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"I'd say the only way to describe our date was... magical!"
— Manny

"The best way to describe our date was...bizarre."
— Craig

Take My Breath Away is the tenth episode of Season 2 of the Canadian television series, Degrassi: The Next Generation. It originally aired on November 24, 2002 on CTV Television and on December 9, 2002 on The N. The episode was directed by Stefan Scaini and shares its title with the song by Berlin.

Episode Overview

Manny is a hopeless romantic at heart. Manny thinks her date with Craig was ecstatic, but Craig doesn't feel the same way. Meanwhile, Ellie has a crush on Marco.

Main Plot

Manny is a hopeless romantic, and she then has been infatuated with Craig ever since they danced at the high school (only) dance that he helped her and Emma sneak into. Her infatuation has led to absurd fantasies, such as Craig singing a proposal to her in the middle of Ms. Kwan's lesson. But when Emma tells Manny that her mother proposed to Mr. Simpson, Manny decides to handle the situation on her own and ask Craig out herself. He accepts and they go out on a date at the mall, with Emma covering her tracks for her, as her parents (especially her father) would be furious if they knew the truth.

The next day at school, Craig and Manny give different accounts of the night. Manny tells Emma and Liberty that it was the best date ever, while Craig tells Jimmy and Spinner that it was horrible and Manny was a bit too immature for him ("She reminds me of my five-year-old half-sister"). Craig unsuccessfully tries to break up with Manny, as he sees her as happy as she was, he could not destroy her. Manny thinks he's moody because of the situation, so she decides to redecorate his locker. When Craig sees it, he seems a bit angry. Ashley walks up to them and asks them to sign a GM Food petition (to ban them from the caf), and Manny makes a stupid comment about it. After she walks away, Manny asks him out on another date, but he bluntly breaks up with her.

Sub Plot

Meanwhile, Ellie is also infatuated with Marco and unsuccessfully tries to "stealthily" give him the message.


But Hazel also likes him and Ellie is worried that, if she just keep sitting aside, he might start a relationship with Hazel. Much later, she sends an email to Marco telling him to meet her at the Zen Garden, when Marco arrives there, he expects to see Hazel, not Ellie. Ellie runs off embarrassed, until she gets a phone call from Marco telling her not to be embarrassed, then Marco walks up beside Ellie and asks her out.

  • This episode is named after "Take My Breath Away" by Berlin.
  • This episode marks the beginning of Ellie and Marco's relationship.
  • This is the first episode in which either Marco or Ellie have a storyline of their own.
  • Craig and Manny each have their first date in this episode.
  • In this episode, Spinner says the title of the season 8 episode Lost in Love.

  • Ellie: "I've never liked anyone like this before. It's weird."
    Ashley: "It's love."
    Ellie: "It's not your business. Shut up."
  • Marco: "I go for cool, alternative. Girls like Ellie Nash".
  • Craig: "No, Manny. I'm sorry...But it's not my locker I don't like. It's you."

  • "Be My Cinderella" by Cassie Steele & Jake Epstein
  • "Heartbreaker" by Tuuli

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