"I hate you!"
Maya Matlin

Summertime is the first and second episodes of Season 13, as well as the hour-long summer premiere. It aired on July 11, 2013.


Maya Matlin, Tristan Milligan and more get a chance to go to Paris for the summer and see new people. Unexpectedly, Clare finds out she has cancer and gets help from her boyfriend. Imogen tries to move on from Fiona by getting between Adam & Becky.

Main Plot

The episode starts with Maya and Tristan going into Degrassi when Maya sees a cute boy on the counter for camp she smiles and ends up falling and tripping over the sign for camp the cute guy look at her and smiles Maya smiles back and Tristan makes her turn around and gets her in the room. They are seen talking till Zoë Rivas a teen star walks in and Tristan is in shock, Zoë asks if there's someone sitting in a spot he says she can go Zoë sees Maya and asks Tristan if he wants to go to the Fefe Dobson concert he agrees Maya invites herself as well Zoë says she can go in a sarcastic way, Tristan says about her curfew she says she'll extend it. She feels upset.

At the afternoon Maya,her sister Katie and their mom are out for ice cream discussing Maya's essentials for Paris when Maya tells them about Zoë and Tristan Katie re-searches the girl and sees her pretty and says she'll still Tristan. Maya then tells her mom about the concert Margaret says her curfew is 10:00 Katie tells her mom that the concert will start at 9:30 and says her curfew is at 11:30 no minute later which leaves Maya happily.

That night Zoë, Tristan and Maya are in the concert until the security guard says it's 13 and older Maya then replies that she's 14 but the security guard doesn't believe her Maya walks out upset and fakes that she's a pizza delivery girl until Miles Hollingsworth III says it won't work and later helps her get backstage. Later Miles, Maya, Zoë and Tristan are walking to the concert when Tristan says about Cam and Zig. Maya then announces Zoë's character Gatsby Garcia was killed off on West Drive, leaving Tristan and Zoë mad. Zoë feels upset that she steps on her foot making her break the concert up. the gang is sen to concert jail.

Later Miles' dad comes and lets all the kids bail out Maya is mad that Tristan is ditching her for Zoë and Tristan says she's ditching him for Miles which Maya finds stupid later Maya says she needs money for a cab so Miles gives her his credit card and goes excitedly.

Later Maya gets home 20 minutes late so tries to fake no one came but it backfires by her mom and Katie catching her. Maya then argues with her mom and says she can't go to Paris later Maya says she hates her leaving upset. Katie thinks it's harsh and Maya says she never went to her experience Katie says she was doing school stuff but Maya says she was addicted to Pain-killers and Maya is at mad Katie and her mom thinking she should't go to Paris Maya later leaves mad and runs away. That morning she goes to The Dot with Tristan and says she should be a badass.

That afternoon Maya shows up at Miles' house and meets Winston Chu his best friend, Miles and Winston are drinking and ask Maya if she wants some. Maya takes a zip and gets a text which makes her drop the bottle and Mr. Hollingsworth blames Miles and get in an argument. Later Miles comes out and decides to jump in the pool and Maya Leaves

At home Maya returns and tells her mom she made a big mistake and apologizes for saying I hate you to her mom. Later she is seen washing the dishes and Katie asks if she'll miss her Maya says she'll be okay and her mom says she can go to Paris leaving Maya excitedly hugging Katie and her mom.

The next day Maya and Tristan go on the bus to Paris talking when Miles and Winston come unexpectedly, Miles taps Maya on the shoulder leaving Zoë curious. Miles yells to Maya Looks like we'll be spending the summer together after all, Maya replies with I'm not spending it with you i'm spending it with my best friend. Zoë later asks "What's going on?" Maya says "Nothing." and Zoë replies to "Keep it that way.", leaving Tristan to say the summer's gonna be cray-cray.

Sub Plot

Clare and her Best Friends are on a shopping trip while talking about Paris but Clare's phone is ringing over and over Jenna and Alli ask what's going on Alli begins to worry about cancer but is Eli instead. Jenna and Alli take Clare's phone to see but they convince Clare to have sex with Eli.

Later, Clare calls Eli and he answers thinking that it was Bret calling but is happy when he realizes that it is Clare. She asks him if it is bad time and he says it's never a bad time for her. Clare asks if he has seen the picture that she sent him and he says yes and if she is implying something. She says in order for her to not miss him that much, they should do something sexy. He asks what she has in mind and she says video chat sex. Eli is shocked but agrees and says they should do it later when he isn't busy. Clare asks if 10 o' clock is fine and he says yes and Clare is happy.

Clare and Eli are online starting their video chat. They begin to strip when Clare's mom knocks on her door and says that the hospital called. Eli asks if anything is wrong and Clare says it's probably nothing and goes to talk to her mom. When she talks to her mom, she finds out that she has cancer. After the talk, Clare comes back into the room and sees Eli naked on her screen. She quickly tells him to cover up and that they should take a rain check. Eli says okay and Clare tells him that she has cancer. He quickly respond and says he is coming home. Clare tells him not to and if he does, she will be mad. Eli tells Clare he loves her and Clare says she knows and that she will be fine.

