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The Emmy-nominated 12th season of The Grassi premiered on July 16, 2020 at a new time of 9 p.m. EST. This first half of the season followed a 5-week telenovela format with 20 episodes, airing Monday through Thursdays at 10pm, depicting the time right after winter break of the 2020-2021 school year.

The second part of the season followed a weekly format with 10 episodes, airing Friday nights at 9pm, named simply Degrassi, depicting the time about a week after where Showdown left off. The third and final part of the season premiered on September 15th, with new episodes rolling out through Spring 2013, depicting spring break up until the end of the school year.

Main Cast[]

The following 22 actors received star-billing:

Seniors (Class of 2013)[]

Juniors (Class of 2014)[]

  • Charlotte Arnold as Holly Jay, a mean and acid-tongued queen bee who is part dragon. The Candian Dragon.
  • Jajube Mandiela as Shontae, the gossipy captain of the Power Squad who is trapped in the halls of The Grassi for centuries.
  • Annie Clark as Feyona, a rich, former alcoholic lesbian from New York City. Fiona doesn't want to talk about Degrassi Takes Manhatten.
  • Shannon Kook-Chun as Zayne, Rai-Lee's intelligent, athletic and openly gay boyfriend who desperately trying to escape the fate of the blackhole.
  • Chloe Rose as Katy, a fierce girl and star soccer player with a rebellious side, She was inspired by Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.
  • Cristine Prosperi as Imagine, an artistic and eccentric outsider who has a shadowed family. Imogen should've graduated but noooo she just had to be left back.

Sophomores (Class of 2015)[]

  • Aislinn Paul as Clurr, a kind, intelligent, but stubborn girl who wants to become a journalist. She didn't come here for the boys but Claire is a fucking liar.
  • A.J. Saudin as Conner, a gifted student with Asperger's Syndrome and technology skills who will soon make puberty his bitch.
  • Melinda Shankar as Ally, a smart and determined student still trying to figure out her life. BoYs MaKe HeR dOe StUpId ThInGs.
  • Sam Earle as Casey, a former teen dad with a dark past who is turning his life around. He has beef with the writers. He was also told to PlAy BaSkeT bAlL.

Freshmen (Class of 2016)[]

  • Olivia Scriven as Maia, a kind, intelligent, but stubborn girl who wants to become a journalist. Olivia is so done with the show omfg let her leave.
  • Ana Golja as Zoey, a former West Drive star with a passion for fashion who uses her looks, charm, and deviousness to get her way while also discovering what makes her happy......getting cast as Midge Klump on Riverdale.
  • Soma Bhatia as Goldie, a student activist and feminist who, while putting her hijab on every morning, considers ways in which she can improve Degrassi and isn't afraid to speak up. Also she and her brother forgot they were related for 20 episodes.
  • Chelsea Clark as Esmay, a button-down keener on the outside, an erratic thrill-seeker on the inside, she lives in the moment and is ready to shake things up at Degrassi. She's not fucking Leia why does people think she's fucking Leia.