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Tears Dry On Their Own (2) is the eighteenth episode of Season 10 of Degrassi. It aired on August 17, 2010.


Jenna's biggest fear is realized, and she wonders how K.C. will respond. Dave and Wesley tell Principal Simpson about Connor's new online "girlfriend." Anya tries to bring Riley and Zane together again.

Main Plot

Jenna must deal with her biggest fear: being a teen mother. With her parents out of the picture, and only her brother to rely on, she seeks comfort in K.C., only to find out that he expects an abortion. After finding out she is already 20 weeks along and that it is unsafe to abort, K.C. wants nothing to do with the baby. He says he "doesn't need this," ending their relationship and leaving Jenna alone and pregnant.

Sub Plot

Although Connor gets his computer privileges suspended, he contacts the woman he has been chatting with online, and she meets him after school. In her car, she gets too personal with him, rubbing his leg, and he manages to leave.

Third Plot

Riley wants to meet a potential boyfriend outside of Degrassi. Whilst hanging out at the hospital with Anya while she waits for her mother's chemotherapy to finish, he develops an interest in Anya's doctor. Assuming that the doctor is gay, Riley develops a crush on him. However, Anya tells him that Doctor Chris is hers and that he is straight. The two fight over the doctor's sexuality, and they both plan to find out by fake-interviewing Doctor Chris, giving him the impression that Anya is in college. They discover that he is indeed straight. While doing homework at school with Riley, Anya calls Zane over and tells him Riley needs help with his schoolwork. With Anya's help, Riley and Zane start talking to one another again.

  • "One Day At A Time" by Haley Sales - Heard at the end of the episode when Connor, Dave and Wesley are all seen playing video games in the computer lab.

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