During her stay at the hospital, Clare's strength crumbles. She packs up her things and begins to leave the hospital. Before she leaves, Clare stops outside her room and goes to sit in a corner to call Eli. Clare leaves a message for Eli and tells him that she knows she told him not to come back home, but asks him to return anyway and that she's scared. Soon after this, Eli appears and says he left right after Clare told him she had cancer. Afterwards, when they put the catheter into Clare's chest, a concerned Eli sits on her hospital bed and stays right by her side. 

Third Plot

Drew and Dallas run the Degrassi Panther Summer Camp and Adam and Imogen are camp counselors. Adam is bummed that Becky will be spending her summer away at Florida surrounded by hot guys.Imogen talks to Adam and says that she is also bummed because of her break up with Fiona . The two make a pact to become camp besties. Adam, Becky, and Imogen are at the Fefe Dobson concert. Imogen asks Becky what it's going to be like having her old girlfriends with her while she is being a life guard in Florida and Becky says it's mostly guys. Imogen suddenly claims that she sprained her ankle and asks Adam to get her ice.

While he is gone, Becky says that she will probably be surrounded by hot guys all summer too. She says sure but Adam is the only one who isn't revolting. Becky then gets suspicious and asks if Imogen is still into girls and she says that she is open minded just like Becky is. Becky then says that she better open her mind to the fact that Adam has a girlfriend. Then Adam comes back with Imogen's ice and Becky starts to make out with him. Becky asks Adam to go to a private area and while Becky is pulling him away, he turns around and thanks Imogen for whatever she said to Becky since he gets to make out with her.

  • This episode premiered as a one hour episode.
  • The original names for this episode were "Baby One More Time" & "Are You Gonna Go My Way", but they were merged and renamed to "Summertime".
  • The title of this episode is named after "Summertime" by George Gershwin.
  • This episode takes place during summer vacation.
  • This is the fifth episode to take place during summer vacation. The prior four were School's Out!, Mother and Child Reunion, Degrassi Takes Manhattan, and Nowhere to Run.
  • This is the first appearance of Zoë Rivas, Winston “Chewy” Chu, Miles Hollingsworth II and Miles Hollingsworth III.
  • In this episode, the majority of the characters are preparing to take a trip to Paris.
  • Alli, Jenna, Connor, Maya, Tristan, Zoë, Miles, and Chewy are going on the trip to Paris.
  • Drew, Dallas, Adam, and Imogen run the Degrassi Panther's Summer Day Care as of this episode.
  • Becky and Luke take a trip back home to Florida in this episode.
  • Annie Clark, Justin Kelly, Shanice Banton, Jake Neayem, Daniel Kelly, and Alex Steele have been removed from the opening credits.
  • Fefe Dobson guest starred as herself and performed two new songs off of her new album.
  • Tori Santamaria was mentioned three times and Campbell Saunders was slightly mentioned twice when Tristan talks about Maya's past to Zoë and when Maya mentioned everyone leaving her and paused.
  • Hunter Hollingsworth and Frankie Hollingsworth are both mentioned and will debut later this season.
  • It is confirmed that Clare has cancer in this episode.
  • This episode reveals that Imogen and Fiona had been dating for 6 months, 3 weeks and 4 days.
  • In the first minute of the episode, an instrumental version of Stüdz's "Whoa California" is played in the background.
  • The theme song has been shortened to only ten seconds. It does not credit the cast anymore. It just features the letters of "Degrassi" with various cast members shown inside the letters. Then it goes to the end of the season 12 opening when Alli and Clare walking away, and the logo forms.
  • The cast is now credited over the scene following the theme song. The title of the episode appears, followed by the cast names. It appears that cast members will only be credited if they appear in that episode.
  • The theme song is still sung by Alexz Johnson, but is shortened and the new lyrics are, "Whatever it takes. (The best that I can be) (Ahh ahh) I know I can make it through."
  • Maya and Miles become acquainted.
  • Miles is revealed to have a hard home life.
  • Zoë and Maya start up a conflict.
  • Katie leaves for soccer camp.
  • Adam returns in this episode, making it his first appearance since, Degrassi: Las Vegas.
  • This seems the final appearance of Katie Matlin as a series regular.

  • Imogen: "Come on co-counselor we're gonna be late!"
  • Tristan: "I have a feeling this summer is going to be cray-cray!"
  • School Marquee: "Degrassi Panther Summer Camp"

  • "Little Devil" by Lisa Donnelly
  • "Don't Want to Feel Your Lows So Heavy" by Jennifer Hershman
  • "So Hot it Hurts" by Kyle Richardson
  • "Permanent Hesitation" by Born Ruffians
  • "When It All Goes South" by Death and a Cure
  • "Lift Me Up" by Mree
  • "Can't Stop" by Tupelo Honey
  • "Whoa California" by Janie and the Studs (instrumental)

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