Standing in the Dark (1) is the first part of the premiere episode for Season 7 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. The episode was aired first in the United States as a one hour episode on October 5, 2007, while it aired in January 14 and January 21, 2008 in Canada as two separate episodes.


Darcy tells her family about her boyfriend, and they don't allow them to date. Peter and Darcy won't let that stop them. Meanwhile, Lakehurst find themselves in the Degrassi hallways after having a school fire during Winter Break.

Main Plot

Darcy and Peter tell their parents that they are going out and Darcy's parents are upset and tell her she cannot date him.

Her parents and sister Clare leave for a retreat and she pretends to be sick. She later sneaks out.

Darcy goes to a ski party with Peter, Manny, and other Degrassi students, including newcomers Jane and Sav.

Darcy and Peter start making out; but he tries to have sex with her and she leaves, disgusted. Later, she is seen with a drink that she leaves unattended when she goes to the bathroom.

Darcy and Manny get in a fight because she drunkenly tells her she has no values. She goes back to Peter, who tells her he'd have sex whenever she is ready.

Later that night, she is seen being lead, unconscious into a room by a mysterious figure.

Sub Plot

As Lakehurst students acclimate themselves in their new Degrassi surroundings following a devastating fire at their school over the winter break, a fuming Toby can't contain his anger at their presence so soon after J.T. Yorke's death, and lets his feelings be known through his online podcast.

  • This episode marks Holly J., Anya, Sav, Bruce and Jane's first appearance.
  • This is Mia, Derek, and Danny's first season as regulars.
  • Daniel Clark, Ryan Cooley and Deanna Casalauce have been taken out of the credits. In place of Clark appears Charlotte Arnold, and Nina Dobrev. Mazin Elsadig and Paula Brancati are in place of Casaluce and Marc Donato, and Dalmar Abuzeid appears in place of Cooley.
  • The theme song has been changed slightly again. The beginning of the intro has a sound more similar to the beginning of the seasons 4 and 5 intro.
  • Music playing from the show include "Neighbors" by "The Academy Is...".
  • First instance of rape since Season 2's Shout (1).
  • The scene where Darcy and Holly J. start a rivalry in the cafeteria is used in Charlotte Arnold's montage for the season 7 opening credits.
  • This episode is named after the song "Standing In The Dark" by Platinum Blonde.
  • Natty Zavitz makes his first appearance as Bruce, but is credited as "Lakehurst Tough Guy".

  • Peter (to Darcy): "Can I tell you a secret? I'm a virgin too. But I don't care, you know. I'll wait until whenever. 'Cuz... I love you. And I'm gonna barf."
  • Manny: "When will parents ever learn? Forbidden things are an aphrodisiac."
  • Darcy (about the ski trip): "Sounds like a blast of cold. Besides, I've got a church retreat."
    Holly J.: "Gotta get your Bible on?"
    Manny: "Just her never-ending search for eternal happiness."
    Holly J.: "Has she checked under her extensions?"
    Darcy: "No, but there it is behind your gigantic rump."
  • Darcy: "I'm not like you, Manny; with no values, no self-respect."
    Manny: "Well if you're going to get up on your high horse, then I'm gone. You and Satan, Jr. are made for each other."
  • Peter: "I'm a jackass. Sorry. Jackbutt."
  • Darcy: "You know I took a vow of abstinence!"
    Peter: "Yeah? Well, the problem is, I didn't!"

  • "Neighbors" by The Academy Is... - Heard during the skiing montage.
  • "I Know What My Name Is" by The Johnstones - Heard during Darcy and Manny's conversation at the ski party.
  • "Tele" by Tim Welch - Heard when Toby talks to Johnny about a peace treaty
  • "Kill Your Radio" by It's Revenge - Heard when Darcy starts drinking and insults Manny.
  • "Bodies and Words" by Silverstein - Heard when Darcy passes out on the couch.