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Susie Rivera was a recurring character who appeared in the first and second seasons of Degrassi Junior High. She was portrayed by Sarah Charlesworth. She was best friends with Caitlin Ryan.

Character History[]

Degrassi Junior High[]

Starts as: Grade 7

In Kiss Me, Steph, she was elected Student Council Vice President. She was Caitlin Ryan's best friend. She and Caitlin tried to get Rick Munro to smile, and she also became wary of Caitlin after hearing Kathleen Mead spread rumors that Caitlin was gay.

Susie worked hard on the Degrassi Yearbook for the 1988-89 school year, which was while she was in Grade 7.

In Stage Fright, she had Caitlin, Kathleen, Jyoti, and Melanie over to her house for a sleepover. When Caitlin suffered an epileptic fit, Susie is the only one to figure out what was happening and helped her friend out. After the cast list went up, she tried cheering up Caitlin when she didn't get the part she wanted. Later that same day, she covered for her friend at rehearsal before promising Caitlin to not do so again.

Susie later was being harassed by Mr. Colby, a substitute teacher, and she, Lucy Fernandez (Colby's previous victim at Degrassi), L.D. Delacorte, and Wheels reported him.

She was not seen or mentioned after the second season.



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