • Paige gets Terri drunk before the dance.
  • Spinner is turned off by Terri's behavior.
  • Paige gets what she wants.
  • Spinner no longer has feelings for Terri.
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