The Candy Bandits in action as they raid a vending machine at Degrassi Community School (circa 2003)

The Candy Bandits was a gang comprised of Jay Hogart, Alex Nuñez, Amy Peters-Hoffman, and then later on Towerz and Sean Cameron joined the group. They often stole candy from vending machines and The Dot. Eventually, they began stealing electronic equipment around the school in order to fund their car projects. This included Sean personally stealing Snake's laptop as revenge for being spurned by Emma.


Jay: The all over bad guy and boyfriend (later ex-boyfriend) of Alex. He runs many illegal activities including selling drugs. Later, he becomes Sean's best friend. However, their friendship ends in season 6 because Emma performed oral sex on Jay and Sean finds out. Jay also becomes friendly with Spinner and proves he isn't all bad.

Alex: Jay's girlfriend (later ex-girlfriend) and best friend of Amy until she gets it on with Jay. She is very rebellious and violent, engaging in a cat fight with Emma in season 3. Alex later comes out as a lesbian and dates two girls: Paige Michalchuk and Carla. She and Jay become friends, after a period of loathing and insulting each other.

Amy: Possibly the most troubled member of the group, she collapsed at one of Sean's parties while intoxicated. She entered into sexual relationships with both Sean and Jay, thus betraying Alex.

Towerz: He is a mutual friend of all the members. He became Liberty Van Zandt's first boyfriend and it was revealed that he likes smart girls. Towerz is very tall and the complete opposite of Liberty.

Sean: Joined the group because he felt neglected by Emma. Dates Amy briefly and becomes good friends with all the members. And while he remains friends with Jay and other members, he turns his life around and joins the Army.