Stefan Brogren is a Canadian actor, producer, and director. He plays Archie Simpson in the Degrassi Franchise. For the first nine seasons of Degrassi: The Next Generation, Simpson was a teacher at Degrassi, specializing in computers and media. He became the new principal in Season 10. In 1999, Stefan starred in the music video for 'Rock Past It' by London pop-metal band, Scratching Post. Brogren directed "Degrassi Of The Dead," which was broadcast on The-N during Halloween 2007. The 15 minute webisode depicted several of the Degrassi characters attempting to escape from other characters who had become zombies as a result of eating genetically modified food. The show was followed by a behind-the-scenes/making-of presentation during which he was introduced as the director. He directed the 2008 special Curse of Degrassi, 2009's Degrassi Goes Hollywood and 2010's Degrassi Takes Manhattan, and several regular episodes beginning in Season 10.



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