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Tristan's Teendr Profile

Teendr is a dating site first seen being used by Tristan Milligan in I Wanna Be Adored.

Instances Of Use


Season 14

In I Wanna Be Adored, Tristan shows Zoë Rivas his Teendr profile and tells her about how little attention he is getting. Grace Cardinal later joins the conversation and both she and Zoë agree that he should give his profile a 'makeover'. With his 'makeover' he instantly gets someone's attention and ends up on a date with them. He and Gage end up revealing to each other that what they put on their profiles wasn't exactly the truth.

Degrassi: Next Class

Season 2

In #BuyMePizza, Tiny and Lola get in a fight when Tiny finds out Lola still uses Teendr despite the fact that they're dating. He finds out when Zig sees Lola on Teendr. Lola defends herself by saying she only uses it to make boys order her pizza. Lola asks Shay and Goldi if its okay for her boyfriend to make her delete an app. They say of course not, until they find out its Teendr. Lola leaves to talk to someone who had a boyfriend. Lola asks Frankie if she still has it. Frankie says she obviously doesn't because she has a boyfriend. She then breaks up with Tiny and goes on to Teendr to find more boys to order pizza for her.

She gets back together with Tiny and then the boy who she asked to give her pizza shows up and fights Tiny.

Confirmed Characters that Use Teendr


  • Teendr is the sixth social networking website in Degrassi history.
  • For Tristan's storyline, Teendr was based off of Grindr, a gay hookup app. The app was redesigned to resemble Tinder for Degrassi Next Class.
  • Teendr is highly similar to the social networking/dating site Tinder in the show's universe, like Oomfchat is for Snapchat, MyRoom is for MySpace, Facerange is for Facebook, and Hastygram is for Instagram. This is done because in most cases using a legitimate web site without the original owner's permission violates copyright laws.